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Dare to download the terrifying Among Ashes demo on 15th April

Publicada 11/04/2024

Experience a haunted game-within-a-game in upcoming metafictional indie horror


Lanzarote, Spain - 11th April 2024 - Rat Cliff Games is today thrilled to announce that a PC demo for its upcoming first-person survival horror title Among Ashes will be available to download via Steam on 15th April, as part of Steam’s FPS Fest.


Among Ashes Trailer


Among Ashes is a metafictional horror title about a haunted video game and the disturbing story behind its creation. It’s a stormy night in the early 2000s and your friend has sent you a link to a horror game that he found online, Night Call. As you play, strange things start happening in your apartment. Something is terribly wrong with the game.

The game features an innovative framing device in which players will experience a full retro-inspired first-person survival horror game within another first-person horror game. In addition to a host of unique presentational touches, mechanics and puzzles that transport players back to the start of the millennium.

The demo offers a chilling 30-minute taste of the game’s opening sequence, in which players will download the enigmatic Night Call from an unsettling message board post, explore the atmospheric & labyrinthian halls of Stoker Manor, before coming face-to-face with the horrors that lie within.

Whatever you do… K̴͉͚̗̅̃̄E̷͓̤̺̊͠E̴̤̰̿̽P̴̠̳̀́ ̴̨̮̭̕̚P̷̠͇̳͐̓̀L̶̹̔Ả̷̧Y̵̘̺͆̓Ï̸̻̏͂N̷͙̯͊G̵͖̹̠̽̿

A press kit is available to download here.

Among Ashes is now in development for PC and is currently scheduled to launch later this year. It is available to wishlist now via Steam. For more information please visit the official Rat Cliff Games website, or follow on Twitter and Instagram.

Note To Editors
Demo early access is now available. If you’d like to check it out before the public launch next week, please get in touch to request a Steam key or use the demo request form here.

Media Contact
Strange Signals for Rat Cliff Games
Tom Copeland

Rat Cliff Games
Daniel Ferrer



About Rat Cliff Games

Rat Cliff Games is a one-man independent games studio founded by game designer Daniel Ferrer in Lanzarote, Spain. The studio aims to craft memorable story-driven experiences with engaging gameplay. It released the epic 3D platformer One True Hero in 2022, and is now developing a chilling and innovative survival horror title Among 

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