Microsoft Windows (conocido generalmente como Windows), es el nombre de una familia de sistemas operativos desarrollados y vendidos por Microsoft. Se introdujo el 25 de noviembre de 1985 como un complemento para MS-DOS en respuesta al creciente interés en las interfaces gráficas de usuario (GUI). Se trata del sistema operativo para plataformas PC más extendido del mundo.

Juegos españoles publicados en esta plataforma

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Effie 28/01/2020 Inverge Studios
SuperEpic: The Entertainment War 12/12/2019 Undercoders
Arise: A Simple Story 03/12/2019 Piccolo Studio
Fear the Dark Unknown 29/11/2019 Dreamlight Games
Blacksad: Under the Skin 14/11/2019 Pendulo Studios
Song of Horror 31/10/2019 Protocol Games
Vortex Attack EX 24/10/2019 Kaleido Games
Demons Never Lie 22/10/2019 IndieBug
Intruders: Hide and seek 26/09/2019 Tessera Studios
Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son 17/09/2019 Tequila Works
Super Dodgeball Beats 12/09/2019 Finalboss Games
Blasphemous 10/09/2019 The Game Kitchen
Chronicles from 4.012 En desarrollo Toxic Squad
Zeus Begins 15/08/2019 The Dude Games
OhShape 15/08/2019 Acceso anticipado Odders Lab
A Place for the Unwilling 25/07/2019 Alpixel Games
Million to One Hero 23/07/2019 Over the Top Games
Etherborn 18/07/2019 Altered Matter
Killsquad 16/07/2019 Acceso anticipado Novarama
Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets 11/07/2019 BeautiFun Games
Triton Survival 21/06/2019 Acceso anticipado DreamSoftGames
Esports Life Tycoon 20/06/2019 Acceso anticipado U-Play Online
They Are Billions 18/06/2019 Numantian Games
Darkula 10/06/2019 Locomalito
GetApp: The Prototype Rescue 06/06/2019 Koala Games
Reventure 04/06/2019 Pixelatto
Delta Squad 29/05/2019 Eskema Games
Dystopicon 28/05/2019 OveR Software
Super Tennis Blast 24/05/2019 Unfinished Pixel
Koral 16/05/2019 Carlos Coronado
Petoons Party 30/04/2019 Petoons
Dear Substance of Kin 30/04/2019 Deconstructeam
Bitlogic - A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure 30/04/2019 OXiAB Game Studio
Himno 26/04/2019 David Moralejo Sánchez
Joe Jump: Impossible Quest 26/04/2019 BlueFXGames
Yuppie Psycho 25/04/2019 Baroque Decay Games
HyperParasite 03/04/2019 Acceso anticipado Troglobytes Games
Stellar Sphere 29/03/2019 Titan Deep Space Company
Shipped 28/03/2019 Majorariatto
Orc-out 28/03/2019 BlueFXGames
Task Force Kampas 22/03/2019 Casiopea
Void Mine 08/03/2019 Eteru Studio
The Path to Die 08/03/2019 Cat Logic Games
The Savior's Gang 02/03/2019 Catness Game Studios
Legendary Eleven 01/03/2019 Eclipse Games
Dawn of Man 01/03/2019 Madruga Works
Super Arcade Soccer 26/02/2019 Rubén Alcañiz Guerrero
Future Aero Racing S Ultra 21/02/2019 Nurendsoft
Antrum 14/02/2019 Blank Name Games
Bleep Bloop 31/01/2019 Luis Díaz Peralta
Chasing the Stars 23/01/2019 Ertal Games
Sonar Beat 22/01/2019 Life Zero
Mobile Wars X 28/12/2018 Nape Games
Salacot Jack 26/12/2018 Matnogames
Fair Deal: Las Vegas 21/12/2018 Gronzragüer Games
GRIS 13/12/2018 Nomada Studio
Explosive Dinosaurs 06/12/2018 RAWR Lab
Eternal Home Floristry 04/12/2018 Deconstructeam
V.O.I.D. 29/11/2018 Nape Games
WOODPUNK 22/11/2018 Meteorbyte Studios
Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness 18/11/2018 Baby Robot Games
Mars: Chaos Menace 16/11/2018 byte4games
Kolumno 15/11/2018 Devilish Games
Spoorky 08/11/2018 GuGames Development
Geodessey 05/11/2018 Feitizo Games
Super Volley Blast 01/11/2018 Unfinished Pixel
John:Condemned 31/10/2018 Blue Commands
Furwind 25/10/2018 Boomfire Games
11:45 A Vivid Life 25/10/2018 Deconstructeam
Eternum EX 25/10/2018 Radin Games
Do Not Feed The Monkeys 24/10/2018 Fictiorama Studios
Mercury Race 19/10/2018 Herrero Games
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 16/10/2018 Saber Interactive Spain
International Basketball Manager 27/09/2018 Acceso anticipado U-Play Online
Path to Mnemosyne 26/09/2018 Devilish Games
