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đź’ĄCards and Towers - Trailer & Demo

Publicada 24/04/2024

Check out the new trailer for Cards and Towers, a unique blend of card games, tower defense and roguelikes. Previews are now available (request your copy here!). Craft your own unique deckprotect your base tower by playing cards, slay hordes of enemies, and survive as long as possible. Also, you can play the demo yourself right now on Steam.




Steam page


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Key features:


  • Protect your base tower by strategically playing cards.
  • Develop your own winning strategy.
  • Unlock hundreds of new cards for your collection.
  • Full controller support for seamless gameplay.
  • Endless replayability to keep you engaged.
  • Compete for the top spot on the world ranking leaderboard.

About Family Devs

Family Devs is an indie game development studio based in Barcelona, Spain. Family Devs develops and publishes indie games for all platforms. The company consists of a father and sons, all of whom are passionate gamers.

Stay up to date and learn everything worth knowing about Family Devs by following the company on TwitterYoutubeTiktokDiscord and the official website.

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