Spanish Video Games released on this platform

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Ivar's Journey Cancelled Javier de Higes Asencio
[AREA - [1.1.1] ] tm | The Unexpected descendant In development Darkore Studios
The Hiker In development Good Green Games
Vincent's Chocolate In development Lemon Bird
Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin In development Mansion Games
The Beresford family In development Dreamlight Games
Jousting Manager 31/07/2024 OuroborosStudio
Asphalt Legends Unite 17/07/2024 Gameloft Barcelona
Cataclismo 16/07/2024 Digital Sun Games
Bounce It Arcade Cancelled Lucas Varela Negro
Graviton In development Zer0vity Games
Parkour Labs 29/06/2024 Diego Ortiz Más
Mirror of Shearune In development Lemon Bird
Viking Survivors 19/06/2024 Family Devs
HORROR TALES: The Beggar 17/06/2024 Carlos Coronado
PC Fútbol 8 07/06/2024 Una Partida Más
DETECTIVE - Minerva case 06/06/2024 K148 Game Studio
Scholar's Mate 30/05/2024 Jandusoft
Shadows of Taumiel 22/05/2024 Doncokepon Games
Slam and Roll 22/05/2024 Kaleido Games
Pampas & Selene - The Maze of Demons 21/05/2024 UnEpic Games
RichterPointer 17/05/2024 FlipFlop Interactive
Spellcats: Auto Card Tactics 17/05/2024 Nintai Studios
An English Haunting 15/05/2024 Postmodern Adventures
Doors & Loot 13/05/2024 Scalions Studios
Randy y Manilla 10/05/2024 Early access Ofihombre
The Murder of Sherlock Holmes 10/05/2024 cKolmos
Farm Together 2 07/05/2024 Milkstone Studios
Cards and Guns 02/05/2024 Family Devs
Tales from Candleforth 30/04/2024 Under the Bed Games
Clothes Line 29/04/2024 Indiefence
Nordic Ashes: Survivors of Ragnarok 26/04/2024 Noxfall Studios
Jack Holmes : Master of Puppets 26/04/2024
S.O.L Search of Light 25/04/2024 Trigger the Monster
Teared 25/04/2024 JuaN-MoD Studio
Mabel vs. The Forces of Hell 22/04/2024 Drac Games
2942 Attack On Space Rebels 21/04/2024 Francisco Ramón Salar Ruiz
Mojito the Cat 16/04/2024 GTZAStudio
Vertical Kingdom 15/04/2024 Farlight Games Industry
Midnight Snack 14/04/2024 Post-It Studio
Massira 12/04/2024 Frost Monkey Games
Tinkerlands: A Shipwrecked Adventure 12/04/2024 Endless Coffee
Die Again 11/04/2024 Adrià Ortiz
Ereban: Shadow Legacy 10/04/2024 Baby Robot Games
Glimmer Chain 09/04/2024 Jose Romaguera Montero
Checkout! 06/04/2024 Throwback Thursday
Pseudo-Haunting 05/04/2024
Dark Age 04/04/2024 SeluGames
Knock'Em Out 04/04/2024 BBear Studio
Death Noodle Delivery 03/04/2024 Troglobytes Games
The Legend of Skye 02/04/2024 Point & Pixel Adventures
APOLLO 31/03/2024 Daniel Moreno
One Last Breath 28/03/2024 Maniac Panda Games
Model Human 28/03/2024
Escape Espacial I 24/03/2024
Midnight Scenes: A Safe Place 19/03/2024 Octavi Navarro
KinnikuNeko: SUPER MUSCLE CAT 19/03/2024 Kamotachi
Corbid! A Colorful Adventure 14/03/2024 CuCurry
Emoji Connect 12/03/2024 Gamez Studio
Between the Stars 07/03/2024 Isolated Games
Hitori Kakurenbo online 29/02/2024 Early access Infinite Thread Games
The Hayseed Knight 29/02/2024 Sandra Molina
EVERING 28/02/2024 Purpure Studio
Mega Quiz Gaming 28/02/2024 HeyNau Games
Tales of Sintra: The Dark Vortex 27/02/2024 IppoGames
Xeno Runners 19/02/2024 Atchio Games
Conquistador Rex 15/02/2024 8º Arte Games
Lords of Exile 14/02/2024 Squidbit Works
Las Aventuras de El Halcón Negro 14/02/2024 Croqueta Asesina Studios
Arcanima: Mist of Oblivion 13/02/2024 Stendhal Games
Until It’s Undone: Unmastered 09/02/2024
CLeM 06/02/2024 Mango Protocol
Membal 02/02/2024 Goca Games
Cards Survivors 29/01/2024 Family Devs
Ancient Wars: Medieval Crusades 26/01/2024 Jotasoft Studios
EL RETROVISOR 25/01/2024 Early access Cubus Games
Jett Rider 25/01/2024 Last Chicken Games
Right and Down and Dice 23/01/2024 mc2games
Boss Lair Manager Beta 23/01/2024 GrilledCain
Lake House Dinner 22/01/2024 Alejandro Terzagui
Toxic Tomb 15/01/2024 Locomalito
ILA: A Frosty Glide [JAM ver.] 12/01/2024 Magic Rain Studios
Furballer 10/01/2024
The Pazaak Battles 07/01/2024 Rubén
Xenocider In development Retro Sumus
Underground Waifus 28/12/2023 Jurval Corp
StreamWare 26/12/2023
XMas Toy Merge 24/12/2023 AMGames TC
DETECTIVE - Stella Porta case 21/12/2023 K148 Game Studio
Luminaria: Dark Echoes 19/12/2023 Early access Enthariel Games
Tailless - Alpha 18/12/2023 Int2Games
Manitas Kitchen 15/12/2023 Little Arrow Games
Veronica In development Colors Room
John Mambo 15/12/2023 Iction Games
Aztec Tiki Talisman 14/12/2023 Josep Monzonís Hernández
UNITED 1944 12/12/2023 Novarama
Lullaby 11/12/2023 Origaming Creations
Arthur & Susan: Almost Detectives 08/12/2023 Apexchimps
Bugs N' Guns 07/12/2023 Blinkshot
The Great Below 05/12/2023 Dobra Studios
Pestilence 01/12/2023 Green Trouble Games
Die in the Dungeon: Origins 01/12/2023 Atico Games
Crashy Laps 30/11/2023 CheapeeSoft Games
Goodbye Tired Stars 26/11/2023 Yomi
Hellfire Poncho In development Juegos Asados
Topswap 23/11/2023 Daniel Montesi Rivas
Defenders Guild 22/11/2023 Ruben Arranz
Worldless 21/11/2023 Noname Studios
Supermarket Security Simulator 20/11/2023 Pigeon-G
Nazka 19/11/2023 Zomorro Studio
PolyInk 19/11/2023 FlipFlop Interactive
Where the time goes 18/11/2023 Pablo Rodríguez Saseta
Bluey: El Videojuego 17/11/2023 Artax Games
Cute Farmer Life 17/11/2023 SE32
Smoots Pinball 16/11/2023 Kaneda Games
The Kindeman Remedy 16/11/2023 Troglobytes Games
American Arcadia 15/11/2023 Out of the Blue Games
Retro Horror 15/11/2023 Pedro Moreno
Super Woden GP 2 10/11/2023 ViJuDa
Neon Little Soul 09/11/2023 Ivan Moraleja
Tintin Reporter - Los Cigarros del Faraon 07/11/2023 Pendulo Studios
Total Blackout 06/11/2023 Pablo Rodríguez Saseta
Kong & Little Miss Wray 05/11/2023 PlayMedusa
The Silent Swan 03/11/2023 Praenaris
Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story 01/11/2023 Tequila Works
Monster Killcker 31/10/2023 Antonio Espinosa Barrios
Little Darkness 31/10/2023 JuaN-MoD Studio
The Board AI 28/10/2023 Siurell Games
FINIS 26/10/2023 K148 Game Studio
Echoes of Madness 19/10/2023 AMGames TC
Laika: Aged Through Blood 19/10/2023 Brainwash Gang
100 Steps 17/10/2023 Endorth Studio
Outpath 16/10/2023 David Moralejo Sánchez
Kittengumi: Sakabato's Thief 13/10/2023 Guarida Games
Lords of the Fallen 13/10/2023 HexWorks
The Lab - Escape Room 13/10/2023 Flat Cat Games
TRANSFORMERS: LA CHISPA DE LA TIERRA - Expedición 13/10/2023 Tessera Studios
Shadows of Duat 12/10/2023 Ángel Guede
Lair of goblins 11/10/2023 Julian Ochando
Wild Card Football 10/10/2023 Saber Interactive Spain
Magic and Demons 06/10/2023 Zagalicos Games José Manuel Gris Umpiérrez
The Fabulous Fear Machine 04/10/2023 Fictiorama Studios
The Light Who Falls 04/10/2023
An awesome discovery 30/09/2023 Rubén
Bebés Llorones Lágrimas Mágicas: El Gran Juego 29/09/2023 Drakhar Studio
NINJA KIDZ: TIME MASTERS 29/09/2023 Main Loop
The Approaching Quiet 25/09/2023 Pablo Rodríguez Saseta
SpaceCats Odyssey 25/09/2023 Siurell Games
The Dream OBservatory 25/09/2023 Half Sunk Games
Moonlit Mystery 25/09/2023 Origaming Creations
Falling Stars... and other celestial objects (JAM) 25/09/2023 From The Moon
Perseidas Tears 25/09/2023 Lebrilope Studio
Boogey Nights 25/09/2023
Diggy Doggo Daylight Dungeon 25/09/2023 Rocío Tomé
Luna Lunática 25/09/2023 Rafael Alcalde Azpiazu
Space Trouble 24/09/2023 Rubén
Planetary Clicker 23/09/2023 Endorth Studio
Rainbow High: Talento en la Pasarela 22/09/2023 Xaloc Studios
Engine Wars 22/09/2023 Paella Games
Night Mode 22/09/2023 Noah Cuadrado
Light City District 16/09/2023 Gokiburigeemu
Baby Shark: Sing & Swim Party 15/09/2023 RECO Technology
Not My Room 14/09/2023 Carlos
Ugly 14/09/2023 Team Ugly
Summum Aeterna 14/09/2023 Early access Aeternum Game Studios
AK-xolotl 14/09/2023 2Awesome Studio
PERSEVERANCE 13/09/2023 Carlos Chamizo
Stick to the Plan 12/09/2023 Dead Pixel Tales
PANIK In development ChumasGames
PowerBall: Monster's Quest 12/09/2023 Rubén
Eco-warriors 09/09/2023 Esmorzaors
Space Maze 07/09/2023 Crispy Fried Chicken Studio
The Many Pieces of Mr.Coo 07/09/2023 Gammera Nest
Enchanted Portals 06/09/2023 Xixo Games Studio
Waterfall Prisoner 01/09/2023 APA estudi
Conbunn Cardboard 01/09/2023
IP-CAM 01/09/2023 PapayaPlay
Tenebris Pictura 31/08/2023 Pentadimensional Games
Rap Attack! 31/08/2023
The Mystery of Redwood Valley 31/08/2023 Lebrilope Studio
Space Vikings 30/08/2023 Moon Mole Games
Blasphemous 2 24/08/2023 The Game Kitchen
Pokédexica 16/08/2023 Rafael Alcalde Azpiazu
The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood 16/08/2023 Deconstructeam
Verne: The Shape of Fantasy 14/08/2023 Gametopia
El Punto (disqualified edition) 14/08/2023
Captains of the Wacky Waters 11/08/2023 Ceiling
Jack Holmes : Master of Puppets PROLOGUE 10/08/2023
Pelotas 09/08/2023
Dish is my family 04/08/2023 Julia Cajigal
Sushi For Robots 03/08/2023 Luis Díaz Peralta
Nova: Cloudwalker's Tale 03/08/2023 Racoon & Sheep
ENCRYPTICA 01/08/2023 Endorth Studio
Dinosaurio de Chrome en RTX 01/08/2023
CARRERICA 01/08/2023 Endorth Studio
INFINITICA 01/08/2023 Endorth Studio
Escape the Line 31/07/2023
Stack in the middle with you 28/07/2023 Julia Cajigal
Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara 27/07/2023 Talpa Games
Solar Dream 23/07/2023 Endorth Studio
Frank and Drake 20/07/2023 Appnormals Team
Whispike Survivors - Sword of the Necromancer 20/07/2023 Grimorio of Games
One Military Camp 20/07/2023 Abylight Barcelona
Super Mario Bros con RTX 20/07/2023
The Incredible Case of the Empty Office in the Middle of the Ocean 16/07/2023 Anti-Cliche
DETUNED 15/07/2023
Astrality 14/07/2023 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Traffic Jam 09/07/2023
Prey2Hunter 09/07/2023 Half Sunk Games
IHES 09/07/2023 Zomorro Studio
GYLT 06/07/2023 Tequila Works
Raver's Rumble 06/07/2023 Dead Pixel Tales
StarOS 04/07/2023 José Sanz
In the shadow 30/06/2023 Dead Pixel Tales
War Legends 30/06/2023 Game Motion
Inner Ashes 30/06/2023 Calathea Game Studio
Scholar's Mate - First Move 29/06/2023 Jandusoft
Abathor - Atlantis Landing 29/06/2023 Pow Pixel Games
Candelight 27/06/2023 Lemon Bird
Temtem: Showdown 26/06/2023 CremaGames
Galactic Grinder 23/06/2023 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Nutca 17/06/2023 Pulsa una tecla
Majoneko 16/06/2023 David Montes Lopez
ANYU 16/06/2023 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Hoppy Hop 16/06/2023 Josyan
Spacewing War 2 - Demo 1 15/06/2023 Pneuma Games
Cat-Astrophy 14/06/2023
Auld Lang Syne: Cat and Mouse 14/06/2023 Yomi
Mystic Academy: Escape Room 14/06/2023 mc2games
Cat-aclysm 09/06/2023 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
System of Souls 09/06/2023 Chaotic Lab
Undead Citadel 08/06/2023 Dark Curry
Army of Ruin 08/06/2023 Milkstone Studios
Bleak Sword DX 08/06/2023 Luís Moreno Jiménez
James Peris 2: La fuente de la eterna embriaguez 08/06/2023 Pavo Entertainment
Knight Overhand 07/06/2023 DJA Games
Blooby Block 02/06/2023 Basement Fun Games
Friends vs Friends 30/05/2023 Brainwash Gang
Babelship: Tales from the Black Hole suburb 29/05/2023 Rainbow Bears