Wizards Tourney 21/09/2018 A Bonfire of Souls
Flynn & Freckles 07/09/2018 Rookie Hero Games
Spacelords 23/08/2018 MercurySteam
Behind Every Great One 23/08/2018 Deconstructeam
Blood Ancestors Cancelado Snowpeak Studio
Catching Sushi! 12/08/2018 Èric Verdalet
Deiland 09/08/2018 Chibig Studio
Nogalious 08/08/2018 LuegoLu3go Studios
Noahmund 03/08/2018 Estudio Ábrego
A Rite from the Stars 19/07/2018 Risin' Goat
Out of the Box 19/07/2018 Nuclear Tales
Asphalt 9: Legends 18/07/2018 Gameloft Ibérica
Sea Bubble 05/07/2018 Knights of the Strange Table
Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles 19/06/2018 Anima Project Studio
Iro Hero 12/06/2018 Artax Games
Moonlighter 29/05/2018 Digital Sun Games
Math Classroom Challenge 24/05/2018 Titan Deep Space Company
Red Matter 24/05/2018 Vertical Robot
Super Hyperactive Ninja 22/05/2018 Grimorio of Games
STAY 16/05/2018 Appnormals Team
Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator 11/05/2018 Acceso anticipado David Moralejo Sánchez
Arcade Mixer 09/05/2018 Napa Black
Gravity Shift 05/2018 Panopticon Games
Monster Prom 27/04/2018 Beautiful Glitch
Acucalypse 26/04/2018 Acceso anticipado Trifulca Force
Steel Knight 1513 26/04/2018 Tridente Studio
Solo 26/04/2018 Team Gotham
Without Escape 24/04/2018 Bumpy Trail Games
Tetratower 23/04/2018 Èric Verdalet
Nowhere: Lost Memories 23/04/2018 DarkPath Studio
The Spatials: Galactology 18/04/2018 Weird and Wry
Micro Pico Racers 18/04/2018 Josep Monzonís Hernández
Super Saurio Fly 12/04/2018 Fraxel Games
Infernium 03/04/2018 Carlos Coronado
Golfing Over It with Alva Majo 28/03/2018 Majorariatto
One Shot 17/03/2018 Onbox Games
Neonwall 15/03/2018 Norain Games
Elium - Prison Escape 28/02/2018 Lone Artisan Games
Farm Together 22/02/2018 Acceso anticipado Milkstone Studios
Crossing Souls 13/02/2018 Fourattic
Train Crisis 08/02/2018 U-Play Online
Sockman 02/02/2018 Sockware
Criminal Bundle 25/01/2018 Acceso anticipado Eloquence Entertainment
The Red Strings Club 22/01/2018 Deconstructeam
Vesta 19/01/2018 Finalboss Games
Piwall 18/01/2018 Norain Games
Beach Rules 04/01/2018 CopperPick Studio
B.B.B. Ultra 26/12/2017 Pyrestone Studios
Symploké: La Leyenda de Gustavo Bueno (Capítulo 2) 22/12/2017 Videojuegos Fermín
Debris Infinity 08/12/2017 Acceso anticipado SVC Games
Dimension Drive 07/12/2017 2Awesome Studio
Oh My Godheads 05/12/2017 Titutitech
Hostil 01/12/2017 Eteru Studio
Null Salvation 12/2017 Lepra Games
Esports Life 30/11/2017 Acceso anticipado U-Play Online
Math Combat Challenge 30/11/2017 Titan Deep Space Company
Beekyr Reloaded 14/11/2017 Kaleido Games
Way of Redemption 07/11/2017 Pixel Cream
The Flesh God 02/11/2017 Nuberu Games
Yago, el Coquerrestre 01/11/2017 Ludos Multimedia
Numantia 25/10/2017 RECO Technology
Nightmare Boy 25/10/2017 The Vanir Project
The Essence Reaper Ritual 11/10/2017 Acceso anticipado Legends of Eternalia
The Invisible Hours 10/10/2017 Tequila Works
Trespassers 06/10/2017 Acceso anticipado CrazyBits Studios
The Fall of Lazarus 04/10/2017 No Wand Studios
About Elise 26/09/2017 Toni Domínguez
Raiders of the Broken Planet 22/09/2017 MercurySteam
Caveman Warriors 22/09/2017 Jandusoft
Super Hydorah 20/09/2017 Locomalito
Supersonic Tank Cats 20/09/2017 Acceso anticipado Molegato
Shopping Tycoon 12/09/2017 DreamSoftGames
HIVE: Altenum Wars 08/09/2017 Acceso anticipado Catness Game Studios
Solaria Moon 06/09/2017 3y3net
Frostle 20/08/2017 Onbox Games
Supermagical 11/08/2017 Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team
Upside-Down Dimensions 09/08/2017 Acceso anticipado Hydra Interactive
Symploké: La Leyenda de Gustavo Bueno (Capítulo 1) 07/08/2017 Videojuegos Fermín
Engolasters January 2021 01/08/2017 Deconstructeam
SolarGun 28/07/2017 Mechanical Boss
Baobabs Mausoleum 06/07/2017 Celery Emblem
A Hand in the Darkness 21/06/2017 Ertal Games
xoEl 09/06/2017 Greyman Studios
Breaking Fast 08/06/2017 Tale Studios
Operation Warcade VR 02/06/2017 Acceso anticipado Ivanovich Games
