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(V)ALERIA 2022
10-65: MISSING 2023 Sloam Games
1214 Vyretrux Games
405 Horror Escape Room 2022 Wrong Reality
Apartment 327 2019 Binarybox Studios
Barazki 2023 Zomorro Studio
Breathing in Deep Catacore Games
Child's Nightmare VR 2016 Flynn's Arcade
Clive Barker's Jericho 2007 MercurySteam
Crisol: Theater of Idols Vermila Studios
Dark Roads | Unity 2021
Darker Darker Darker 2023 Anti-Cliche
Dawn Of Fear 2020 Brok3nSite
Deadvivors Enxebre Games
Death By Misstep Misstep Studio
Death In Candlewood Rosebud Games
Don't look back 2017
Es tu turno: Hitori Kakurenbo 2020 Infinite Thread Games
Evil Effect: Prologue VR 2016 Zodiac Games
Evil Inside 2021 Jandusoft
Evil Tonight 2021 DYA Games
Fear the Dark Unknown 2019 Dreamlight Games
FOBIA ...worse than fear. 2023 J.A Digital Animation
From Nadia Neitin Studio
Goner Loco Players
Hidden Darkness | Unreal Engine 5 2022
Hitori Kakurenbo online 2024 Infinite Thread Games
Horror Brawl 2021 Campero Games
Horror Globes 2020 islaOliva Games
Horror Memories 2015 The Paintings Room
HORROR TALES: The Wine 2021
Horrors of Space 2022
House of Terror VR 2014 BloomPix Studios
Ice Scream Tycoon 2022 Campero Games
Ikai 2022 Endflame
Infernium 2018
INFRAMON: The Old Darkness Drop of Pixel
INFRAMON: Trick or treat 2016 Drop of Pixel
Injection π23 'No name, no number' 2019 Abramelin Games
Injection π23 -Ars Regia- 2022 Abramelin Games
Insomnis 2021 Path Games
Intruders: Hide and seek 2019 Tessera Studios
Ivar's Journey
Jack Holmes : Master of Puppets 2024
John:Condemned 2018 Blue Commands
Keep Them Open 2023
L'Abbaye des Morts 2010 Locomalito
La autoestopista fantasma 2022 Gray Page Studio
Lamentum 2021 Obscure Tales
Light 2013 OBH Games
Little Darkness 2023 JuaN-MoD Studio
Locked Out Memories 2021
Lonely nights at the diner 2024
Luto Broken Bird Games
Midnight Scenes Episode 2 (Special Edition) 2020
Midnight Scenes: From the Woods 2023
Midnight Scenes: The Highway (Special Edition) 2020
MITE - Terror in the forest 2023 Kanashi Studio
Nekomew's Potty Trouble 2017
Nightlight 2021 Chewy Games
Oxide Room 104 2022 WildSphere
OXIDE Room 208 WildSphere
Pazubi's Omen Dalmata Studios
Post Trauma Red Soul Games
Retrieval 333Studios
Retro Horror 2023
Rogue Mansion Almenara Games
ROJO: A Spanish Horror Experience 2022
Sacramentum Grimorium Games
Scholar's Mate 2024 Jandusoft
Shines Over: The Damned 2024 JuaN-MoD Studio
Silver Zombie 2014 xixgames
Skeler Boy 2021 ManiacBoy Studio
Song of Horror 2019 Protocol Games
Submersed 2019 Main Loop
The Board AI 2023 Siurell Games
The Crow's Eye 2017 3d2 entertainment
The eyes behind the wall 2021
The Great Below 2023 Dobra Studios
The Guest 2016 Team Gotham
The Kindeman Remedy 2023 Troglobytes Games
The Last Door 2013 The Game Kitchen
The Occultist Pentakill Studios
The Overman Narratech Laboratories
The Paperman 2019 Proto1Studios
The Supper 2020
The Transference Kuraishisama
TwitchJa 2022
Underworld Dreams Drop of Pixel
Unload Madness Team Madness Games
Unsacrifice Unreal Spirit
Urban Witch Story 2020 Postmodern Adventures
Vaccine 2017 Rainy Night Creations
Vampire: The Masquerade - Heartless Lullaby 2021 Entalto Studios
Veronica Colors Room
Viviette 2018 DYA Games
VR Experience 2019 Sloam Games
Waifu's Spooky Space Station 2021 MiraiMada Games
White Noise 2012 Milkstone Studios
White Noise 2 2016 Milkstone Studios
White Noise Online 2013 Milkstone Studios
Yakyosho - Horror and escape at school 2022 Kanashi Studio
You are GROUNDED! 2020 Sepia Games
Yuppie Psycho 2019 Baroque Decay Games
[AREA - [1.1.1] ] tm | The Unexpected descendant Darkore Studios

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