INDOORS 29/05/2023 Snova Studios
Red Panda : The Resurrection 29/05/2023 Machape Project
STARDUSTER 29/05/2023 Cobaya Unchained
Hexes of Mythril 28/05/2023 Wild Alchemists
THE BUTTON 26/05/2023 Elendow
The Shape of Things 26/05/2023 Hyper Three Studio
MASTERCHEF: El Videojuego Oficial 26/05/2023 Drakhar Studio
Summer Trip Cruise 25/05/2023 Gius Caminiti
Nith Realms 25/05/2023 Raptor Studios
Vaccine Rebirth 25/05/2023 Rainy Night Creations
Marlon’s Mystery: The darkside of crime 25/05/2023 Made in Mavis
Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 25/05/2023 Fictiorama Studios
After Us 23/05/2023 Piccolo Studio
Pan y Federico 23/05/2023 Sand Castles Studio
Regenesis 22/05/2023 Klopsy
Retro Quiz Tower (JAM Edition) 20/05/2023 Rubén
Aimtropolis 19/05/2023 Raccoon Game Studio
Murtop 18/05/2023 Xavi Gómez
Shera's Music Party (Demo version) 16/05/2023 Rubén
El Custodio de Babel 13/05/2023
MailPop 12/05/2023 Crimson Birds Studio
Death or Treat 11/05/2023 Saona Studios
MathLand 10/05/2023 Didactoons
Catography 10/05/2023 Koala in a Box
Illumine 09/05/2023 Khaliu Studio
Nomad Defender 07/05/2023 Dhelpra Games
Frosthold 06/05/2023 Frozen Leaf
Minabo - A walk through life 28/04/2023 Devilish Games
The Creepy Syndrome 27/04/2023 Boomfire Games
MrDogCat 26/04/2023
Solas City Heroes 25/04/2023 Skyflare Studios
Words for Kids 21/04/2023 David A. Velasco
Capitalist Paradise 21/04/2023 José Ramón García
Doing Time 21/04/2023 Origaming Creations
Moons of Darsalon 19/04/2023 Dr. Kucho! Games
Brave New Word 19/04/2023 Anti-Cliche Daniel García Raso
Nutty Motorcars 19/04/2023 Creartoria
The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story 18/04/2023 Digital Sun Games
Disney Speedstorm 18/04/2023 Gameloft Barcelona
Enjaulados 18/04/2023 Feeel
DE-EXIT - Eternal Matters 14/04/2023 SandBloom Studio
Hunt the Night 13/04/2023 Moonlight Games
Road To Devadatta 12/04/2023 Open & Close
The Library of Babel 07/04/2023 Tanuki Game Studio
Curse of the Sea Rats 06/04/2023 Petoons
Amigo: Kebab Simulator 03/04/2023 Pigeon-G
Cyber Titans 03/04/2023 LitLab Games
Anyaroth: The Queen's Tyranny 30/03/2023 Yggdraseed Studios
BookyPets Legends 30/03/2023 Be Your Best
Pineapple on pizza 28/03/2023 Majorariatto
The Crown of Wu 24/03/2023 Red Mountain Games
FOBIA ...worse than fear. 24/03/2023 J.A Digital Animation
Peppa Pig: Un mundo de aventuras 17/03/2023 Petoons
A story told by the stars 17/03/2023 Aurum Lingua Games
Toy Tactics 17/03/2023 Early access Kraken Empire
Pato Martinez 17/03/2023 Pepes Games
FUR Squadron 16/03/2023 Raptor Claw
Goongeon 15/03/2023 David Gil Gómez
DELETE AFTER READING 14/03/2023 Patrones y Escondites
Hell of an Office 14/03/2023 Early access 43 Studios
Guardians Frontline 09/03/2023 Virtual Age Games
IDEA 09/03/2023 TLR Games
Gods From The Abyss 03/03/2023 Ars Creativa
Alephant 01/03/2023 Lucas
The Ouroboros King 27/02/2023 Oriol Cosp
Catch The LETTER 26/02/2023 Rafael Alcalde Azpiazu
Angels on Tanks 24/02/2023 Ninju Games
I.S.A. Calendar Photoshoot 2023 23/02/2023 Selkie Harbour
Rise of Fox Hero 17/02/2023 Josep Monzonís Hernández
Spy Bros. (Pipi & Bibi's DX) 14/02/2023 RAWRLAB Games
Painting Werther 14/02/2023 Mad Cream Games
MITE - Terror in the forest 12/02/2023 Kanashi Studio
Midnight Scenes: From the Woods 09/02/2023 Octavi Navarro
SOLO 08/02/2023 Abulia
It's Either Them or us 08/02/2023 Brainwash Gang
Shadow Dimmer 07/02/2023 Ocurrence Games
Cubic Crush Streamer Showdown 06/02/2023 Moaix Studios
Keep Them Open 05/02/2023 Darío Hernández Solanas
Barazki 05/02/2023 Zomorro Studio
Delirium 02/02/2023 Blackgate Studios
Sprout: Solstice 01/02/2023
Paper Boats 30/01/2023 Darío Hernández Solanas
My First Plant On hold Sergi Gómez Segura
Little Grow 28/01/2023 David Gil Gómez
Hyper Shapes 26/01/2023 BlindShot Studio
The Dungeon Rules 18/01/2023 Ivan Moraleja
Aurora's Journey and the Pitiful Lackey 13/01/2023 the Not so Great team
UnderDungeon 13/01/2023 Josyan
Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 12/01/2023 Ubisoft Barcelona
Recoil of an extremely large gun: Arena 12/01/2023 Endorth Studio
Trapers Platformer 11/01/2023
Scrap Riders 09/01/2023 Games For Tutti
Forge of Destiny 09/01/2023 Nodo Play
KE: Zero 31/12/2022
Selenaut Quest 30/12/2022 Matnogames
Hidden Darkness | Unreal Engine 5 28/12/2022 Daniel Núñez García
Grabitoons! 26/12/2022 Entalto Studios
DunGem 24/12/2022 ChumasGames
My Daily Pets 23/12/2022 Jellyworld
Días Felices 18/12/2022
Alchemy Garden 12/12/2022 MadSushi Games
Stick to the Plan (Jam) 11/12/2022 Dead Pixel Tales
Barraka 09/12/2022 Zomorro Studio
Assassin's Creed Valhalla 06/12/2022 Ubisoft Barcelona
Dwarf's Adventure 02/12/2022 Early access Eskema Games
subROV : Underwater Discoveries 02/12/2022 sqr3Lab
International Basketball Manager 23 01/12/2022 U-Play Online
Astronite 30/11/2022 Dume Games Studio
DO NOT OPEN 30/11/2022 Nox Noctis
The Knight Witch 29/11/2022 Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team
Atápame (si puedes) 24/11/2022 Ignacio Molina Casaus
Never Say Goodbye 24/11/2022 Daniel García Raso
James Peris 2: La fuente de la eterna embriaguez - UNCUT AND UNCENSORED 23/11/2022 Pavo Entertainment
Avani 19/11/2022 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Sins From Magdala 18/11/2022 Funkatholic
Show Ball: Tiger Life 18/11/2022 Pigeon-G
Tadeo Jones. La Tabla Esmeralda 16/11/2022 Gammera Nest
Maruja Mallo 15/11/2022 Novelingo
Terracotta 14/11/2022 Appnormals Team
Filomena 2 14/11/2022 Snowdevs
POT HERO 14/11/2022 Outlander Games
Nosferatu: Rites of the Skull Cult 12/11/2022 PlayMedusa
Escape From Ithara 11/11/2022 Early access RebornPlanetsStudios
Bratz: A presumir de estilazo 04/11/2022 Petoons
Maestro VR 04/11/2022 Symphonic Games
Evil Nun: The Broken Mask 31/10/2022 Early access Keplerians Carlos Coronado
XanChuchamel 31/10/2022 Narubane
Bendita Compostela 29/10/2022 Seis Pinos Studios
Nekomew's Nightmares 28/10/2022
Dungeonoid 28/10/2022 Super PowerUp Games
Charon's Staircase 28/10/2022 Indigo Studios
Never Say Goodbye 27/10/2022 Anti-Cliche
The Bad Son 26/10/2022 Zoozobra Studios
Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip 21/10/2022 Beautiful Glitch
One True Hero 20/10/2022 Rat Cliff Games
Sunset Shift 19/10/2022 Selkie Harbour
Right and Down 18/10/2022 mc2games
COMPOSICIONES 17/10/2022 JoanRa Sanchez
Ignited Steel: Prologue 14/10/2022 Yokaicade
Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova 14/10/2022 Tessera Studios
The Death Tree 13/10/2022 Diego Alonso Martín
L.O.L. Surprise! B.B.s NACIDAS PARA VIAJAR 07/10/2022 Xaloc Studios
Super Jagger Bomb 06/10/2022 CheapeeSoft Games
Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders 05/10/2022 Fsix Games
The Lamplighter 03/10/2022 Selkie Harbour
Tecton Inc. 02/10/2022 PlayMedusa
Horrors of Space 30/09/2022 Jordi Martínez Novo
Heir of Water 30/09/2022 Adrian Cuesta Esteban
Windfolk: Sky is just the beginning 27/09/2022 Fractal Fall
Boxing Hero 26/09/2022 Antonio Hervás Muñoz
SIN BLANCA On hold Alex PG
Fortune Decker 26/09/2022 Evil Kiwi Games
Mr. Flurfels & Catarina y la tarta perdida 26/09/2022 Gomet Games
Glash: De Cenizero a Cenicienta 26/09/2022
Face Down 26/09/2022 Pablo Rodríguez Saseta
Plants Eat My Zombies 25/09/2022 Rubén
Cruise of Souls 25/09/2022 Ashita Team
Han'yo 24/09/2022 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
DreamWorks Dragones: Leyendas de los Nueve Reinos 23/09/2022 aheartfulofgames
100 Steps to Victory 23/09/2022 Endorth Studio
Ankora: Lost Days 16/09/2022 Chibig
Blind Fate: Edo no Yami 15/09/2022 Troglobytes Games
Innocence Island 15/09/2022 Rainy Night Creations
Whateverland 15/09/2022 Caligari Games
Super Dragons World 2D 12/09/2022
HUNDRED FIRES: The rising of red star - EPISODE 2 09/09/2022 Naili Studio
Astronite - Landing on Neplea 08/09/2022 Dume Games Studio
Moad Racing 08/09/2022 Moad Studio
Tower Princess 08/09/2022 AweKteam
Temtem 06/09/2022 CremaGames
Last Way 05/09/2022 Chimera Games
cyVeRpunk 01/09/2022 Enric Cantalejos
Soldier 01/09/2022 Óscar Orio Costoya
Kid Ball Adventure 01/09/2022 Spoonbox Studio
Siphonopolis 31/08/2022
Those Who Came: Healing Solarus 30/08/2022 RollDBox Games
CubeLoop 29/08/2022 Factory Trashcension
A Tale of Paper 19/08/2022 Open House Games
Red Matter 2 18/08/2022 Vertical Robot
Valete vos viatores 17/08/2022 TLR Games
Across the Obelisk 16/08/2022 Dreamsite Games
Heroes Lineage 12/08/2022 Early access Global Online Gaming
Last Night of Winter 09/08/2022 DigitalZeon
Recipe for Disaster 05/08/2022 Dapper Penguin Studio
Frogun 02/08/2022 Molegato
Escape Yourself 01/08/2022 ElbenCraft
Cleaning for Mamma 31/07/2022 Ashita Team
Veggie Menace 30/07/2022 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Escape Room Academy 28/07/2022 Padaone Games
Drunken Nuke'em 28/07/2022 Early access DrazorStudio
Seeking Light 27/07/2022
DEPO : Death Epileptic Pixel Origins 25/07/2022 6 Faces Team
Deer Journey 21/07/2022 Pablo Picazo
Endling - Extinction is Forever 19/07/2022 Herobeat Studios
De Tres al Cuarto 18/07/2022 Deconstructeam
I like dice, Implement dice. 17/07/2022 Endorth Studio
CMYKill 17/07/2022 Half Sunk Games
Running on Magic 15/07/2022 Gusarapo Games
Superola Champion Edition 14/07/2022 Undercoders
Music Quiz - Videogame themes 10/07/2022 Nau
Tapamomupotupumato 10/07/2022 Endorth Studio
Intruder in Antiquonia 08/07/2022 Aruma Studios
Slowly Fading into Data 07/07/2022 Albert Barque-Durán
Barista: Take Away 07/07/2022 Digital Monster Collective
Kogarashi 02/07/2022 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Watch Your Back 30/06/2022 Alejandro Martret Gonzalez
Your Computer Might Be At Risk 17/06/2022 Tenebris Studio
Oxide Room 104 17/06/2022 WildSphere
Nightmare Frames 16/06/2022 Postmodern Adventures
CCI : Crime Connect Investigation 13/06/2022 Endorth Studio
LumbearJack 11/06/2022 Finalboss Games
Arruyo 11/06/2022 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Square Keeper 09/06/2022 Kanak
Spacewing War 07/06/2022 Pneuma Games
Souldiers 02/06/2022 Retro Forge Games
Surface Rush 02/06/2022 DrimTiGames
Drums Rock 02/06/2022 Early access Garage 51
Hack and Slime 01/06/2022 Early access BullwareSoft
MY LITTLE PONY: Aventura en Bahía Yeguamar 27/05/2022 Melbot
Arclight Beat 26/05/2022 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Constellations: Puzzles in the Sky 25/05/2022 Icedrop Games
Uninvited 25/05/2022 Octavi Navarro
Yakyosho - Horror and escape at school 25/05/2022 Kanashi Studio
Aria's Light 24/05/2022 JoanRa Sanchez
Automaton Kingdom 23/05/2022 TrailStudio
Egg Over It: Fall Flat From the Top 23/05/2022 Pigeon-G
Galacticon 20/05/2022 Radin Games
The Lazy Comedy 20/05/2022 Endorth Studio
KAWAII SLIME ARENA 20/05/2022 Mitsuki Game Studio
IFO 19/05/2022 Fernando
Shadow Racer 19/05/2022 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Space Ducks: The great escape 19/05/2022 6Toad Games Collective
Satama Puzzle 18/05/2022 mc2games