RiME 26/05/2017 Tequila Works
Dynasty Feud 23/05/2017 Kaia Studios
A Hole New World 19/05/2017 Mad Gear Games
Nongünz 19/05/2017 Brainwash Gang
Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days 18/05/2017 Big Star Games
NBA Playgrounds 09/05/2017 Saber Interactive Spain
Last Hours of Jack 05/05/2017 Pastanaga Sideral
Mini Ghost 28/04/2017 Francisco Téllez de Meneses
Agatha Knife 27/04/2017 Mango Protocol
Immortal Redneck 25/04/2017 CremaGames
Laser Strikers 17/04/2017 Koth Studio
The Sexy Brutale 12/04/2017 Tequila Works
A Gummy's Life 10/04/2017 Acceso anticipado EP Games
White Noise 2 06/04/2017 Milkstone Studios
Saucer-Like 05/04/2017 Fosfatina Ediciones
The Great Whale Road 30/03/2017 Sunburned Games
The Crow's Eye 20/03/2017 3d2 entertainment
Overkill VR 10/03/2017 Starloop Studios
Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition - The Card Warriors 03/03/2017 Stage Clear Studios
Unforgiven VR 23/02/2017 Acceso anticipado Delirium Studios
Vaccine 21/02/2017 Rainy Night Creations
NakedMan VS The Clothes 17/02/2017 4FreaksFiction
BOOR 14/02/2017 Dazlog Studio
Spheroids 10/02/2017 Eclipse Games
Don't look back 09/02/2017 Enrique Colinet
YouTubers Life 02/02/2017 U-Play Online
Rise & Shine 13/01/2017 Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team
LaraaN 11/01/2017 Flynn's Arcade
Cervantes: perdiendo los papeles 2017 OveR Software
Crypt of the Serpent King 27/12/2016 Rendercode Games
Alchemic Jousts 16/12/2016 Lunatic Pixels
DWVR 15/12/2016 Acceso anticipado Mad Triangles
Monster Puzzle 08/12/2016 Flynn's Arcade
Of Guards And Thieves 07/12/2016 Subvert Games
Demented Pixie 07/12/2016 Molegato
King Lucas 01/12/2016 Devilish Games
Bullshot 22/11/2016 Gato Studio
Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods 18/11/2016 Nuberu Games
Final Soccer VR 18/11/2016 Acceso anticipado Ivanovich Games
Wincars Racer 18/11/2016 Acceso anticipado DragonJam Studios
Mr. Shadow 17/11/2016 ByComb
Candle 11/11/2016 Teku Studios
Cubotrox 11/11/2016 The Barberians
Yesterday Origins 10/11/2016 Pendulo Studios
La venganza de Johnny Bonasera 01/11/2016 Rafael García Moreno
Scary Humans 26/10/2016 Gabhel Studios
Ginger: Beyond the Crystal 25/10/2016 Drakhar Studio
Kyurinaga's Revenge 25/10/2016 RECO Technology
Space Rotary 24/10/2016 Modelsheep Studio
Maldita Castilla EX 20/10/2016 Locomalito
Janken Cards 13/10/2016 GKT Studios
Aragami 04/10/2016 Lince Works
Funny Invaders 26/09/2016 Rebel Robot Games
Zenith 20/09/2016 Infinigon Games
Conga Master 14/09/2016 Undercoders
Tankiu 13/09/2016 Rebel Robot Games
Supercontinent Ltd 29/08/2016 Deconstructeam
Temple of Light 28/08/2016 Rebel Robot Games
Eyestorm 26/08/2016 3Crew Games
Slap Village 21/07/2016 Monkey-Toons
Skara - The Blade Remains 21/07/2016 8-Bit Studio
Defend your Crypt 21/07/2016 Ratalaika Games
C.S.S. Citadel VR 17/07/2016 Winged Minds Studio
Bot Vice 11/07/2016 DYA Games
Pirates: Treasure Hunters 05/07/2016 Acceso anticipado Virtual Toys
Never Wake Up a Nosferatu 02/07/2016 Rebel Robot Games
SpellKnights 28/06/2016 Acceso anticipado Mechanical Boss
bit Dungeon+ 21/06/2016 Dolores Entertainment
Annie Amber 18/06/2016 Pantumaca Barcelona
Dogfight Elite 11/06/2016 Acceso anticipado Echoboom
Perfect Angle VR - Zen edition 08/06/2016 Ivanovich Games
Ghost 1.0 07/06/2016 Francisco Téllez de Meneses
Tankr 06/06/2016 Mighty Toast Studio
Anima: Gate of Memories 03/06/2016 Anima Project Studio
Smoots World Cup Tennis 01/06/2016 Kaneda Games
City Z 29/04/2016 Little Cloud Games
Pharaonic 28/04/2016 Milkstone Studios
Otem's Defiance 25/04/2016 HyperBerryGames
Demon's Crystals 21/04/2016 StarCruiser Studio
Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age 20/04/2016 BeautiFun Games
Zen and the Art of Transhumanism 18/04/2016 Deconstructeam
La Abadía del Crimen: Extensum 25/03/2016 Manuel Pazos
Vaccine War 21/03/2016 Games For Tutti
Piggy Princess 18/03/2016 DreamSoftGames
