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Rita Fortuny
Rita Fortuny

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Rita Fortuny (Rubí) is a spanish video game developer. She's currently Co-Founder / Producer in Team Ugly since april 2020 and Producer in Pendulo Studios since february 2021.

As a developer her most common role is Producer. She has participated in two spanish video games, being some of the most important Ugly (Team Ugly, 2023), where she has been Producer or Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo (Pendulo Studios, 2021), where she has been Producer too . In this section, it should be noted that she has received one Premio DeVuego Mejor Productora in 2022.

Fortuny has also taught one presentation about video games, Post mortem de Ugly at IndieDevDay 2023 on 09/09/2023.

You can know more about Rita Fortuny visiting her LinkedIn.

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February 2021 3 years 5 months
April 2020 4 years 3 months



2022 Mejor Productora

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