Heroes of Book & Paper 18/05/2022 Lagartija Software
VRProject 16/05/2022 Gabriel Bustillo del Cuvillo
Evil Dead: The Game 13/05/2022 Saber Interactive Spain
Harvest Days 12/05/2022 Family Devs
Nebula Realms 11/05/2022 Early access Xaloc Studios
Monster Fighter 10/05/2022 Ethereal's Flow
Roguedice 08/05/2022 Khaliu Studio
¡Paella va! 07/05/2022
TacTac Prologue 02/05/2022 Goca Games
Me and my eldritch parasite 29/04/2022
Flatworld 28/04/2022 Early access Guinxu
Fruity Hunty Demo 28/04/2022 Rubén
Metal Tales: Overkill 21/04/2022 Nuberu Games
Elements Arena 19/04/2022 Endorth Studio
Rocketo 19/04/2022 Endorth Studio
The corruption of Amnesior 16/04/2022 Endorth Studio
Too Many Bullets 16/04/2022
TAPE: Unveil the Memories 14/04/2022 BlackChiliGoat Studio
Regular Factory: Escape Room 13/04/2022 mc2games
Pad of Time 13/04/2022 Markanime Studios
Spanish Hangover 11/04/2022 Miquel Camps Orteza
SPACE FORCE 10/04/2022 JoanRa Sanchez
Dear Althea 08/04/2022 Tijerín Art Studio
Serious Royal Business 04/04/2022 Juanma Pitxardo
The well 03/04/2022 Endorth Studio
Harriet: From Slave To Hero 02/04/2022 KKO Team
QUIJOTE: Quest for Glory 31/03/2022 Early access Cubus Games
Good Lights 30/03/2022 Endorth Studio
Ikai 29/03/2022 Endflame
The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned king 28/03/2022 Majorariatto
Project Solar (prototype) 25/03/2022 Fisherman's Games
Super Rolling Heroes 23/03/2022 Solid Neon Games
¡Arre Unicornio! 18/03/2022 Early access Clygames
World Titans War 17/03/2022 Early access Promvi Games
Mother of Many 14/03/2022 Brainwash Gang
Hirilun 14/03/2022 Gone Mad Studios
MalnaZidos 11/03/2022 Gammera Nest
Hotel Transilvania: Aventuras e historias de terror 11/03/2022 Drakhar Studio
Ignited Steel: Mech Tactics 09/03/2022 Yokaicade
PI.EXE 07/03/2022 ZenBerry Team
Battle Drive 04/03/2022 Boogysoft
Shaking Asteroids 04/03/2022 Rafael Alcalde Azpiazu
El escuadrón de rescate de Ryan 04/03/2022 Stage Clear Studios
Aki Maku 03/03/2022 JoanRa Sanchez
NeonHAT 03/03/2022 Entalto Studios
The Five Covens 02/03/2022 rBorn Games
TEMPUS 02/03/2022 K148 Game Studio
Breaking Newton 02/03/2022 Doncokepon Games
Califonication 28/02/2022 Miquel Camps Orteza
MeteoHeroes Juntos por el planeta! 28/02/2022 Gammera Nest
Way Down 28/02/2022 FAS3 Estudios
Kisekimura 28/02/2022 Pink Party Studios
Clouzy! 24/02/2022 TinyMoon
Powa! 22/02/2022
Gran Prix Turbotalina 19/02/2022 Qaramelo Videoxogos
Super Toy Cars Offroad 18/02/2022 Eclipse Games
Die After Sunset 11/02/2022 Early access Playstark
DressCode 08/02/2022 Ignacio Molina Casaus
Draway 08/02/2022
The Song Out of Space 04/02/2022 Pixel Noire Games
2076 - Midway Multiverse 03/02/2022 Ivanovich Games
The Waylanders 02/02/2022 Gato Studio
ROJO: A Spanish Horror Experience 02/02/2022 Miguel Moreno
Kharon's Crypt - Even Death May Die 01/02/2022 Andromeda Project
Slimeing Around 30/01/2022
Face your Fears 30/01/2022 David Gil Gómez
Ancient Wars: Sparta Definitive Edition 28/01/2022 Early access Jotasoft Studios
Deflector 27/01/2022 Early access Arrowfist Games
McSpace Colosseum 17/01/2022 Drowsy Whale
Rampaging 13/01/2022 PlayMedusa
Insomnis 07/01/2022 Path Games
Federation: Underwater. The legend of the Three Trololo Kings 2022 Furillo Productions
Whisper of Soul In development Sun Reborn Entertainment
The eyes behind the wall 29/12/2021 Miquel Camps Orteza
The Legends Of The Either 25/12/2021
SCARF 23/12/2021 Uprising Studios
International Basketball Manager 22 16/12/2021 U-Play Online
Deiland: Pocket Planet 16/12/2021 Chibig
Blind Fate: Edo no Yami — Dojo 16/12/2021 Troglobytes Games
Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo 16/12/2021 Pendulo Studios
Clid The Snail 15/12/2021 Weird Beluga Studio
Aeterna Noctis 15/12/2021 Aeternum Game Studios
Albacete Warrior 15/12/2021 FAS3 Estudios
Scrapland Remastered 13/12/2021 MercurySteam
HUNDRED FIRES: The rising of red star - EPISODE 1 10/12/2021 Naili Studio
LIMINAL DREAMS 07/12/2021 Ismael Gutierrez
GUACUCO 03/12/2021 Sol Martínez Solé
Vampire: The Masquerade - Heartless Lullaby 29/11/2021 Entalto Studios
Skeler Boy 20/11/2021 ManiacBoy Studio
Farlight Commanders 19/11/2021 Farlight Games Industry
Romino's Adventure 19/11/2021
Smoots Golf 18/11/2021 Kaneda Games
Crisis Brigade 2 reloaded 11/11/2021 Sumalab
Treasures of the Aegean 11/11/2021 Undercoders
Epic Chef 11/11/2021 Infinigon Games
Lone McLonegan: A Western Adventure 04/11/2021 Sonomio Games
Baby Goat Billy 04/11/2021 Studio 90
Kate Don't Wait 03/11/2021 Víctor Atobas
Mono Peligro II - Game of the Year Edition 01/11/2021 Peaso Games
A TOTALLY FINISHED GAME! 01/11/2021 ChumasGames
Sweet Granny 29/10/2021 Digital Monster Collective
Summoner's Mess 29/10/2021 Elendow
PJ MASKS: HÉROES DE LA NOCHE 29/10/2021 Petoons
The Flea Evolution: Bugaboo 29/10/2021 IKIGAI Play
Ziggurat 2 28/10/2021 Milkstone Studios
Midnight Scenes: The Nanny 27/10/2021 Octavi Navarro
Die After Sunset: First Dawn 27/10/2021 Playstark
Grotto 26/10/2021 Brainwash Gang
Mi Amiga, Peppa Pig 22/10/2021 Petoons
Cards of the Dead 21/10/2021 Boomfire Games
Himno - The Silent Melody 20/10/2021 Early access David Moralejo Sánchez
Youtubers Life 2 19/10/2021 U-Play Online
Astero Inc. 15/10/2021 LamaGlama Games
Evil Tonight 14/10/2021 DYA Games
Time's Up in Tiny Town 14/10/2021 6Toad Games Collective
Ruin Raiders 14/10/2021 OverPowered Team
MAZEMAN 08/10/2021 Beautiful Glitch
Catch my Balls 05/10/2021 Digital Monster Collective
Cielito Lindo 04/10/2021 Rubo Factory
Zombie Hunter 04/10/2021 1MBand
Lost and found - A que voy yo y lo encuentro 01/10/2021 Gadir Team
Space Revenge 30/09/2021 Eskema Games
Aeon Drive 30/09/2021 2Awesome Studio
WWW (WorldWideWar) 30/09/2021 ChumasGames
UnMetal 28/09/2021 UnEpic Games
Fantasy Friends: Bajo el Mar 28/09/2021 Xaloc Studios
Castell 27/09/2021 Zomorro Studio
Jin & Jan 27/09/2021
NOVA 27/09/2021 Racoon & Sheep
Aureole 25/09/2021 Gerardo Borjes
Arkanoid Back to Basic 19/09/2021 Nacho
Aragami 2 17/09/2021 Lince Works
Between Time: Escape Room 15/09/2021 mc2games
StreamINK 06/09/2021 Rocío Tomé
World of MiniMonsters 06/09/2021 Lagartija Software
WORLD OF PARANOIA 06/09/2021 Lagartija Software
Hoarder's Cloud 02/09/2021 Toni Rebollo Berná
Lost in Trainstation 01/09/2021 Purple T Games
Turbo History 01/09/2021 Juanma Pitxardo
Super Woden GP 01/09/2021 ViJuDa
Beyond Mankind: The Awakening 31/08/2021 Brytenwalda Studios
Guts And Goals 31/08/2021 Early access Manuel Bolaños
Lamentum 31/08/2021 Obscure Tales
Hair and Knuckles 30/08/2021 David Gil Gómez
Stories of Mara - Chapter One 26/08/2021 Chibig
Hot Tub Simulator 26/08/2021 Mitsuki Game Studio
Green Phoenix 26/08/2021 Broken Simulation
Dungeon Clicker 25/08/2021 Early access Tempus Studios
KenneyWare: Rotating Moves! 22/08/2021 ChumasGames
Gira, gira 20/08/2021 Qaramelo Videoxogos
La Patrulla Canina: La película La llamada de Ciudad Aventura 13/08/2021 Drakhar Studio
Murder on the Marine Express 30/07/2021 1564 Studio
HORROR TALES: The Wine 30/07/2021 Carlos Coronado
Smoots Summer Games 23/07/2021 Kaneda Games
Indigo 7 Quest for love 23/07/2021 Dolores Entertainment
Timothy vs The Aliens 22/07/2021 WildSphere
Laniakea 20/07/2021 Purple T Games
Lambs on the road : The beginning 15/07/2021 Flynn's Arcade
More. The Eternal Utopia 09/07/2021 Zoozobra Studios
Forgotten Journey 08/07/2021 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
El Gancho 08/07/2021 SIDRALGAMES
Ojo por ojo 04/07/2021 Qaramelo Videoxogos
Prison Tycoon: Under New Management 01/07/2021 Early access Abylight Barcelona
Onirike 29/06/2021 Devilish Games
Super Magbot 22/06/2021 Astral Pixel
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX 22/06/2021 Jankenteam
Riot Strike 20/06/2021 Xavier Arpa
Mirlo Above the Sun 17/06/2021 Kaiju In The Bayou
Pachi Pachi On A Roll 14/06/2021 Dolores Entertainment
Boundog 13/06/2021 Half Sunk Games
Arroxa 13/06/2021 Zomorro Studio
Parkalien: un parchís en el espacio 11/06/2021 Rudber Games
Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe 11/06/2021 Unfinished Pixel
The Endless Tower 05/06/2021 Daigfe Studios
Los Ultimos Frikis y el báculo del destino 04/06/2021 Stage Clear Studios
Nightlight 01/06/2021 Chewy Games
Blackstorm 01/06/2021 Lost Criteria Studios
Grew Valley 01/06/2021 Endorth Studio
Spirit, la gran aventura de Fortu 01/06/2021 aheartfulofgames
Two Strikes 31/05/2021 Early access Retro Reactor
Acheron's Souls 28/05/2021 Vidibond Games
The Longest Road on Earth 27/05/2021 TLR Games
BEAT 'EM DOWN 26/05/2021 Ambitious Games
Kamu's Offering 25/05/2021 Fifty -50 Game Studio
Project Hunter 24/05/2021 Astrochimps Games
Geadows 24/05/2021 CoolDown Studio
WillWalker 24/05/2021 DropOuts
Hellevator 24/05/2021 Quasar Games
M.A.R.S.S. 24/05/2021 Patata Games Studio
Cyberplug 23/05/2021 Down With The Frog Studio
Itadaki Smash 21/05/2021 Main Loop
Essays on Empathy 18/05/2021 Deconstructeam
Deck Adventurers - Orígenes 14/05/2021 R12 Games
1, 2 BLAME! 14/05/2021 Noxfall Studios
Mutants from the Deep 13/05/2021 Locomalito
Magic Panic: The Last Potion 11/05/2021 Hoguera Games
Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition 07/05/2021 Brainwash Gang
Dark Roads | Unity 06/05/2021 Daniel Núñez García
Reknum Cheri Dreamland 29/04/2021 Nape Games
Perdida en Vigilia 26/04/2021 Carlos Gil
Waifu Impact 23/04/2021 Mitsuki Game Studio
Mystic Fate 22/04/2021 Collapse Games
Galactic Wars EX 17/04/2021
Godstrike 15/04/2021 OverPowered Team
Inner Tao 12/04/2021 Lucas
Skyline Rush! - ZJAM 2021 Entry 11/04/2021 ChumasGames
Kokó Chicken 11/04/2021 Eduardo Hombrados
Freedom 09/04/2021 Xavier Arpa
KREIS 09/04/2021 JoanRa Sanchez
TYPO 09/04/2021 gomostudios
Super Maze Labyrinth 05/04/2021 Flat Cat Games
Music Quiz - Canciones de la tele (1980-2000) 05/04/2021 Nau
Calderilla 04/04/2021 Eva Sánchez Cortés
Narita Boy 30/03/2021 Studio Koba
Pureya 26/03/2021 Majorariatto
Evil Inside 25/03/2021 Jandusoft
Cosmodread 25/03/2021 White Door Games
Magic Twins 18/03/2021 Flying Beast Labs
Meteoroids 3D 18/03/2021 Titan Deep Space Company
6 Feet Behind 16/03/2021
Descending the Abyss 14/03/2021
Occultism Interrogation. Are You Innocent or Guilty? 11/03/2021 Trigger the Monster
Jade's Ascension 10/03/2021 Papas Con Mojo Games
Mail Mole 04/03/2021 Talpa Games
Everhood 04/03/2021 Jordi Roca
Keep Looking At 28/02/2021 Xavier Arpa
Juan Miguel in the City 28/02/2021 Jaime Herrero
The Chronicler 26/02/2021 Early access Octavi Navarro
Horned Knight 26/02/2021 Josep Monzonís Hernández
Omen of Rain 26/02/2021 Yomi
Locked Out Memories 25/02/2021 Toni Abellán
Waifu's Spooky Space Station 25/02/2021 MiraiMada Games
Tested on Humans: Escape Room 24/02/2021 mc2games
Strainge 23/02/2021 Dead Pixel Tales
Poly Gun: Irregular Adventure 18/02/2021 Xavier Arpa
Hit N' Rush 18/02/2021 Early access Blackmouth Games
Mutropolis 18/02/2021 Pirita Studio
Formula Bit Racing 18/02/2021 Josep Monzonís Hernández
Super Red-Hot Hero 17/02/2021 StrangeLight Games
HexaPuppies 14/02/2021 David Gil Gómez
Save Oceans 09/02/2021 Rafael Alcalde Azpiazu
Line Simulator 06/02/2021 Wrong Reality
Karen's Hell 31/01/2021 Iván Moreno García-Fresneda
Peeka-Booh 31/01/2021 David Gil Gómez
Super Sports Blast 29/01/2021 Unfinished Pixel
Sword of the Necromancer 28/01/2021 Grimorio of Games
Curiosaurios Club. Un viaje espacial 28/01/2021 Digital Monster Collective
Motor Strike: Racing Rampage 27/01/2021 Early access FiveXGames
NIMBY Rails 26/01/2021 Early access Weird and Wry
Tiny Lands 22/01/2021 Hyper Three Studio
Lotus Reverie: First Nexus 14/01/2021 Alejandro Aguado
Bluescola 2021 Polygon.e Studios
Es tu turno: Hitori Kakurenbo 22/12/2020 Infinite Thread Games
The Liar 20/12/2020 ChumasGames
Spellcloak 17/12/2020 Khaliu Studio
Ancient Cities 17/12/2020 Early access Uncasual Games
Colossus Down 16/12/2020 Mango Protocol
Rumble Rush 14/12/2020 Xavier Arpa
Two by One 11/12/2020 Early access Francisco Javier Ortega Palacios
1976 - Back to midway 10/12/2020 Ivanovich Games
Inexplicable Deaths in Damipolis: Inner Thoughts 10/12/2020 TieSoft
Call of the Sea 08/12/2020 Out of the Blue Games
Oniria Crimes 03/12/2020 cKolmos
Sumerians 02/12/2020 Early access Decumanus Games
Interview with the Whisperer 02/12/2020 Deconstructeam
Get Ogre It 30/11/2020 Croix Apps
Routine Racers 29/11/2020 Eutiquiano
Kukoro: Stream Chat Games 06/11/2020 Early access HeyNau Games
Fantasy Friends 06/11/2020 Xaloc Studios
Paw Patrol: La poderosa Patrulla Canina salva Bahía Aventura 06/11/2020 Drakhar Studio
Grelo! 31/10/2020 Colectivo Arume
Horror Globes 30/10/2020 islaOliva Games
IndieTheftDay - IndieDevDayGameJam 2020 30/10/2020 ChumasGames
Cube Raiders 30/10/2020 Void Games
Fifo's Night 29/10/2020 Lightbox Academy
Mezmeratu 29/10/2020 Celery Emblem
Zombusters 26/10/2020 Retrowax Games
Astra 26/10/2020 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
TwitchJa 25/10/2020 Rocío Tomé
Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp 23/10/2020 Beautiful Glitch
CrossKrush 23/10/2020 Thinice Games
Naamu: The Lost Essence 22/10/2020 An Otter Studio
You are GROUNDED! 22/10/2020 Sepia Games
SNAAAK 20/10/2020
Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room 14/10/2020 mc2games
Unmemory 13/10/2020 Patrones y Escondites
World Soccer Strikers '91 09/10/2020 Early access Bipolar Dawn
Professor Lupo: Ocean 05/10/2020 BeautiFun Games
After You 01/10/2020 K148 Game Studio
Spelunky 2 29/09/2020 BlitWorks Games
Mourning Hike 28/09/2020 Khaliu Studio
Silicon Galaxy 28/09/2020 George Prescott
Ojo por ojo 28/09/2020 Zomorro Studio
To Duel List 28/09/2020 Dead Pixel Tales
Slimyrinth 25/09/2020 Parallax Studio
Flying Soldiers 22/09/2020 WildSphere
Executanks 21/09/2020 George Prescott
Words Party 20/09/2020 Xavier Arpa
Tamiku 18/09/2020 Josyan
WWE 2K Battlegrounds 17/09/2020 Saber Interactive Spain
Midnight Scenes Episode 2 (Special Edition) 08/09/2020 Octavi Navarro
Timbila Live Aid 08/09/2020 Keep - It - Human
Alt254 04/09/2020 Rename Studio
Woden GP 01/09/2020 ViJuDa
RoombaVa 30/08/2020 ChumasGames
NUI 28/08/2020 David Fernández
BMX The Game 28/08/2020 Early access Barspin Studios
Tiki Tiki: El Juego Tropical de Memoria 28/08/2020 Cosmic Works Studios
Pangman 25/08/2020 Early access Ivanovich Games
mk 09/08/2020 Rocío Tomé
Relicta 04/08/2020 Mighty Polygon
Cursed Gem 03/08/2020 Vega Games
Space Battle 01/08/2020 Adrián Corbalán
Naught 31/07/2020 WildSphere
Lapso: NIMBO 31/07/2020 islaOliva Games
Max and the Book of Chaos 30/07/2020 Orenji Games
Pink Gum 29/07/2020 Mad Cream Games
Travellers Rest 28/07/2020 Early access Isolated Games
Synergia 27/07/2020 RadiArts
Puddle Sailor 25/07/2020 Digital Monster Collective
Elliot 20/07/2020 Plain and Game Studio
Midnight Scenes: The Highway (Special Edition) 15/07/2020 Octavi Navarro
They Keep me Rollin' 12/07/2020 Héctor Toro
Panic Reload 12/07/2020 ChumasGames
HomeTRL 12/07/2020 Half Sunk Games
Space Wave Race 07/07/2020 Rising Pixel
ClamKnight 07/07/2020 Héctor Toro
Billy Masters Was Right 06/07/2020 Postmodern Adventures
Project Senko 29/06/2020 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Seven Doors 26/06/2020 Indigo Studios
Solar Gladiators 25/06/2020 Locomalito
PLOID SAGA 25/06/2020 Nape Games
Super Soccer Blast 19/06/2020 Unfinished Pixel
Safe Climbing 19/06/2020 Flat Cat Games
Summer in Mara 16/06/2020 Chibig
Libertad o Muerte! 12/06/2020 Headquarter
Dawn Of Fear 11/06/2020 Brok3nSite
Whateverland: Prologue 10/06/2020 Caligari Games
Crisis VRigade 2 09/06/2020 Early access Sumalab
1971: Project Helios 09/06/2020 RECO Technology
Quest 4 Papa: Reloaded 03/06/2020 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Loco Road 01/06/2020 Loco Road Team
Indiecalypse 29/05/2020 Jandusoft
Burn Me Twice 29/05/2020 Null Reference Studio
Pilots of Darsalon 28/05/2020 Dr. Kucho! Games
Hopebringers 25/05/2020 Critical Miss Games
Way To Yaatra 25/05/2020 WayToYaatra Company
Agent-00 25/05/2020 Not A Serious Game Studio
Noise Hunters 25/05/2020 Noise Hunters
En busca de un legado 24/05/2020 Akkad Estudios
Not Their Will 24/05/2020 Geosphere Games
Concept Destruction 22/05/2020 Thinice Games
Elva the Eco Dragon 19/05/2020 Early access Titan Deep Space Company
Dead Dimension 15/05/2020 Postmodern Adventures
Tanks Battle War 14/05/2020 Hoguera Games
Confinadventure 12/05/2020 Artline
Pushy and Pully in Blockland 04/05/2020 Resistance Studio
Tiny Fragments 19/04/2020 Dazlog Studio
Restore 12/04/2020 Unreal Dreams
The Golden Scythe 12/04/2020 Héctor Toro
Agents: Biohunters 07/04/2020 Early access Playstark
Dementiae: Episodio 1 05/04/2020 Manuel de Vega Leoz
HyperParasite 03/04/2020 Troglobytes Games
Gigantosaurus: El juego 27/03/2020 WildSphere
The Essence Reaper Ritual 23/03/2020 Legends of Eternalia
The Wordland Scape 12/03/2020 Digital Monster Collective
James Peris: Sin licencia ni control - Edición definitiva 11/03/2020 Pavo Entertainment
Blind Battle Championship 07/03/2020 Companni Games
Say Hello! 02/03/2020 Digital Monster Collective
The Bookshelf Limbo 20/02/2020 Deconstructeam
El Remedio de Aldorf 14/02/2020 Breakover Interactive
Theme Park Simulator 13/02/2020 Best Ride Simulators
Ghosts'n DJs 06/02/2020 Dr. Kucho! Games
Bio Guardian 06/02/2020 Oniric Factor
Two Weeks in Painland 04/02/2020 Unusual Games
Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge 31/01/2020 Last Chicken Games
Kofi Quest 28/01/2020 Loftur Studio
Effie 28/01/2020 Inverge Studios
The Supper 28/01/2020 Octavi Navarro
Super Kickers League 24/01/2020 Xaloc Studios
Bobo Gooey 20/01/2020 Dazlog Studio
Urban Witch Story 06/01/2020 Postmodern Adventures
Runner Heroes: The Curse of Night and Day 03/01/2020 IKIGAI Play
Tennis Fighters 02/01/2020 Early access TDO Games
Magical Prisma Cancelled BullwareSoft
The Paperman 20/12/2019 Proto1Studios
Super Korotama 18/12/2019 Catness Game Studios
A xustiza pola man 15/12/2019 Daniel Carballal
Gothic Playable Teaser 13/12/2019 THQ Nordic Barcelona
SuperEpic: The Entertainment War 12/12/2019 Undercoders
Arise: A Simple Story 03/12/2019 Piccolo Studio
Fear the Dark Unknown 29/11/2019 Dreamlight Games
An American Werewolf in L.A. 15/11/2019 PlayMedusa
Blacksad: Under the Skin 14/11/2019 Pendulo Studios
PRESTIDIGITATION 08/11/2019 JoanRa Sanchez
Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX 06/11/2019 Akaoni Studio
Song of Horror 31/10/2019 Protocol Games
Vortex Attack EX 24/10/2019 Kaleido Games
Profane 24/10/2019 OverPowered Team
Injection π23 'No name, no number' 23/10/2019 Abramelin Games
Demons Never Lie 22/10/2019 IndieBug
Duck in Town - A Rising Knight 30/09/2019 Papaya Games
Intruders: Hide and seek 26/09/2019 Tessera Studios
Super Toy Cars 2 26/09/2019 Early access Eclipse Games
Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son 17/09/2019 Tequila Works
Touring Karts 12/09/2019 Ivanovich Games
Super Dodgeball Beats 12/09/2019 Finalboss Games
Blasphemous 10/09/2019 The Game Kitchen
Chronicles from 4.012 01/09/2019 Early access Toxic Squad
Overclothed - An IndieDevDay 2 Game Jam entry 31/08/2019 ChumasGames
The Castle 26/08/2019 Point & Pixel Adventures
Mystical Samurai 25/08/2019 Dazlog Studio
Jera 21/08/2019 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Poppy's Nightmare 21/08/2019 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
EMMA: Lost in Memories 16/08/2019 SandBloom Studio
Zeus Begins 15/08/2019 The Dude Games
OhShape 15/08/2019 Early access Odders Lab
The Great Perhaps 14/08/2019 Caligari Games
Your Turn - A GMTK Game Jam 2019 entry 04/08/2019 ChumasGames
Blood and Lust 03/08/2019 Ertal Games
Battles For Spain 31/07/2019 Headquarter
Guillotine 31/07/2019 Zomorro Studio
A Place for the Unwilling 25/07/2019 Alpixel Games
My Burning Heart 23/07/2019 Ertal Games
Million to One Hero 23/07/2019 Over the Top Games
Etherborn 18/07/2019 Altered Matter
Killsquad 16/07/2019 Early access Novarama
Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets 11/07/2019 BeautiFun Games
eCrossminton 10/07/2019 Daydream Software
Storm Chasers 28/06/2019 Early access Little Cloud Games
Triton Survival 21/06/2019 Early access DreamSoftGames
Esports Life Tycoon 20/06/2019 Early access U-Play Online
They Are Billions 18/06/2019 Numantian Games
Darkula 10/06/2019 Locomalito
GetApp: The Prototype Rescue 06/06/2019 Koala Games
Reventure 04/06/2019 Pixelatto
Delicious - Emily's Road Trip 04/06/2019 Stage Clear Studios
Retro Pixel Racers 30/05/2019 Josep Monzonís Hernández
Deck Hunter 30/05/2019 Early access Fernando Ruiz Calderón
Delta Squad 29/05/2019 Eskema Games
Dystopicon 28/05/2019 OveR Software
Super Tennis Blast 24/05/2019 Unfinished Pixel
DreamBall 23/05/2019 Rampage Game Studios
Neon Boost 20/05/2019 Sample Text Studio
Koral 16/05/2019 Carlos Coronado
Rise of Industry 02/05/2019 Dapper Penguin Studio
Petoons Party 30/04/2019 Petoons
Dear Substance of Kin 30/04/2019 Deconstructeam
Bitlogic - A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure 30/04/2019 OXiAB Game Studio
Himno 26/04/2019 David Moralejo Sánchez
Joe Jump: Impossible Quest 26/04/2019 BlueFXGames
Yuppie Psycho 25/04/2019 Baroque Decay Games
Lost King's Lullaby 25/04/2019 Storeen Games
Castle Of Pixel Skulls 19/04/2019 Josep Monzonís Hernández
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Generations 04/04/2019 Flat Cat Games
Hei 04/04/2019 Goca Games
Stellar Sphere 29/03/2019 Titan Deep Space Company
Assassin's Creed® III Remastered 29/03/2019 Ubisoft Barcelona
Shipped 28/03/2019 Majorariatto
Orc-out 28/03/2019 BlueFXGames
Task Force Kampas 22/03/2019 Casiopea
Solaria 15/03/2019 Papaya Games
The Path to Die 08/03/2019 Cat Logic Games
Oculto 08/03/2019 Eteru Studio
The Savior's Gang 02/03/2019 Catness Game Studios
Legendary Eleven 01/03/2019 Eclipse Games
Super Arcade Soccer 26/02/2019 Rubén Alcañiz Guerrero
WWII TCG - World War 2: The Card Game 22/02/2019 FrozenShard
Apartment 327 22/02/2019 Binarybox Studios
Future Aero Racing S Ultra 21/02/2019 Nurendsoft