The Guest 10/03/2016 Team Gotham
Football Club Simulator 04/03/2016 FX Interactive
The Count Lucanor 03/03/2016 Baroque Decay Games
Crazy Pixel Streaker 02/03/2016 Acceso anticipado Lubiterum Game Studio
Calendula 02/02/2016 Blooming Buds Studio
Majotori 01/02/2016 Majorariatto
FullBlast 28/01/2016 UFO Crash Games
The Minotaur 21/01/2016 Ratalaika Games
Six Sides of the World 20/01/2016 Cybernetik Design
Sorgina: A Tale of Witches 2016 Binary Soul
Perfect Angle 22/12/2015 Ivanovich Games
Atrapa la bandera 18/12/2015 U-PLAY Studios
The Curse of Issyos 15/12/2015 Locomalito
Stories of Bethem: Full Moon 11/12/2015 GuGames Development
FreezeME 10/12/2015 Rainy Night Creations
Los Rios de Alice 16/11/2015 Delirium Studios
The Purring Quest 12/11/2015 Valhalla Cats
MiniBikers 05/11/2015 Ivanovich Games
Bloodwood Reload 31/10/2015 Luminy Studios
Empire TV Tycoon 20/10/2015 Dreamsite Games
Planetbase 16/10/2015 Madruga Works
Freedom Poopie 16/10/2015 Electroplasmatic Games
Castles 09/10/2015 Whoot Games
Awe 09/10/2015 Oddly Shaped Pixels
8Days 01/10/2015 Santa Clara Games
Steamroll 30/09/2015 Acceso anticipado Anticto
Arson and Plunder: Unleashed 25/09/2015 Chainsaw Syndicate
Missing Translation 24/09/2015 Alpixel Games
Run Run And Die 11/09/2015 Pixel Bones Studio
Debris HD 04/09/2015 SVC Games
Unfair Jousting Fair 03/09/2015 Rodaja
Red Goddess: Inner World 01/09/2015 Yanim Studio
Soccer Legends 05/08/2015 Acceso anticipado Digital Lightning Studios
Malditos vírgenes 31/07/2015 Luis Ruiz
Dead Synchronicity: The Longest Night 27/07/2015 Fictiorama Studios
Blues and Bullets 23/07/2015 A Crowd of Monsters
Yasai Ninja 21/07/2015 RECO Technology
Ice Cream Surfer 21/07/2015 Dolores Entertainment
Paradaim 17/07/2015 MoitaPechá Studio
Niko: Through the Dream 17/07/2015 Studio Paint
MechaNika 16/07/2015 Mango Protocol
Tachyon Project 15/07/2015 Eclipse Games
Lienzo en blanco 03/07/2015 Akkad Estudios
Volstead 26/06/2015 VoidMain Studios
Super Star Path 22/06/2015 DYA Games
Arkhelom 3D 29/05/2015 DreamSoftGames
Vortex Attack 27/05/2015 Kaleido Games
Sir Quest and the Temple of Apollo 19/05/2015 Noguera Games
Toro 15/05/2015 RECO Technology
Alexia Crow and the Cave of Heroes 04/05/2015 Questtracers
One Last Day 28/04/2015 Acceso anticipado Bloodwolf Studio
Eternum 23/04/2015 Radin Games
Nanomachina 22/04/2015 Gazpacho Games
Underground Hangovers 20/04/2015 Deconstructeam
House of Caravan 16/04/2015 Rosebud Games
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today 10/04/2015 Fictiorama Studios
Crazy Steam Bros 2 03/04/2015 Ars Creativa
The Wizard of Oz 01/04/2015 Genera Games
The Spatials 30/03/2015 Weird and Wry
Soccertron 12/03/2015 Erosa Games
Farlight Explorers 11/03/2015 Acceso anticipado Farlight Studios
Monité en Raining Planet 02/2015 Nesplora
Zombeer 30/01/2015 Moonbite Games
Be a scout, Timmy! 26/01/2015 Dazlog Studio
Maze Walkthrough 08/01/2015 TRINIT
Project AURA 05/01/2015 Acceso anticipado Pixel Quality Games
Heimdal 01/2015 Virtualware
FX Fútbol 2015 23/12/2014 FX Interactive
HassleHeart “I <3 Hearts” 23/12/2014 Santa Clara Games
Rock Zombie 27/11/2014 Quaternion Studio
Lords of Xulima 14/11/2014 Numantian Games
Randal's Monday 12/11/2014 Nexus Game Studios
Ziggurat 23/10/2014 Milkstone Studios
Kromaia 23/10/2014 Kraken Empire
Fist of Jesus 17/10/2014 Mutant Games
Heart&Slash 06/10/2014 Acceso anticipado aheartfulofgames
Stories of Bethem 25/09/2014 GuGames Development
MIND: Path to Thalamus 05/08/2014 Mind Dev Team
Gods Will Be Watching 24/07/2014 Deconstructeam
Bloodbath 27/06/2014 Freedom Factory Studios
Kick Ass 2 27/06/2014 Freedom Factory Studios
Super Toy Cars 06/06/2014 Eclipse Games
White Noise Online 23/05/2014 Milkstone Studios
The Last Door 20/05/2014 The Game Kitchen
Shiny The Firefly 16/05/2014 Stage Clear Studios
Circuits 17/04/2014 Digital Tentacle
Scourge: Outbreak 02/04/2014 Tragnarion Studios
ESC. 31/03/2014 Gazpacho Games
Project Shyknight 30/03/2014 Dragontech
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate 27/03/2014 MercurySteam
Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent 06/03/2014 Unfinished Pixel
PC Handball 01/03/2014 Serinex
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 28/02/2014 MercurySteam
King Tommy in the Candy'em Up Saga 06/02/2014 Lubiterum Game Studio
Gemdow Quest 2014 Guinxu
FX Fútbol 2.0 28/11/2013 FX Interactive
Young Justice Legacy 22/11/2013 Freedom Factory Studios
Lumen 28/10/2013 Thousand Cranes
Light 13/10/2013 OBH Games
Crazy Belts 06/10/2013 Jemchicomac
Beekyr 01/10/2013 Kaleido Games
Nihilumbra 25/09/2013 BeautiFun Games
Verminian Trap 09/09/2013 Locomalito
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 30/08/2013 MercurySteam
Full Mojo Rampage 16/08/2013 Over the Top Games
Strangelight 08/2013 StrangeLight Games
Gaurodan 31/07/2013 Locomalito
Decadence: Origins 24/07/2013 Revolution System Games
FX Fútbol 08/05/2013 FX Interactive
Bee or not Bee: 100+ Followbees 05/05/2013 GuGames Development
Zack Zero 29/04/2013 Crocodile Entertainment
Draconian Wars 08/04/2013 Kardfy
Alien Spidy 20/03/2013 Enigma Software
History Legends of War: Patton 08/03/2013 Enigma Software
IAD's Rampage 03/03/2013 Dazlog Studio
Spin to Infinity! 15/02/2013 GuGames Development
Medgame 01/02/2013 Kaneda Games
Doomed Dungeon 11/01/2013 Dazlog Studio
Dualsus 2013 Revolution System Games
Magma Tsunami 2013 StrangeLight Games
Maldita Castilla 12/12/2012 Locomalito
Dragon Memory 01/11/2012 Dragontech
Deadlight 25/10/2012 Tequila Works
Brave, The Last Turtle 03/10/2012 Óscar Sahun Reguant
Endless Forms Most Beautiful 07/07/2012 Locomalito
Soy libre 01/07/2012 Akkad Estudios
El Codex del Peregrino 21/06/2012 CEIEC
Trap Ball: Edición Billar 23/04/2012 Axóuxere Games
Infinity Danger 22/03/2012 Milkstone Studios
New York Crimes 22/03/2012 Pendulo Studios
MotorHEAT 26/02/2012 Milkstone Studios
Torrente Online: Freak Wars 23/02/2012 Virtual Toys
They came from Verminest 15/02/2012 Locomalito
Pixelry 11/02/2012 Evelend Games
Little Racers STREET 27/01/2012 Milkstone Studios
Proyecto Cruz Roja 15/01/2012 Kaneda Games
Forgotten Kodama: The Seed of Life 2012 Hugging Cactus
Coco 2012 Futuresco Games
Super Tower Rush 2012 Evelend Games
AR-K 01/12/2011 Gato Studio
LightFish 19/10/2011 Eclipse Games
Aztlan: Rise of the Shaman 07/10/2011 Ayuken Studios
UnEpic 02/10/2011 Francisco Téllez de Meneses
Hollywood Monsters 2 16/06/2011 Pendulo Studios
Basket Dudes 15/06/2011 Bitoon Games
Viriax 30/03/2011 Locomalito
Zombie Football Carnage 20/02/2011 Milkstone Studios
Quiero una identidad 08/02/2011 Akkad Estudios
Fantastic League 2011 Gextech
Naraba World: Descubre un nuevo mundo 10/12/2010 Freedom Factory Studios
Naraba World: El Palacio Misterioso 10/12/2010 Freedom Factory Studios
Naraba World: El laberinto de la luz 01/12/2010 Freedom Factory Studios
Baobab Planet 24/11/2010 Freedom Factory Studios
NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits 27/09/2010 Over the Top Games
L'Abbaye des Morts 10/09/2010 Locomalito
International Basketball Manager 31/08/2010 U-PLAY Studios
Hydorah 03/06/2010 Locomalito
Runaway: A Twist of Fate 25/03/2010 Pendulo Studios
Brico Party 15/03/2010 Freedom Factory Studios
The Scourge Project 12/03/2010 Tragnarion Studios
El Sello Mágico: La Falsa Princesa 2010 SpiritVG
Popochi 2010 Devilish Games
Wanted: Weapons of Fate 03/04/2009 GRIN Barcelona
Dirty Bit Extended 2009 SVC Games
Debris 2009 SVC Games
The Abbey 18/11/2008 Alcachofa Soft
Mente vacía - Destino en blanco 15/11/2008 Akkad Estudios
Cycling Evolution 13/10/2008 Freedom Factory Studios
Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge 02/10/2008 Revistronic
Euroleague Basketball Manager 08 22/05/2008 U-PLAY Studios
Pro Basket Manager 21/05/2008 U-PLAY Studios
War Leaders: Clash of Nations 28/03/2008 Enigma Software
8bit Killer 04/02/2008 Locomalito
Donkey Xote 04/12/2007 Revistronic
