AR-K: The Great Escape is a game that doesn’t satisfy the expectations. Were it the first from the series, it could have been considered as a test aimed at further developing the franchise. After three episodes, the stuttering progression, slowed down by the continuous need to backtrack,  and the series of inconclusive hints, only seems to be there to water your playthrough down and makes this particular title one that you struggle to finish. A subsequent playthrough highlights how easy most of the puzzles were and leaves you wondering why you weren’t given enough information to solve them in the first place. The forgettable audio and graphics, as well as the not-so-interesting storyline, only at times able to capture you and allow you to fully appreciate the current events, further contribute to making the game one that should only be purchased if the others have been played. It is a game that is best played as part of a bundle, and one that will quickly be forgotten among the many in your Steam library. If what you are looking for is an exciting point-and-click adventure with plenty of replayability, AR-K: The Great Escape, due to its lack of dynamism and the overall short time you’ll need to finish it, definitely isn’t for you.

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