Blood Ancestors Cancelled Snowpeak Studio
Beat Blaster 15/02/2019 Ivanovich Games
Antrum 14/02/2019 Blank Name Games
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Anime Reloaded 13/02/2019 Flat Cat Games
Farlight Explorers 01/02/2019 Farlight Games Industry
Bleep Bloop 31/01/2019 Luis Díaz Peralta
Chasing the Stars 23/01/2019 Ertal Games
Sonar Beat 22/01/2019 Life Zero
My granny Lala and me 2019 Beatriz Olcina
Mobile Wars X 28/12/2018 Nape Games
Salacot Jack 26/12/2018 Matnogames
Fair Deal: Las Vegas 21/12/2018 Gronzragüer Games
Leopoldo Manquiseil 20/12/2018 The Vanir Project
GRIS 13/12/2018 Nomada Studio
The Secret of Puffin Cove Cancelled Play2Speak
Dance Star Studio 11/12/2018 Early access Pyro Studios
Explosive Dinosaurs 06/12/2018 RAWRLAB Games
Eternal Home Floristry 04/12/2018 Deconstructeam
V.O.I.D. 29/11/2018 Nape Games
Zeroptian Invasion 28/11/2018 Josyan
WOODPUNK 22/11/2018 Meteorbyte Studios
Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness 18/11/2018 Baby Robot Games
Mars: Chaos Menace 16/11/2018 byte4games
Kolumno 15/11/2018 Devilish Games
Spoorky 08/11/2018 GuGames Development
Geodessey 05/11/2018 Feitizo Games
Super Volley Blast 01/11/2018 Unfinished Pixel
John:Condemned 31/10/2018 Blue Commands
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Space 26/10/2018 Flat Cat Games
Eternum EX 25/10/2018 Radin Games
11:45 A Vivid Life 25/10/2018 Deconstructeam
Furwind 25/10/2018 Boomfire Games
Do Not Feed The Monkeys 24/10/2018 Fictiorama Studios
Mercury Race 19/10/2018 Herrero Games
Viviette 18/10/2018 DYA Games
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 16/10/2018 Saber Interactive Spain
A Gummy's Life 02/10/2018 EP Games
International Basketball Manager 27/09/2018 Early access U-Play Online
Path to Mnemosyne 26/09/2018 Devilish Games
Wizards Tourney 21/09/2018 A Bonfire of Souls
Crisis VRigade 19/09/2018 Sumalab
Flynn & Freckles 07/09/2018 Rookie Hero Games
Spacelords 23/08/2018 MercurySteam
Behind Every Great One 23/08/2018 Deconstructeam
Descension - A LDJam 42 entry 15/08/2018 ChumasGames
Catching Sushi! 12/08/2018 Èric Verdalet
Deiland 09/08/2018 Chibig
Nogalious 08/08/2018 LuegoLu3go Studios
Noahmund 03/08/2018 Estudio Ábrego
Amazónico Té 23/07/2018 cKolmos
A Rite from the Stars 19/07/2018 Risin' Goat
Out of the Box 19/07/2018 Nuclear Tales
Asphalt 9: Legends 18/07/2018 Gameloft Barcelona
De Fobos y Deimos 06/07/2018 Alexander Rodríguez
Sea Bubble 05/07/2018 KST Studio
cirrus 24/06/2018 Yomi
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Monuments 21/06/2018 Flat Cat Games
Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles 19/06/2018 Anima Project Studio
Iro Hero 12/06/2018 Artax Games
Sea of memories 01/06/2018 Ivanovich Games
Moonlighter 29/05/2018 Digital Sun Games
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Cities 29/05/2018 Flat Cat Games
Red Matter 24/05/2018 Vertical Robot
Math Classroom Challenge 24/05/2018 Titan Deep Space Company
Super Hyperactive Ninja 22/05/2018 Grimorio of Games
STAY 16/05/2018 Appnormals Team
Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator 11/05/2018 Early access David Moralejo Sánchez
Arcade Mixer 09/05/2018 Napa Black
Gravity Shift 09/05/2018 Panopticon Games
Monster Prom 27/04/2018 Beautiful Glitch
Solo 26/04/2018 Team Gotham
Steel Knight 1513 26/04/2018 Tridente Studio
Acucalypse 26/04/2018 Early access Trifulca Force
Without Escape 24/04/2018 Bumpy Trail Games
Tetratower 23/04/2018 Èric Verdalet
Beat Killer - A LDJam 41 entry 23/04/2018 ChumasGames
Nowhere: Lost Memories 23/04/2018 DarkPath Studio
The Spatials: Galactology 18/04/2018 Weird and Wry
Project AURA 18/04/2018 Pixel Quality Games
Micro Pico Racers 18/04/2018 Josep Monzonís Hernández
Super Saurio Fly 12/04/2018 Fraxel Games
The Librarian 04/04/2018 Octavi Navarro
Infernium 03/04/2018 Carlos Coronado
Murcianico vs Aliens 02/04/2018 Zagalicos Games José Manuel Gris Umpiérrez
Golfing Over It with Alva Majo 28/03/2018 Majorariatto
One Shot 17/03/2018 Onbox Games
Neonwall 15/03/2018 Norain Games
Elium - Prison Escape 28/02/2018 Lone Artisan Games
Farm Together 22/02/2018 Early access Milkstone Studios
Super Jigsaw Puzzle 15/02/2018 Flat Cat Games
Crossing Souls 13/02/2018 Fourattic
Train Crisis 08/02/2018 U-Play Online
Sockman 02/02/2018 Sockware
Criminal Bundle 25/01/2018 Eloquence Entertainment
The Red Strings Club 22/01/2018 Deconstructeam
Vesta 19/01/2018 Finalboss Games
Piwall 18/01/2018 Norain Games
Beach Rules 04/01/2018 CopperPick Studio
B.B.B. Ultra 26/12/2017 Pyrestone Studios
Symploké: La Leyenda de Gustavo Bueno (Capítulo 2) 22/12/2017 Videojuegos Fermín
Debris Infinity 08/12/2017 Early access SVC Games
Dimension Drive 07/12/2017 2Awesome Studio
Oh My Godheads 05/12/2017 Titutitech
Mortal Komba 04/12/2017 Paco Benavent
Hostil 01/12/2017 Eteru Studio
Null Salvation 12/2017 Lepra Games
Esports Life: Ep.1 - Dreams of Glory 30/11/2017 Early access U-Play Online
Math Combat Challenge 30/11/2017 Titan Deep Space Company
Megaton Rainfall 17/11/2017 Pentadimensional Games
Beekyr Reloaded 14/11/2017 Kaleido Games
Way of Redemption 07/11/2017 Pixel Cream
One Strike 03/11/2017 Retro Reactor
Mare Nostrvm 02/11/2017 Turnopia
The Flesh God 02/11/2017 Nuberu Games
Yago, el Coquerrestre 01/11/2017 Ludos Multimedia
Numantia 25/10/2017 RECO Technology
Nightmare Boy 25/10/2017 The Vanir Project
The Invisible Hours 10/10/2017 Tequila Works
El Ministerio del Tiempo VR: Salva el tiempo 09/10/2017 Future Lighthouse
Trespassers 06/10/2017 Early access CrazyBits Studios
The Fall of Lazarus 04/10/2017 No Wand Studios
About Elise 26/09/2017 Toni Domínguez
Caveman Warriors 22/09/2017 Jandusoft
Raiders of the Broken Planet 22/09/2017 MercurySteam
Supersonic Tank Cats 20/09/2017 Early access Molegato
Super Hydorah 20/09/2017 Locomalito
Shopping Tycoon 12/09/2017 DreamSoftGames
Papeo Island 08/09/2017 Papaya Games
HIVE: Altenum Wars 08/09/2017 Early access Catness Game Studios
Solaria Moon 06/09/2017 3y3net
Nekomew's Potty Trouble 30/08/2017
Frostle 20/08/2017 Onbox Games
Space Cats 16/08/2017 Rafael Alcalde Azpiazu
Supermagical 11/08/2017 Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team
Upside-Down Dimensions 09/08/2017 Early access Hydra Interactive
Symploké: La Leyenda de Gustavo Bueno (Capítulo 1) 07/08/2017 Videojuegos Fermín
Engolasters January 2021 01/08/2017 Deconstructeam
SolarGun 28/07/2017 Mechanical Boss
Baobabs Mausoleum 06/07/2017 Celery Emblem
El Ministerio del Tiempo VR: El tiempo en tus manos 01/07/2017 Future Lighthouse
Lander 8009 VR 16/06/2017 Ivanovich Games
xoEl 09/06/2017 Greyman Studios
Breaking Fast 08/06/2017 Tale Studios
Operation Warcade VR 02/06/2017 Early access Ivanovich Games
Strikey Sisters 01/06/2017 DYA Games
Illusoria 30/05/2017 Cometa Videogames
RiME 26/05/2017 Tequila Works
Dynasty Feud 23/05/2017 Kaia Studios
Nongünz 19/05/2017 Brainwash Gang
A Hole New World 19/05/2017 Mad Gear Games
Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days 18/05/2017 Big Star Games
English Civil War 11/05/2017 Headquarter
NBA Playgrounds 09/05/2017 Saber Interactive Spain
Last Hours of Jack 05/05/2017 Pastanaga Sideral
Mini Ghost 28/04/2017 Francisco Téllez de Meneses
Agatha Knife 27/04/2017 Mango Protocol
Immortal Redneck 25/04/2017 CremaGames
Laser Strikers 17/04/2017 Koth Studio
The Sexy Brutale 12/04/2017 Tequila Works
White Noise 2 06/04/2017 Milkstone Studios
Saucer-Like 05/04/2017 Fosfatina Ediciones
The Great Whale Road 30/03/2017 Sunburned Games
The Crow's Eye 20/03/2017 3d2 entertainment
Overkill VR 10/03/2017 Starloop Studios
Dreadhalls 09/03/2017 White Door Games
Sokogeon 04/03/2017
Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition - The Card Warriors 03/03/2017 Stage Clear Studios
Unforgiven VR 23/02/2017 Early access Delirium Studios
Vaccine 21/02/2017 Rainy Night Creations
NakedMan VS The Clothes 17/02/2017 4FreaksFiction
BOOR 14/02/2017 Dazlog Studio
Spheroids 10/02/2017 Eclipse Games
Don't look back 09/02/2017 Enrique Colinet
Off-Road Paradise: Trial 4x4 06/02/2017 Ivanovich Games
YouTubers Life 02/02/2017 U-Play Online
Galactic Wars 01/02/2017
Rise & Shine 13/01/2017 Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team
LaraaN 11/01/2017 Flynn's Arcade
Hell Snails 11/01/2017 Mango Protocol
Cervantes: perdiendo los papeles 2017 OveR Software
Crypt of the Serpent King 27/12/2016 Rendercode Games
Gladius 21/12/2016 Virtual Age Games
Alchemic Jousts 16/12/2016 Lunatic Pixels
DWVR 15/12/2016 Early access Mad Triangles
Monster Puzzle 08/12/2016 Flynn's Arcade
Of Guards And Thieves 07/12/2016 Subvert Games
Demented Pixie 07/12/2016 Molegato
King Lucas 01/12/2016 Devilish Games
Bullshot 22/11/2016 Gato Studio
Wincars Racer 18/11/2016 Early access DragonJam Studios
Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods 18/11/2016 Nuberu Games
Final Soccer VR 18/11/2016 Early access Ivanovich Games
Mr. Shadow 17/11/2016 ByComb
Candle 11/11/2016 Teku Studios
Cubotrox 11/11/2016 The Barberians
Queendoom 10/11/2016 EP Games
Yesterday Origins 10/11/2016 Pendulo Studios
La venganza de Johnny Bonasera 01/11/2016 Rafael García Moreno
INFRAMON: Trick or treat 01/11/2016 Drop of Pixel
Scary Humans 26/10/2016 Gabhel Studios
Kyurinaga's Revenge 25/10/2016 RECO Technology
Ginger: Beyond the Crystal 25/10/2016 Drakhar Studio
Space Rotary 24/10/2016 Modelsheep Studio
Maldita Castilla EX 20/10/2016 Locomalito
Janken Cards 13/10/2016 GKT Studios
Aragami 04/10/2016 Lince Works
Funny Invaders 26/09/2016 Rebel Robot Games
Gray World 25/09/2016 TeamNayn
Zenith 20/09/2016 Infinigon Games
Conga Master 14/09/2016 Undercoders
Tankiu 13/09/2016 Rebel Robot Games
Supercontinent Ltd 29/08/2016 Deconstructeam
Temple of Light 28/08/2016 Rebel Robot Games
Eyestorm 26/08/2016 3Crew Games
New Life 12/08/2016 Early access Denside Studios
Defend your Crypt 21/07/2016 Ratalaika Games
Skara - The Blade Remains 21/07/2016 8-Bit Studio
Slap Village 21/07/2016 Monkey-Toons
C.S.S. Citadel VR 17/07/2016 Winged Minds Studio
Bot Vice 11/07/2016 DYA Games
Pirates: Treasure Hunters 05/07/2016 Early access Virtual Toys
Never Wake Up a Nosferatu 02/07/2016 Rebel Robot Games
SpellKnights 28/06/2016 Early access Mechanical Boss
bit Dungeon+ 21/06/2016 Dolores Entertainment
Annie Amber 18/06/2016 Pantumaca Barcelona
Dogfight Elite 11/06/2016 Early access Echoboom
Thirty Years' War 09/06/2016 Headquarter
Perfect Angle VR - Zen edition 08/06/2016 Ivanovich Games
Ghost 1.0 07/06/2016 Francisco Téllez de Meneses
Tankr 06/06/2016 Mighty Toast Studio
Anima: Gate of Memories 03/06/2016 Anima Project Studio
Smoots World Cup Tennis 01/06/2016 Kaneda Games
Esther and the fallen star 20/05/2016 Rodrígo Díaz
City Z 29/04/2016 Little Cloud Games
Pharaonic 28/04/2016 Milkstone Studios
Otem's Defiance 25/04/2016 HyperBerryGames
Demon's Crystals 21/04/2016 StarCruiser Studio
Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age 20/04/2016 BeautiFun Games
Zen and the Art of Transhumanism 18/04/2016 Deconstructeam
La Abadía del Crimen: Extensum 25/03/2016 Manuel Pazos
Vaccine War 21/03/2016 Games For Tutti
Piggy Princess 18/03/2016 DreamSoftGames
The Guest 10/03/2016 Team Gotham
Hypnos 09/03/2016 Campfire Games
Football Club Simulator 04/03/2016 FX Interactive
The Count Lucanor 03/03/2016 Baroque Decay Games
Crazy Pixel Streaker 02/03/2016 Early access Lubiterum Game Studio
Calendula 02/02/2016 Blooming Buds Studio
Majotori 01/02/2016 Majorariatto
FullBlast 28/01/2016 UFO Crash Games
The Minotaur 21/01/2016 Ratalaika Games
Six Sides of the World 20/01/2016 Cybernetik Design
Sorgina: A Tale of Witches 2016 Binary Soul
Broken Puppet 24/12/2015
Perfect Angle 22/12/2015 Ivanovich Games
PERFECT ANGLE: The puzzle game based on optical illusions 22/12/2015 Ivanovich Games
Atrapa la bandera 18/12/2015 U-PLAY Studios
The Curse of Issyos 15/12/2015 Locomalito
Stories of Bethem: Full Moon 11/12/2015 GuGames Development
FreezeME 10/12/2015 Rainy Night Creations
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege 01/12/2015 Ubisoft Barcelona
Los Rios de Alice 16/11/2015 Delirium Studios
Noeton 15/11/2015 Blooming Buds Studio
The Purring Quest 12/11/2015 Valhalla Cats
MiniBikers 05/11/2015 Ivanovich Games
Bloodwood Reload 31/10/2015 Luminy Studios
Empire TV Tycoon 20/10/2015 Dreamsite Games
Freedom Poopie 16/10/2015 Electroplasmatic Games
Awe 09/10/2015 Oddly Shaped Pixels
Castles 09/10/2015 Whoot Games
8Days 01/10/2015 Santa Clara Games
Steamroll 30/09/2015 Early access Anticto
Arson and Plunder: Unleashed 25/09/2015 Chainsaw Syndicate
Missing Translation 24/09/2015 Alpixel Games
Run Run And Die 11/09/2015 Pixel Bones Studio
Debris HD 04/09/2015 SVC Games
Unfair Jousting Fair 03/09/2015 Rodaja
Red Goddess: Inner World 01/09/2015 Yanim Studio
Soccer Legends 05/08/2015 Early access Digital Lightning Studios
Malditos vírgenes 31/07/2015 Luis Ruiz
Dead Synchronicity: The Longest Night 27/07/2015 Fictiorama Studios
Blues and Bullets 23/07/2015 A Crowd of Monsters
Ice Cream Surfer 21/07/2015 Dolores Entertainment
Yasai Ninja 21/07/2015 RECO Technology
Niko: Through the Dream 17/07/2015 Studio Paint
Paradaim 17/07/2015 MoitaPechá Studio
MechaNika 16/07/2015 Mango Protocol
Tachyon Project 15/07/2015 Eclipse Games
La Escalera 06/07/2015 Yomi
Lienzo en blanco 03/07/2015 Akkad Estudios
Volstead 26/06/2015 VoidMain Studios
Super Star Path 22/06/2015 DYA Games
Arkhelom 3D 29/05/2015 DreamSoftGames
Vortex Attack 27/05/2015 Kaleido Games
Cubix (Ofihombre) 21/05/2015 Ofihombre
Sir Quest and the Temple of Apollo 19/05/2015 Noguera Games
Toro 15/05/2015 RECO Technology
Alexia Crow and the Cave of Heroes 04/05/2015 Questtracers
One Last Day 28/04/2015 Early access Bloodwolf Studio
Eternum 23/04/2015 Radin Games
Nanomachina 22/04/2015 Gazpacho Games
Underground Hangovers 20/04/2015 Deconstructeam
House of Caravan 16/04/2015 Rosebud Games
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today 10/04/2015 Fictiorama Studios
Crazy Steam Bros 2 03/04/2015 Ars Creativa
The Wizard of Oz 01/04/2015 Genera Games
The Spatials 30/03/2015 Weird and Wry
Soccertron 12/03/2015 Erosa Games
Monité en Raining Planet 02/2015 Nesplora
Zombeer 30/01/2015 Moonbite Games
Be a scout, Timmy! 26/01/2015 Dazlog Studio
Maze Walkthrough 08/01/2015 TRINIT
Heimdal 01/2015 Virtualware
HassleHeart “I <3 Hearts” 23/12/2014 Santa Clara Games
FX Fútbol 2015 23/12/2014 FX Interactive
Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest Reforged Edition 11/12/2014 Brytenwalda Studios
Rock Zombie 27/11/2014 Quaternion Studio
Motorama: Classic Racing 21/11/2014 Freedom Factory Studios
Lords of Xulima 14/11/2014 Numantian Games
Randal's Monday 12/11/2014 Nexus Game Studios
Ziggurat 23/10/2014 Milkstone Studios
Kromaia 23/10/2014 Kraken Empire
Fist of Jesus 17/10/2014 Mutant Games
Heart&Slash 06/10/2014 Early access aheartfulofgames
Stories of Bethem 25/09/2014 GuGames Development
MIND: Path to Thalamus 05/08/2014 Mind Dev Team
Gods Will Be Watching 24/07/2014 Deconstructeam
Bloodbath 27/06/2014 Freedom Factory Studios
Kick Ass 2 27/06/2014 Freedom Factory Studios
Qvadriga 14/06/2014 Turnopia
Super Toy Cars 06/06/2014 Eclipse Games
Mano-chan Fighters 24/05/2014 Jesús García Ferrer
White Noise Online 23/05/2014 Milkstone Studios
The Last Door 20/05/2014 The Game Kitchen
Shiny The Firefly 16/05/2014 Stage Clear Studios
Circuits 17/04/2014 Digital Tentacle
Scourge: Outbreak 02/04/2014 Tragnarion Studios
ESC. 31/03/2014 Gazpacho Games
Project Shyknight 30/03/2014 Dragontech
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate 27/03/2014 MercurySteam
Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent 06/03/2014 Unfinished Pixel
PC Handball 01/03/2014 Serinex
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 28/02/2014 MercurySteam
King Tommy in the Candy'em Up Saga 06/02/2014 Lubiterum Game Studio
Azerion Classroom Edition 2014 Arcan Studios
Gemdow Quest 2014 Guinxu
FX Fútbol 2.0 28/11/2013 FX Interactive
Young Justice Legacy 22/11/2013 Freedom Factory Studios
Lumen 28/10/2013 Thousand Cranes
Light 13/10/2013 OBH Games
Crazy Belts 06/10/2013 Jemchicomac
Beekyr 01/10/2013 Kaleido Games
España: 1936 26/09/2013 Headquarter
Nihilumbra 25/09/2013 BeautiFun Games
Verminian Trap 09/09/2013 Locomalito
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 30/08/2013 MercurySteam
Full Mojo Rampage 16/08/2013 Over the Top Games
Strangelight 08/2013 StrangeLight Games
Gaurodan 31/07/2013 Locomalito
Decadence: Origins 24/07/2013 Revolution System Games
FX Calcio 08/05/2013 FX Interactive
FX Fútbol 08/05/2013 FX Interactive
Bee or not Bee: 100+ Followbees 05/05/2013 GuGames Development
Zack Zero 29/04/2013 Crocodile Entertainment
Draconian Wars 08/04/2013 Kardfy
Alien Spidy 20/03/2013 Enigma Software
History Legends of War: Patton 08/03/2013 Enigma Software
IAD's Rampage 03/03/2013 Dazlog Studio
Spin to Infinity! 15/02/2013 GuGames Development
Medgame 01/02/2013 Kaneda Games
Doomed Dungeon 11/01/2013 Dazlog Studio
Dualsus 2013 Revolution System Games
Magma Tsunami 2013 StrangeLight Games
Maldita Castilla 12/12/2012 Locomalito
Dragon Memory 01/11/2012 Dragontech
Deadlight 25/10/2012 Tequila Works
Brave, The Last Turtle 03/10/2012 Óscar Sahun Reguant
Endless Forms Most Beautiful 07/07/2012 Locomalito
Soy libre 01/07/2012 Akkad Estudios
El Codex del Peregrino 21/06/2012 CEIEC
Trap Ball: Edición Billar 23/04/2012 Axóuxere Games
New York Crimes 22/03/2012 Pendulo Studios
Infinity Danger 22/03/2012 Milkstone Studios
MotorHEAT 26/02/2012 Milkstone Studios
Torrente Online: Freak Wars 23/02/2012 Virtual Toys
They came from Verminest 15/02/2012 Locomalito
Pixelry 11/02/2012 Evelend Games
Little Racers STREET 27/01/2012 Milkstone Studios
Proyecto Cruz Roja 15/01/2012 Kaneda Games
Forgotten Kodama: The Seed of Life 2012 Hugging Cactus
Super Tower Rush 2012 Evelend Games
Coco 2012 Futuresco Games
Galeoke 'A música que levas dentro' Vol. 2 23/12/2011 Inquedanzas Sonoras
AR-K 01/12/2011 Gato Studio
LightFish 19/10/2011 Eclipse Games
Aztlan: Rise of the Shaman 07/10/2011 Ayuken Studios
UnEpic 02/10/2011 Francisco Téllez de Meneses
Hollywood Monsters 2 16/06/2011 Pendulo Studios
Basket Dudes 15/06/2011 Bitoon Games
Viriax 30/03/2011 Locomalito
Zombie Football Carnage 20/02/2011 Milkstone Studios
Quiero una identidad 08/02/2011 Akkad Estudios
Fantastic League 2011 Gextech
QQ#2 ''The Flea'' 2011 Mandanga Games
Naraba World: Descubre un nuevo mundo 10/12/2010 Freedom Factory Studios
Naraba World: El Palacio Misterioso 10/12/2010 Freedom Factory Studios
Naraba World: El laberinto de la luz 01/12/2010 Freedom Factory Studios
Baobab Planet 24/11/2010 Freedom Factory Studios
NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits 27/09/2010 Over the Top Games
L'Abbaye des Morts 10/09/2010 Locomalito
International Basketball Manager 31/08/2010 U-PLAY Studios
Hydorah 03/06/2010 Locomalito
Runaway: A Twist of Fate 25/03/2010 Pendulo Studios
Brico Party 15/03/2010 Freedom Factory Studios
The Scourge Project 12/03/2010 Tragnarion Studios
Popochi 2010 Devilish Games
Galeoke 'A música que levas dentro' Vol. 1 2010 Inquedanzas Sonoras
El Sello Mágico: La Falsa Princesa 2010 SpiritVG
Aliens in the Attic 04/08/2009 Revistronic
Wanted: Weapons of Fate 03/04/2009 GRIN Barcelona
Armix Kart 2009 Nerlaska Studio
Debris 2009 SVC Games
Dirty Bit Extended 2009 SVC Games
The Abbey 18/11/2008 Alcachofa Soft
Mente vacía - Destino en blanco 15/11/2008 Akkad Estudios
Cycling Evolution 13/10/2008 Freedom Factory Studios
Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge 02/10/2008 Revistronic
Euroleague Basketball Manager 08 22/05/2008 U-PLAY Studios
Pro Basket Manager 21/05/2008 U-PLAY Studios
War Leaders: Clash of Nations 28/03/2008 Enigma Software
8bit Killer 04/02/2008 Locomalito
Donkey Xote 04/12/2007 Revistronic
Sombras de guerra: la Guerra Civil Española 19/11/2007 Legend Studios
Clive Barker's Jericho 26/10/2007 MercurySteam
Xtreme Table Soccer 06/08/2007 Nivel21 Entertainment
Runaway 2: El Sueño de la Tortuga 21/06/2007 Pendulo Studios
Nico en el Planeta Robot 06/06/2007 CMY Multimedia
Quiero morir 2007 Akkad Estudios
20.000 Leguas de Viaje Submarino 2007 CMY Multimedia
Sonoro TV 2007 Devilish Games
PanicBCN 11/12/2006 SpiritVG
La Leyenda del Dragón 01/12/2006 FreakFrog
PC Fútbol 2007 14/11/2006 Gaelco
Dracula Twins 23/10/2006 Nerlaska Studio
Commandos: Strike Force 15/03/2006 Pyro Studios
Jupiter Invaders 2006 GuGames Development
Easter Avenger 2006 Questtracers
Aprende con Abby: Lengua 2006 CMY Multimedia
O libro máxico de Moitollo 2006 Imaxin Software
Central de Fantasmas: Viaje Disparatado 2006 CMY Multimedia
Aprende con Abby: Matemáticas 2006 CMY Multimedia
Yume 02/12/2005 FreakFrog
Lepi e o Misterio do Diario 12/2005 Imaxin Software
Fallen Lords: Condemnation 11/11/2005 Novarama
PC Fútbol 2006 09/11/2005 Gaelco
Torrente 3: El Protector 15/10/2005 Virtual Toys
Imperial Glory 13/05/2005 Pyro Studios
Vladimir Difusius: ¡Menudo Despiste! 2005 CMY Multimedia
Xiro y la Ciudad Sumergida 2005 CMY Multimedia
El Desafío de Worky 2005 Exelweiss
Aymun: Aprendiz de Pirata 2005 CMY Multimedia
Las Aventuras de Don Quijote 2005 CMY Multimedia
Glest 25/12/2004 Martiño Figueroa
War Times: European Frontline 22/11/2004 Legend Studios
PC Fútbol 2005 19/11/2004 Gaelco
American McGee presents: SCRAPLAND 17/11/2004 MercurySteam
As enerxías renovables: o futuro nas túas mans 2004 Imaxin Software
El Templo 2004 Interacción
Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner 05/12/2003 Revistronic
Wanted Guns 01/12/2003 Nerlaska Studio
Angels Vs Devils 31/10/2003 Enigma Software
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin 24/10/2003 Pyro Studios
Mortadelo y Filemón: Una Aventura de Cine 23/10/2003 Alcachofa Soft
Pachi el marciano 01/07/2003 Dragontech
Off-Road Arena 26/03/2003 Xpiral
Praetorians 11/03/2003 Pyro Studios
Tunnel of Love 2003 BetyByte
Central de Fantasmas: Huéspedes de Mórtimer 2003 CMY Multimedia
Nuts & Scrap 2003 Devilish Games
Golf Adventure Galaxy 2003 KatGames
Arcano - El juego de Galicia 2003 Arcano Media
Punq the Flea 2003 Paco Suárez
Abby: Héroes en Apuros 2003 CMY Multimedia
El Juli presenta: Torero - Arte y Pasion en la Arena 27/11/2002 Gamepro
Tiger Hunt 20/08/2002 Exelweiss
Pro Soccer Cup 2002 15/05/2002 Enigma Software
Aymun y la Gran Carrera 2002 CMY Multimedia
Aymun y los Piratas Mechones 2002 CMY Multimedia
Mortadelo y Filemón: Mamelucos a la romana 2002 Alcachofa Soft
Mortadelo y Filemón: Balones y Patadones 2002 Alcachofa Soft
Beach Head 2002 2002 Exelweiss
Abby: El Secreto de Gordonne 2002 CMY Multimedia
Strike Force Commando 2002 Noguera Games
O Labirinto dos Soños 2002 Grándola Nova Edicións
Codename Silver 2002 Nerlaska Studio
¡Aymun al Rescate! 2002 CMY Multimedia
Larry Ragland's 4x4 Challenge 15/12/2001 Xpiral
A aventura máxica de Merliño 29/11/2001 SING
Nightstone 16/11/2001 New Horizon Studios
Zipi y Zape: La Casa del Terror 12/11/2001 Argos Labs
El Capitán Trueno: La Espada del Toledano 29/10/2001 Argos Labs
Mortadelo y Filemón: El Escarabajo de Cleopatra 10/2001 Alcachofa Soft
Mortadelo y Filemón: Operación Moscú 10/2001 Alcachofa Soft
Commandos 2: Men of Courage 28/09/2001 Pyro Studios
ToonCar 15/07/2001 Revistronic
Runaway: A Road Adventure 06/07/2001 Pendulo Studios
Torrente 21/06/2001 Virtual Toys
EuroTour Cycling 04/05/2001 Dinamic Multimedia
ExcaliBug 16/03/2001 Enigma Software
Congenio 01/03/2001 BetyByte
PC Fútbol 2001 01/03/2001 Dinamic Multimedia
Quorum 01/03/2001 BetyByte
Blade: The Edge of Darkness 26/02/2001 Rebel Act Studios
PC Calcio 2001 08/02/2001 Dinamic Multimedia
Astro Assembler 2001 Advanced Projects
Gartu: El Misterio de la Pirámide 2001 CMY Multimedia
Jai Alai 2001 3D News TV
Gartu: Fiesta Sorpresa 2001 CMY Multimedia
Gartu: Atrapados en el Espacio 2001 CMY Multimedia
Gartu: La Isla de los Taki 2001 CMY Multimedia
Gartu: El Medallón Mágico 2001 CMY Multimedia
arKKube 2001 Devilish Games
Gartu: La Ciudad en Peligro 2001 CMY Multimedia
El Capitán Trueno en la Montaña de los Suspiros 10/12/2000 Argos Labs
Pro Rally 2001 04/12/2000 Ubisoft Barcelona
Mortadelo y Filemón: Terror, Espanto y Pavor 01/12/2000 Alcachofa Soft
Live! Boxing 01/12/2000 Dinamic Multimedia
La Prisión 25/10/2000 Dinamic Multimedia
Resurrection 22/09/2000 Nebula Entertainment
El Tesoro de Isla Alcachofa 08/08/2000 Alcachofa Soft
Jagdverband 44: Screaming Eagles 08/2000 Hammer Technologies
PC Fútbol 2000 Clausura 07/2000 Dinamic Multimedia
Beach Head 2000 15/06/2000 Exelweiss
PC Fútbol 2000 Selección Española Europa 2000 24/05/2000 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Fútbol 2000 01/02/2000 Dinamic Multimedia
Radical Drive 20/01/2000 Xpiral
Estropadak 2000 3D News TV
Zipi y Zape: El Tonel del Tiempo 2000 Kinora
Mendizaleak 2000 3D News TV
Zipi y Zape: La Vuelta al Mundo 2000 Kinora
Coidar o mundo 2000 Luis Collazo
PC Calcio 2000 2000 Dinamic Multimedia
Normandia 2000 Lamb Software
Grouch 2000 Revistronic
Mortadelo y Filemón: Dos Vaqueros Chapuceros 2000 Alcachofa Soft
O Misterio das 7 Pezas 2000 Imaxin Software
PC Atletismo 2000 21/12/1999 Dinamic Multimedia
Mortadelo y Filemón: La Máquina Meteoroloca 20/11/1999 VEGA Creaciones Multimedia
Space Clash: The Last Frontier 11/1999 Enigma Software
PC Fútbol 6 Apertura 98 07/1999 Dinamic Multimedia
Commandos: Más allá del deber 30/03/1999 Pyro Studios
PC Real Madrid 2000 1999 Dinamic Multimedia
Extreme Wintersports 1999 Hammer Technologies
PC Atlético de Madrid 2000 1999 Dinamic Multimedia
Toyland Racing 1999 Revistronic
Mr. Tiny Adventures 1999 Island Dream
SleepWalker 1999 Exelweiss
Premier Manager Ninety Nine 1999 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Calcio 7 12/1998 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Fútbol 7 12/1998 Dinamic Multimedia
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines 01/07/1998 Pyro Studios
PC Basket 6.0 07/1998 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Fútbol Selección Española '98 05/1998 Dinamic Multimedia
Galax Empires 01/03/1998 Island Dream
PC Fútbol 6.0 15/01/1998 Dinamic Multimedia
Órdago Plus Mus Multimedia 1998 Lit (Libro Informático Técnico)
Mortadelo y Filemón: El Sulfato Atómico 1998 Alcachofa Soft
Dragster Racing Deluxe 1998
PC Basket 6.5 1998 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Real Madrid 99 1998 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Real Madrid Basket 99 1998 Dinamic Multimedia
Snow Wave: Avalanche 1998 Hammer Technologies
Vuelve PC Mus para profesionales 1998 Lit (Libro Informático Técnico)
PC Calcio 6.0 12/1997 Dinamic Multimedia
Hollywood Monsters 11/1997 Pendulo Studios
Speed Demons 1997 Efecto Caos
PC Premier 6.0 1997 Dinamic Multimedia
Alerta Roja 1997 Noguera Games
Bicho 1997 Filloa Records
Fútbol Pro 97-98 1997 Sport Interactive
PC Calcio 5.0 30/12/1996 Dinamic Multimedia
PC Trivial Pro 12/1996 Virtual Software
PC Fútbol 5.0 12/1996 Dinamic Multimedia
Los Justicieros 15/03/1996 Dinamic Multimedia
3 Skulls of the Toltecs 1996 Revistronic
PC Basket 3.0 1996 Dinamic Multimedia
La fuga 1996 Exelweiss
El Barco Manolo Cancelled Bobi Studio
Genokids In development Nukefist
Just in Crime In development Gomet Games
Tribe's Life Cancelled Life Zero
Brega In development Daydream Software
eWorlds In development GGTech Studios
Evolution: From the little light In development Mysterious Hat
Anima: Song from the Abyss In development Anima Project Studio
Earthlings The Game Cancelled CriCri Entertainment
¡¡Los exes atacan!! In development Ertal Games
Blue Heaven Cancelled Brainworm Games
The Occultist In development Pentakill Studios
Tenebris Somnia In development
Battle Banners Cancelled Binary Flags Game Studio
Citadelum In development Abylight Barcelona
Post Trauma In development Red Soul Games
IslaBomba In development Sons of a Bit
Clarisse Cancelled Not Human Games
Tinkerlands In development Endless Coffee
Zen Garden In development Marta Zarca
Superego In development Héctor Bometón
The Cat Sidhe On hold Illusion Shard Games
Avoo In development Iseltec
Rayna's Revenge On hold Mizu Games
Baking Memories In development Team Noniná
Emery Hearts In development Indie Dev Hell
Train to Nowhere: Last Station In development Héctor Toro
Arima On hold 3d2 entertainment
The Tsar's Secret In development Otter Worlds Games
Balam: Bounce Hell In development Wickd Games
Eden Genesis In development Aeternum Game Studios
3 Minutes to Midnight In development Scarecrow Studio
A Hood In The Woods Cancelled Wasfan Studios
Nagual Cancelled Futuresco Games
Sacramentum In development Grimorium Games
Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster In development Dormidinstudio
Yokai Mask On hold David Flores
DanceFloor Cancelled Kaneda Games
African Aid On hold Francisco Téllez de Meneses
NOX: Chapter 1 - Aitor Gallego Campos
Super Cambur The Sacred Orbs In development Nape Games
World Wild Web On hold Ludarchy
Merged Gravity In development ChimeraDev Games
Mutant Meat City Cancelled Code Harvest
Teodoro and the Evil Machines In development Kaleido Games
Cain Cancelled Gazpacho Games
Die in the Dungeon In development Atico Games
Find you In development Stereo Games
Abathor In development Pow Pixel Games
unHappy Hour In development Nose Studios
Shuvani In development Raging Games
Shadows of the Afterland In development Aruma Studios
Damnview: Built From Nothing On hold Brainwash Gang
Embers of the Evening In development Praenaris
Elementallis In development Iván Ruiz Lozano
AIKODE In development
Morituri Te Salutant Cancelled
The old man and his cat In development Playstark
Altered Alma In development 2Awesome Studio
The Silent Kingdom In development
Hermetica In development Red Mountain Games
Narona Sports: Supernatural In development Cokoon Games Lab
Legends of Hapax In development RPGames
Space Crew Cancelled Ninja Code Studio
Mika and The Witch's Mountain In development Chibig
The Alchemist of Nafiljar In development Scalions Studios
Mythic Love: Iberian Legends In development Platonic Games
Crawlers In development GGTech Studios
Chromatic Memories In development Perla Oculta
Prelude: Dark Pain In development Quickfire Games
The Tenth Hell: Stygian Cancelled Deimos Studio
Luto In development Broken Bird Games
YOUR HOUSE In development Patrones y Escondites
Crisis Crunch In development Trim Tangle
Abyssals In development OverPowered Team
Echoes of the Living In development Álvaro
Uptake In development Seijaku Studios
Ancient Kingdoms In development Ancient Pixels
Away To The Stars In development Lucid Play
Planetary Life In development Juanma Pitxardo
Gasha-Boss In development Agapito Studios
Spanish Rage In development Videojuegos Fermín
Dark Atlas: Infernum In development Night Council Studio
We need you, Borro! Cancelled TEA Team
BioPatrol Cancelled Ginkgo
Sol In development Nebuloid Team
Delementia In development Evil Zeppelin
Kity Builder In development Team Kity
Exilio In development Entorno Virtual Diego Ortiz Más
Flash Diving In development
The Island - Escape Room In development Flat Cat Games
Eden's Guardian In development Voragine Game Studios
Temtem: Swarm In development CremaGames
Don't Step There In development Bleeping Dragon
PiAwk In development HiWarp
Fist of Yokai In development Daruma Eye
Dejar Ir In development Digital Fractal
Bugabú la Pulga In development Bravía Studio
The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Cancelled Autoloot Games
Bennevine Cancelled Naduku Games
Black Sun Cancelled Koneo Entertainment
Heart Weaver In development Kraken's Den Studios
Jamboy, a Jelly-cious Hero In development Vidibond Games
Camper Van: Make it Home In development Malapata Studio
From Nadia Cancelled Neitin Studio
1B Spells In development Icedrop Games
Escape From Mandrillia: Local Asymmetric VR vs PC - Germán Bandera
Try To Remember - Sergi Monreal Ibáñez
Guardforce Cancelled Evolve Games
Glusiverse In development Ramón Nafria
The Transference In development Kuraishisama
Fragments of Child In development Creek Games
Stars In The Trash In development Valhalla Cats
Daydreamy In development Anaphora Games
Myrkvi: Ancient Times Memories Cancelled PrepareYourDice
Dungeon Cleaner In development Team Stargazers
Anima Cancelled A Bonfire of Souls
Hyperstacks In development Squirrel Bytes
QUO - Within The Backrooms In development islaOliva Games
Stickin' the Landing In development Adrift Team
HOLMGANG: Memories of the Forgotten In development Zerouno Games
Shadows on the Walls In development Raccoon Game Studio
Countless Army In development Dos Estrellas
voidpixel In development Pablo González Rubio
A Helmet to the Head In development Mechanic Games
The Lightkeeper In development Carlos Pérez Sánchez
FX Tanks Cancelled FX Interactive
Yum Yum Yummy Cancelled Bacu-Bacu Games
Rogue Mansion In development Almenara Games
The Spirit of the Samurai In development Digital Mind Games
Sons of the Void Cancelled Grogshot Games
Form of a Legend In development Ascent;Bias
Irina's Rhythm Mayhem In development Bobi Studio
Maxxima Cancelled Arcadict Games
Marble Smashers In development Crosspalace
Paradise Lost: First Contact Cancelled Asthree Works
Bull et Hell In development Nintai Studios
TRETIS In development Notepike
Endless Conflict Cancelled Paranormal Studios
Hipsters Vs. Zombies Cancelled Arpic Games
Avy, Fábulas de la Noche In development GamesPond
Adome In development Timsea Studios
Therefore In development Trim Tangle
Impact Trial: Simulation In development Manuel Bacallado
Once upon a time... in a HOSPITAL In development AMGames TC
Unload Madness On hold Team Madness Games
The Mixtape Cancelled Brainwash Gang
Realms Untold In development Mandara Studios
Mojito the Cat: Woody's rescue In development GTZAStudio
Neverland In development Eduardo Hombrados
EXILIUM In development Exodus Studios
Soccer Fury Cancelled Digital Legends
Ling Hun - Gerard Montero Sellares
Central Pvrk On hold Gambusino Labs
Silent Rescue Cancelled Eri Studio
OVRDARK: a Do Not Open story In development Nox Noctis
The Pizza Situation Cancelled 3bytes
Crisol: Theater of Idols In development Vermila Studios
Duskfade In development Weird Beluga Studio
Lapso In development islaOliva Games
Union Cancelled Background Games
The Journey of Piggy In development Family Devs
Ritual In development TLR Games
Pyramids and Aliens: Escape Room In development mc2games
The Improbable Kingdom In development Junk Bits Games
Smoots Spy Agency On hold Kaneda Games
NAIAD In development HiWarp
Dinopunk: the Cacops adventure In development The Dude Games
Arico: Tales From the Abyss In development Foxter Studio
Ygeia In development DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Rest in Jelly In development Little Miracles Games
Domenation In development Blackmouth Games
Sword of the Necromancer: Revenant In development Grimorio of Games
Trimeria: El ladrón de Sonrisas In development Trimeria Studio
Idearum Cancelled Tahutahu Studios
The Vigilante Diaries In development Out of the Blue Games
Black Map In development Ancla Studio
Aureole - Wings of Hope In development Team Stargazers
Soulchild In development
Immortal Ka Cancelled José Sanz
Tormenture In development Croxel Studios
Helion: Void Wars Cancelled Bytecore
Mind of War In development Pi Video games
Pepo Cancelled PrepareYourDice
Skyline VR Cancelled CimaGamers
Adam Cancelled Indiefferent Games
Oniria: The Realm of The Three Z Cancelled D-Realms
Jadoraki In development Virtual Ravens Games
L.O.L. Surprise! B.B.s NACIDAS PARA VIAJAR™ - Macià Torrens Pericàs
Paper Defense In development Lanyu EStudio
Ties: Soul Link In development North Tokyo
Submersed 2 - The Hive In development Main Loop
Legends of Castile In development Torrezno Entertainment
A Rite from the Stars: Remaster Edition In development Flying Beast Labs
Quantum Quest On hold Quantum Goose
Xequon On hold Ascent;Bias
Hunteroids - zoitrix
Amber - Chronicles of Lhür On hold Fire Ember Games
Sorceress In development
LUXI Cancelled Gargore
BL0W-UP In development Half Sunk Games
Accursed In development Nintai Studios
Suyana In development Mechanic Games
Afterlight In development Silent Road Games
Starriser Cancelled Arpic Games
Magical Bakery In development SUPERLUMEN
Lethal Honor: Essence Cancelled Viral Studios
Death In Candlewood Cancelled Rosebud Games
ANTRO In development Gatera Studio
Raven Quest In development Jaime Guidet
PC Fútbol 2024 Cancelled Una Partida Más
Aqueloo Cancelled InfiniteGames
L.A.P.S.U.S. Cancelled LapsusLab
Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel On hold Red Little House Studios
The Time I Have Left In development GROUND Game Atelier
KIDDO In development Grasita Games
Neva In development Nomada Studio
PC Fútbol 2002 Cancelled Dinamic Multimedia
LUA: The Beginning of Downhill In development Magic Rain Studios
Super Rolling Heroes Deluxe In development Solid Neon Games
Hypnos: Sons of October Cancelled Digital Tentacle
Underworld Dreams In development Drop of Pixel
Crimson Tale In development Thruster Games
The Overman Cancelled Narratech Laboratories
Xerme In development Acariño Games
Frank - Akura Games
Future Slaves Cancelled NeHo Games
BOBI In development Bobi Studio
Mencia. A never was tale. - Pablo González González
Gods Among Pirates Cancelled Ahrledia
Exorcizamuste In development Conservation&Ruin
Fulvinter On hold 8Pícaros
The Season of the Warlock In development EnComplot
Creatures of Ava In development Inverge Studios
MoonSprings In development Holy Chilli Games
Nevada Suicidal Race Cancelled Gazpacho Games
Calixtinus In development BelherStudio
Vegangsters In development Poison Pill Games
That Endless Night 1931 In development WildSphere
Chemical Battles In development Magic Fennec
Nightfall Dragons Cancelled Digital Legends
Space Game Generator - Jose Manuel Martinez Gonzalez
Lethal Honor - Order of the Apocalypse In development Viral Studios
Galaia In development
Astral Raiders In development Evil Zeppelin
Esdraz: The Throne Of Darkness In development Imperio Gaming Studios
Target Party In development Pepe Coronil Álvarez
Neo Dance In development
ARAE: Land of Virtue Cancelled Saona Studios
Time Flipper In development Lusho Games
Nose: Breathing Rebellion In development Feeel
Little Keepers In development Atabey Creations
The Harvest In development The Breach Studios
Farlands In development Jandusoft
Polaris In development The Pandogs Games
Project Martin Cancelled GamerOn
Darkenstein 3D In development
AdventurOS In development Evelend Games
Railpunk Mayhem In development Evil Mango
The Lord of the Creatures Cancelled Arvirago Entertainment
Cry of Ravenia: Proyecto Paraland In development Javier de Higes Asencio
Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink In development Karuma Games
LOK Digital In development Icedrop Games
Wild Rumble In development Mean Mink
Bullfighter NEON In development Relevo
Tower Factory In development Gius Caminiti
Street Rod Cancelled Freedom Factory Studios
Frogun Encore In development Molegato
Catequesis Cancelled Baroque Decay Games
Cards and Towers In development Family Devs
Everdeep Aurora In development Nautilus Games
Reknum: Fantasy of Dreams In development Nape Games
Oppidum In development EP Games
Deathroned In development Nuclear Toaster Studios
No Vacancy Tonight In development Momiji Games
Mediepolys Cancelled Alex Abat Macaya
AMPER In development The Boltage Studio
Ironskins In development aheartfulofgames
Battlecore Robots In development Yellow Fall Games
Verdungeon Cancelled Blustery Games
Uprising: Humanum In development Tiny Feet Games
Creep Hunter Cancelled Whoot Games
Morkull Ragast's Rage In development Disaster Games
Anmynor Cancelled Spaniard Blend
7 Masters In development The Game Forger
One Spirit In development Voyvod Arts
Night & Day: The Curse of the Red Witch Cancelled Ikigai Gameworks
Sylvana's Chronicles In development Arcarium Studios
The Zebra-Man! In development Zerouno Games
Scarab: un juego de mierda Cancelled Owari Studios
Sands of Hope In development Guateke Studios
Byte The Bullet In development Esteban Marín
Maze of Gods In development FrameOver Studio
INFRAMON: The Old Darkness On hold Drop of Pixel
Augurium In development Augury Games
Duality Cancelled Trilobite Graphics
Sword of the Necromancer: Resurrection In development Grimorio of Games
Puddies In development
Rai In development Wood Games
MakeMake In development Akura Games
Capital Sander Cancelled Seven Monkeys
Bubble Ghost Remake In development Vidibond Games
Unsacrifice In development Unreal Spirit
Ocho Esmeraldas In development elFen23soft
FrostFire -Battle Frenzy- In development Sumachu Games
Underworld Explorers In development mc2games
Road to Morrow In development Kiboid
The Cerpan Project In development Red Monkey Studio
The Rising In development Pirita Studio
A Bot to the Top In development Midnight Coffee
Echoes VR In development Rogue Titan Games
SameShadow In development GrandPawGames
Kokopa's Atlas In development HyperMegaPixel
Astra Noctis In development SoloGGStudio
INANIMA In development Obscure Tales
Prehistory Cancelled Games 2 Learn
Heart of Stone Cancelled Pyro Studios
Songs of Steel: Hispania In development Meteorbyte Studios
Among Ashes In development Rat Cliff Games
Project Atlas Cancelled Baby Robot Games
Forgotten Fragments In development Binary Phoenix
Pazubi's Omen In development Dalmata Studios
Professor Garfield Cancelled Genera Games
Basureroes: Invasion In development Javi García
Abu Simbel Profanation - Retro Arcade HD In development Dinamic Software
Azra In development Team Panda
Fregocles y la desinfección del Olimpo Cancelled El Neutrino Raro
Welcome to Empyreum In development Tapioca Games
Project #0 Cancelled Life Zero
Aeterna Lucis In development Aeternum Game Studios
Ren-Hu Cancelled Lethal Games
OXIDE Room 208 In development WildSphere
Stonebane In development Belly Trap Studio
Goner In development Loco Players
It's Mealtime! In development Team Madness Games
Nimbusfall In development
The Hookmarine In development Elendow
1214 Cancelled Vyretrux Games
Mycelium Heaven In development 3DGoblinDev
Project C.E.L.L. Cancelled Wasfan Studios
High School Dirty Secrets In development Mitsuki Game Studio
Wax Heads In development Patattie Games
Bl0w-UP In development Half Sunk Games
Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café In development Anaïs Salla Anaya
Deadvivors In development Enxebre Games
FUR Squadron Phoenix In development Raptor Claw
Underworld Dreams: The False King In development Drop of Pixel
Precinct2099 In development Thinking Lite Soft
Summa Expeditionis In development Lobico Games
Bremen Hot Strings In development Pixel Powa
It is nice when it snows Cancelled Concano Games
Lunarpunk In development Walking Octopus Games
Bigger Than Me In development On hold Dead Pixel Tales
Deck RX: The Deckbuilding Racing Game In development Meteorbyte Studios
Bestiario In development Wiggin Industries
Death Corp In development Alberto Costa
Boing Noir In development Plasma Pipe
Project ST In development The Breach Studios
Bombarama In development David Rodríguez
Neon Blood In development ChaoticBrain Studio
PINEAPPLE: A Bittersweet Revenge In development Patrones y Escondites
Everhood 2 In development Jordi Roca
Grab The Win Cancelled Mad Djinn Games
Greyfall: The Endless Dungeon Cancelled Therion Games
The Math challenge In development Pepes Games
Candy Rangers In development Adrian Arellano Villa
Paint Your Way Cancelled Eri Studio
Kérux Society Cancelled Kérux Society
Runa In development Fennec Studio
Project Apax In development Boreal Mist Studio
NetherWorld In development Hungry Pixel
Holmes Sherlock & Mycroft On hold Kaneda Games
Death By Misstep In development Misstep Studio
The Intergalactic Trashman Cancelled Glove Cat
Total games on this platform: 1906