Sombras de guerra: la Guerra Civil Española 19/11/2007 Legend Studios
Clive Barker's Jericho 26/10/2007 MercurySteam
Runaway 2: El Sueño de la Tortuga 21/06/2007 Pendulo Studios
Nico en el Planeta Robot 06/06/2007 CMY Multimedia
Sonoro TV 2007 Devilish Games
Quiero morir 2007 Akkad Estudios
20.000 Leguas de Viaje Submarino 2007 CMY Multimedia
PanicBCN 11/12/2006 SpiritVG
PC Fútbol 2007 14/11/2006 Gaelco
Dracula Twins 23/10/2006 Nerlaska Studio
Commandos: Strike Force 15/03/2006 Pyro Studios
Easter Avenger 2006 Questtracers
Jupiter Invaders 2006 GuGames Development
Central de Fantasmas: Viaje Disparatado 2006 CMY Multimedia
Fallen Lords: Condemnation 11/11/2005 Novarama
PC Fútbol 2006 09/11/2005 Gaelco
Torrente 3: El Protector 15/10/2005 Virtual Toys
Imperial Glory 13/05/2005 Pyro Studios
Las Aventuras de Don Quijote 2005 CMY Multimedia
Vladimir Difusius: ¡Menudo Despiste! 2005 CMY Multimedia
Xiro y la Ciudad Sumergida 2005 CMY Multimedia
El Desafío de Worky 2005 Exelweiss
Aymun: Aprendiz de Pirata 2005 CMY Multimedia
War Times: European Frontline 22/11/2004 Legend Studios
PC Fútbol 2005 19/11/2004 Gaelco
American McGee presents: SCRAPLAND 17/11/2004 MercurySteam
As enerxías renovables: o futuro nas túas mans 2004 Imaxin Software
Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner 05/12/2003 Revistronic
Wanted Guns 01/12/2003 Nerlaska Studio
Angels Vs Devils 31/10/2003 Enigma Software
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin 14/10/2003 Pyro Studios
Pachi el marciano 01/07/2003 Dragontech
Off-Road Arena 26/03/2003 Xpiral
Praetorians 11/03/2003 Pyro Studios
Nuts & Scrap 2003 Devilish Games
Abby: Héroes en Apuros 2003 CMY Multimedia
Central de Fantasmas: Huéspedes de Mórtimer 2003 CMY Multimedia
Golf Adventure Galaxy 2003 KatGames
Tiger Hunt 20/08/2002 Exelweiss
Pro Soccer Cup 2002 15/05/2002 Enigma Software
Abby: El Secreto de Gordonne 2002 CMY Multimedia
Codename Silver 2002 Nerlaska Studio
¡Aymun al Rescate! 2002 CMY Multimedia
Aymun y la Gran Carrera 2002 CMY Multimedia
Aymun y los Piratas Mechones 2002 CMY Multimedia
Mortadelo y Filemón: Mamelucos a la romana 2002 Alcachofa Soft
Strike Force Commando 2002 Noguera Games
Beach Head 2002 2002 Exelweiss
Mortadelo y Filemón: Balones y Patadones 2002 Alcachofa Soft
Larry Ragland's 4x4 Challenge 15/12/2001 Xpiral
A aventura máxica de Merliño 29/11/2001 SING
Nightstone 16/11/2001 New Horizon Studios
Zipi y Zape: La Casa del Terror 12/11/2001 Argos Labs
El Capitán Trueno: La Espada del Toledano 29/10/2001 Argos Labs
Mortadelo y Filemón: Operación Moscú 10/2001 Alcachofa Soft
Mortadelo y Filemón: El Escarabajo de Cleopatra 10/2001 Alcachofa Soft
Commandos 2: Men of Courage 28/09/2001 Pyro Studios
ToonCar 15/07/2001 Revistronic
Runaway: A Road Adventure 06/07/2001 Pendulo Studios
Torrente 21/06/2001 Virtual Toys
EuroTour Cycling 04/05/2001 Dinamic Multimedia
ExcaliBug 16/03/2001 Enigma Software
PC Fútbol 2001 01/03/2001 Dinamic Multimedia
Blade: The Edge of Darkness 26/02/2001 Rebel Act Studios
PC Calcio 2001 08/02/2001 Dinamic Multimedia
Gartu: Atrapados en el Espacio 2001 CMY Multimedia
arKKube 2001 Devilish Games
Gartu: El Medallón Mágico 2001 CMY Multimedia
Astro Assembler 2001 Advanced Projects
El Capitán Trueno en la Montaña de los Suspiros 10/12/2000 Argos Labs
Pro Rally 2001 04/12/2000 Ubisoft Barcelona
Live! Boxing 01/12/2000 Dinamic Multimedia
Mortadelo y Filemón: Terror, Espanto y Pavor 01/12/2000 Alcachofa Soft
La Prisión 25/10/2000 Dinamic Multimedia
Resurrection 22/09/2000 Nebula Entertainment
El Tesoro de Isla Alcachofa 08/08/2000 Alcachofa Soft
Jagdverband 44: Screaming Eagles 08/2000 Hammer Technologies
PC Fútbol 2000 Clausura 07/2000 Dinamic Multimedia
Beach Head 2000 15/06/2000 Exelweiss
PC Fútbol 2000 Selección Española Europa 2000 24/05/2000 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Fútbol 2000 01/02/2000 Dinamic Multimedia
Radical Drive 20/01/2000 Xpiral
Mortadelo y Filemón: Dos Vaqueros Chapuceros 2000 Alcachofa Soft
