DeVuego (from DeVelopment and videojuego) is a project founded in 2013 by Yova Turnes, initially with the intention of creating a database of all those video games that have been developed in Spain, with special emphasis on recognizing all the developers involved in its creation.

Over time, and since the birth of the blog and other side projects, DeVuego has evolved to provide coverage and support to the Spanish video game from many points of view:

Currently the project consists of several pillars:

Agreement with AEVI

In June 2018, DeVuego reached a collaboration agreement with AEVI (Spanish Association of Video Games), the main association of the sector in Spain, through which it became its strategic partner. This agreement initially consists of two fundamental points:

About the Author

DeVuego has been fully conceived, programmed and designed by Yova Turnes. A computer specialist who dedicates a good part of his free time to carry out Internet projects related to video games. More information in his profiles: