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Teared - A new arcade game is coming soon to all platforms!

Publicada 11/04/2024



An Epic Arcade Adventure Starts on April, 25th!


Barcelona, Spain. April 11th, 2024.


JanduSoft is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Teared, a thrilling 3D arcade action-platformer developed by the spanish solo developer Juan-Mod! Get ready to dive into a journey filled with big monsters, retro vibes, challenges, and adventure

Teared, is set to be released on April, 25th on SteamPlayStation 4 & 5and Nintendo Switch. On Xbox One & Series release later.

3D side scroller with retro vibes

As the hero of this fantasy universe, you wield three distinct weapons, each with its own advantages and strategic uses. Customise your play style and devise effective strategies as you traverse nine levels full of challenges, enemies and various traps. Teared offers a wide variety of opponents to fight. Take on nine epic bosses with unique abilities and attack patterns, while defeating a variety of enemies such as skeletons, bats, spiders and more.




  • 9 challenging levels and 2 bonus stages
  • Face off against 9 epic bosses.
  • Side-scroller game with 3D graphics.
  • A modern arcade with retro vibes.


Teared is coming to all platforms on April 25th.

Price: $7,99 | 7,99 €

Presskit: https://press.jandusoft.com/sheet.php?p=teared

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