O Misterio das 7 Pezas 2000 Imaxin Software
PC Calcio 2000 2000 Dinamic Multimedia
Zipi y Zape: El Tonel del Tiempo 2000 Kinora
Normandia 2000 Lamb Software
Zipi y Zape: La Vuelta al Mundo 2000 Kinora
Grouch 2000 Revistronic
PC Atletismo 2000 21/12/1999 Dinamic Multimedia
Mortadelo y Filemón: La Máquina Meteoroloca 20/11/1999 VEGA Creaciones Multimedia
Space Clash: The Last Frontier 11/1999 Enigma Software
PC Fútbol 6 Apertura 98 07/1999 Dinamic Multimedia
Commandos: Más allá del deber 30/03/1999 Pyro Studios
SleepWalker 1999 Exelweiss
PC Real Madrid 2000 1999 Dinamic Multimedia
Extreme Wintersports 1999 Hammer Technologies
PC Atlético de Madrid 2000 1999 Dinamic Multimedia
Mr. Tiny Adventures 1999 Island Dream
Toyland Racing 1999 Revistronic
PC Calcio 7 12/1998 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Fútbol 7 12/1998 Dinamic Multimedia
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines 01/07/1998 Pyro Studios
PC Basket 6.0 07/1998 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Fútbol Selección Española '98 05/1998 Dinamic Multimedia
Galax Empires 01/03/1998 Island Dream
PC Fútbol 6.0 15/01/1998 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Real Madrid Basket 99 1998 Dinamic Multimedia
Dragster Racing Deluxe 1998
Snow Wave: Avalanche 1998 Hammer Technologies
Mortadelo y Filemón: El Sulfato Atómico 1998 Alcachofa Soft
PC Real Madrid 99 1998 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Basket 6.5 1998 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Calcio 6.0 12/1997 Dinamic Multimedia
Hollywood Monsters 11/1997 Pendulo Studios
Speed Demons 1997 Efecto Caos
PC Premier 6.0 1997 Dinamic Multimedia
Bicho 1997 Filloa Records
Alerta Roja 1997 Noguera Games
PC Calcio 5.0 30/12/1996 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Fútbol 5.0 12/1996 Dinamic Multimedia
La fuga 1996 Exelweiss
3 Skulls of the Toltecs 1996 Revistronic
Super Magbot En desarrollo Astral Pixel
Mutropolis En desarrollo Pirita Studio
Nightfall Dragons Cancelado Digital Legends
The Overman Cancelado Narratech Laboratories
Profane En desarrollo OverPowered Team
Hypnos Cancelado Digital Tentacle
Deathroned En desarrollo Nuclear Toaster Studios
Capital Sander Cancelado Seven Monkeys
Adome En desarrollo Timsea Studios
Narita Boy En desarrollo Studio Koba
Himno - The Silent Melody En desarrollo David Moralejo Sánchez
Unsacrifice En desarrollo Unreal Spirit
Paradise Lost: First Contact En desarrollo Asthree Works
The Lord of the Creatures Cancelado Arvirago
Summer in Mara En desarrollo Chibig Studio
Night & Day: The Curse of the Red Witch En desarrollo Ikigai Gameworks
Super Red-Hot Hero En desarrollo StrangeLight Games
The Longest Road on Earth En desarrollo Edu Verz
Professor Garfield Cancelado Genera Games
Project #0 En desarrollo Life Zero
Pepo En desarrollo PrepareYourDice
Illusoria En desarrollo Cometa Videogames
Fregocles y la desinfección del Olimpo Cancelado El Neutrino Raro
7 Masters En desarrollo The Game Forger
Mambo En desarrollo Iction Games
Project Atlas En desarrollo Baby Robot Games
Heart of Stone Cancelado Pyro Studios
Scarab: un juego de mierda En desarrollo Owari Studios
Paint Your Way En desarrollo Eri Studio
Maze of Gods En desarrollo FrameOver Studio
Project C.E.L.L. Cancelado Wasfan Studios
Lethal Honor: Essence En desarrollo Viral Studios
Kharon's Crypt En desarrollo Andromeda Project
Blue Heaven En desarrollo Brainworm Games
Prehistory Cancelado Games 2 Learn
Grab The Win En desarrollo Mad Djinn Games
1214 En desarrollo Vyretrux Games
Tribe's Life En desarrollo Life Zero
Mutant Meat City En desarrollo Code Harvest
Rayna's Revenge En desarrollo Mizu Games
Earthlings The Game En desarrollo CriCri Entertainment
A Hood In The Woods Cancelado Wasfan Studios
Death In Candlewood Cancelado Rosebud Games
Agents: Biohunters En desarrollo Playstark
Wild Guardians En desarrollo CorseGames
The Intergalactic Trashman Cancelado Glove Cat
Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD En desarrollo Loftur Studio
Apartment 327 En desarrollo Binarybox Studios
Ren-Hu En desarrollo Lethal Games
The Weird Story of Waldemar the Warlock En desarrollo EnComplot
Inexplicable Deaths in Damipolis: Inner Thoughts En desarrollo TieSoft
Superego En desarrollo Héctor Bometón
Clarisse En desarrollo Not Human Games
NetherWorld En desarrollo Hungry Pixel
African Aid En pausa Francisco Téllez de Meneses
The Cat Sidhe En pausa Illusion Shard Games
Kérux Society Cancelado Kérux Society
Moons of Darsalon En desarrollo Dr. Kucho! Games
Space Crew En desarrollo Ninja Code Studio
Cain En desarrollo Gazpacho Games
Endling En desarrollo Herobeat Studios
The Tenth Hell: Stygian En desarrollo Deimos Studio
New Life En desarrollo Denside Studios
AdventurOS En desarrollo Evelend Games
IslaBomba En desarrollo Sons of a Bit
BioPatrol En desarrollo Ginkgo
Deck Hunter En desarrollo Fernando Ruiz Calderón
Battle Banners En desarrollo Binary Flags Game Studio
Creep Hunter En desarrollo Whoot Games
Yokai Mask En desarrollo David Flores
DanceFloor Cancelado Kaneda Games
Sons of the Void En desarrollo Grogshot Games
BMX The Game En desarrollo Barspin Studios
Crisis Crunch En desarrollo Trim Tangle
Phobos Vector Prime: The First Ring En desarrollo Gunstar Studio
Love You to Bits En desarrollo Alike Studio
We need you, Borro! En desarrollo TEA Team
Morituri Te Salutant En desarrollo Ingumak
Lapso En desarrollo islaOliva
Flatworld En desarrollo Guinxu
Maxxima En desarrollo Arcadict Games
Damnview: Built From Nothing En desarrollo Brainwash Gang
Ancient Cities En desarrollo Uncasual Games
Anima En desarrollo A Bonfire of Souls
The Mixtape En desarrollo Brainwash Gang
Curse of the Sea Rats En desarrollo Petoons
Black Sun Cancelado Koneo Entertainment
Union Cancelado Background Games
Smoots Spy Agency En desarrollo Kaneda Games
Hipsters Vs. Zombies Cancelado Arpic Games
The Waylanders En desarrollo Gato Studio
Rest in Jelly En desarrollo Little Miracles Games
Guardforce En desarrollo Evolve Games
Quantum Quest En desarrollo Quantum Goose
Adam Cancelado Indiefferent Games
Therefore En desarrollo Trim Tangle
Oniria Crimes En desarrollo cKolmos
Central Pvrk En desarrollo Gambusino Labs
Injection π23 'No name, no number' En desarrollo Abramelin Games
PC Fútbol 2002 Cancelado Dinamic Multimedia
HOME: Hit N' Rush En desarrollo Blackmouth Games
Yum Yum Yummy Cancelado Bacu-Bacu Games
Helion: Void Wars En desarrollo Bytecore
Delicious - Emily's Road Trip En desarrollo Stage Clear Studios
Aqueloo En desarrollo InfiniteGames
Nagual En desarrollo Futuresco Games
Black Map En desarrollo Ancla Studio
Soccer Fury Cancelado Digital Legends
TAPE: Unveil The Memories En desarrollo Black Chili Goat Studio
The Pizza Situation En desarrollo 3bytes
Silent Rescue En desarrollo Eri Studio
Future Slaves En desarrollo NeHo Games
Starriser Cancelado Arpic Games
Nevada Suicidal Race En desarrollo Gazpacho Games
Lost King's Lullaby En desarrollo Storeen Games
Street Rod Cancelado Freedom Factory Studios
Tower Princess En desarrollo AweKteam
Scarf: Walking with Souls En desarrollo Uprising Studios
Fulvinter En desarrollo 8Pícaros
Gods Among Pirates En desarrollo Ahrledia
Magical Prisma En desarrollo BullwareSoft
Project Martin Cancelado GamerOn
Paper Defense En desarrollo Lanyu EStudio
Idearum En desarrollo Tahutahu Studios
L.A.P.S.U.S. En desarrollo LapsusLab
Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel En desarrollo Red Little House Studios
TemTem En desarrollo CremaGames
Duality Cancelado Trilobite Graphics
Catequesis En desarrollo Baroque Decay Games
Myrkvi: Ancient Times Memories En desarrollo PrepareYourDice
Oniria: The Realm of The Three Z En desarrollo D-Realms
Verdungeon En desarrollo Blustery Games
The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Cancelado Autoloot Games
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