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123 Dots 2019 Didactoons Educational
1971: Project Helios 2020 RECO Technology Strategy
1sland 2020 Nada Studio Adventure
2017 Moto GP Racing 2017 Lab Cave Driving
2942 Attack On Space Rebels 2024 Francisco Ramón Salar Ruiz Arcade
3 Minutes to Midnight 2024 Scarecrow Studio Adventure
3,2,1...SuperCrash! 2010 StormBASIC Games Action
3D Infinite Airplane Flight 2014 Lab Cave Simulation
8Days 2015 Santa Clara Games Shooter
A Gummy's Life 2017 EP Games Action
A Hole New World 2017 Mad Gear Games Arcade
A Rite from the Stars 2018 Risin' Goat Adventure
A Rite from the Stars: Remaster Edition Flying Beast Labs Adventure
A Tale of Paper 2020 Open House Games Adventure
ABC Dinos 2019 Didactoons Educational
Abyssals 2024 OverPowered Team Simulation
Adome 2024 Timsea Studios Adventure
Aeon Drive 2021 2Awesome Studio Arcade
Aeterna Noctis 2021 Aeternum Game Studios Adventure
After Us 2023 Piccolo Studio Adventure
Afterpulse 2015 Digital Legends Shooter
Agatha Knife 2017 Mango Protocol Adventure
Agents: Biohunters 2020 Playstark Shooter
Aizkolari 2010 Animatu Casual
AK-xolotl 2023 2Awesome Studio Shooter
Alchemy Garden 2022 MadSushi Games Casual
Ale's Master Mind 2011 Undercoders Think
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX 2021 Jankenteam Platform
Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo 2021 Pendulo Studios Adventure
Alien in Black: Guerra del Espacio 2017 Lab Cave Action
Alien Invaders 2 2010 StormBASIC Games Arcade
Alien Spidy 2013 Enigma Software Platform
Aliens in the Attic 2009 Revistronic Action
All of You 2020 Alike Studio Adventure
All On Board! 2024 The Game Kitchen Simulation
Almost a Hero 2017 Bee Square Casual
Alonso Racing 2006 2006 Abylight Barcelona Driving
Alt254 2020 Rename Studio Adventure
Altered Alma 2Awesome Studio Action
American Arcadia 2023 Out of the Blue Games Adventure
American McGee presents: SCRAPLAND 2004 MercurySteam Adventure
Amigo: Kebab Simulator 2023 Pigeon-G Simulation
An American Werewolf in L.A. 2019 PlayMedusa Arcade
Ancient Cities 2020 Uncasual Games Strategy
Ancient Wars: Medieval Crusades 2024 Jotasoft Studios Strategy
Ancient Wars: Sparta Definitive Edition 2022 Jotasoft Studios Strategy
Anima: Song from the Abyss 2024 Anima Project Studio RPG
Ankora 2016 Chibig Adventure
Ankora: Lost Days 2022 Chibig Adventure
Annie Amber 2016 Pantumaca Barcelona Virtual Reality
Apartment 327 2019 Binarybox Studios Adventure
Aragami 2016 Lince Works Action
Aragami 2 2021 Lince Works Action
Arise: A Simple Story 2019 Piccolo Studio Adventure
Army of Ruin 2023 Milkstone Studios Action
Arson and Plunder: Unleashed 2015 Chainsaw Syndicate Adventure
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline 2010 Gameloft Barcelona Driving
Asphalt 9: Legends 2018 Gameloft Barcelona Driving
Asphalt Xtreme 2016 Gameloft Madrid Driving
Assassin's Creed Valhalla 2022 Ubisoft Barcelona RPG
Assassin's Creed® III Remastered 2019 Ubisoft Barcelona Action
Astérix 1993 Bit Managers Platform
Astérix & Obélix 1995 Bit Managers Platform
Asterix & Obelix: Bash Them All! 2002 Bit Managers Platform
Astero Inc. 2021 LamaGlama Games Simulation
Astronite 2022 Dume Games Studio Shooter
Astronite - Landing on Neplea 2022 Dume Games Studio Action
Avani 2022 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao Action
Awe 2015 Oddly Shaped Pixels Puzzle
Baboon! 2015 Relevo Platform
Baby Shark: Sing & Swim Party 2023 RECO Technology Music
Baobab Planet 2010 Freedom Factory Studios MMO
Baobabs Mausoleum 2017 Celery Emblem Platform
Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster Dormidinstudio Action
Barbie Fashion Closet 2017 Genera Games Casual
Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals 2014 Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile RPG
Battle of the Elements 2010 Undercoders Puzzle
Battle Royale: Ultimate Show 2018 Codigames Shooter
Beach Rules 2018 CopperPick Studio Casual
Beat Blaster 2019 Ivanovich Games Virtual Reality
Bebés Llorones Lágrimas Mágicas: El Gran Juego 2023 Drakhar Studio Child
Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest 2017 Inverge Studios Action
Beekyr Reloaded 2017 Kaleido Games Arcade
Ben 10: Up to Speed 2017 Genera Games Casual
Between Time: Escape Room 2021 mc2games Adventure
Beyond Mankind: The Awakening 2021 Brytenwalda Studios Adventure
Billy Masters Was Right 2020 Postmodern Adventures Adventure
bit Dungeon+ 2016 Dolores Entertainment RPG
Blasphemous 2019 The Game Kitchen Adventure
Blasphemous 2 2023 The Game Kitchen Adventure
Bleak Sword 2019 Luís Moreno Jiménez Action
Bleak Sword DX 2023 Luís Moreno Jiménez Action
Bleep Bloop 2019 Luis Díaz Peralta Puzzle
Blind Fate: Edo no Yami 2022 Troglobytes Games Adventure
Blind Fate: Edo no Yami — Dojo 2021 Troglobytes Games Simulation
Blues and Bullets 2015 A Crowd of Monsters Adventure
Bluey: El Videojuego 2023 Artax Games Action
BodyQuest 2021 Didactoons Puzzle
BOOR 2017 Dazlog Studio Platform
Bot Vice 2016 DYA Games Shooter
Bottle Flip Challenge 2016 Pupgam Studios Casual
Boxer Games 2017 2017 Aristokraken Fighting
Boxing Games 2017 2017 Aristokraken Fighting
Boxing vs MMA Fighter 2017 Aristokraken Fighting
Bratz: A presumir de estilazo 2022 Petoons Adventure
Brave Soul Heroes 2019 Genera Games RPG
Breaking Farm 2015 Ivanovich Games Management
Breaking Fast 2017 Tale Studios Arcade
Brico Party 2010 Freedom Factory Studios Simulation
Bring You Home 2018 Alike Studio Adventure
Brix! Block Blast 2017 Genera Games Puzzle
Bubble Fishdom 2016 Aristokraken Puzzle
Bubble Ghost Remake Vidibond Games Action
Bubble Witch 3 Saga 2016 King Barcelona Puzzle
Bugabú la Pulga 2024 Bravía Studio Platform
Bullshot 2016 Gato Studio Action
Burger Clicker 2015 Lab Cave Casual
Butanooo! Simulator 2024 Pigeon-G Driving
Buzz! The Mobile Quiz 2008 Typhon Mobile Think
Call of the Sea 2020 Out of the Blue Games Adventure
Candle 2016 Teku Studios Adventure
Candy Christmas – The Cookie Clicker game 2017 Aristokraken Puzzle
Cannon Land 2015 Herding Cats Casual
Car Driving Simulator Drift 2017 Axes In Motion Driving
Car Driving Simulator: NY 2016 Axes In Motion Driving
Car Driving Simulator: SF 2015 Axes In Motion Driving
Car In Traffic 2018 2018 Axes In Motion Driving
Car Stunt Races: Mega Ramps 2019 Axes In Motion Driving
Cards Survivors 2024 Family Devs Strategy
Carps & Dragons 2013 Abylight Barcelona Arcade
Castle Of Pixel Skulls 2019 Josep Monzonís Hernández Casual
Castles 2015 Whoot Games Puzzle
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2010 MercurySteam Action
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate 2013 MercurySteam Platform
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 2014 MercurySteam Adventure
Cataclismo 2024 Digital Sun Games Strategy
Catequesis Baroque Decay Games RPG
CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars 2017 Zeptolab Barcelona Action
Caveman Warriors 2017 Jandusoft Action
Charon's Staircase 2022 Indigo Studios Adventure
Checkout! 2024 Throwback Thursday Action
Christmas Santa Claus 2017 Aristokraken Action
Chronos Twin 2007 EnjoyUp Games Arcade
Chronos Twins DX 2010 EnjoyUp Games Action
Citadelum 2024 Abylight Barcelona Strategy
CLeM 2024 Mango Protocol Think
Clid The Snail 2021 Weird Beluga Studio Adventure
Clothes Line 2024 Indiefence Adventure
Clouzy! 2022 TinyMoon Casual
Commandos 2: Men of Courage 2001 Pyro Studios Strategy
Concept Destruction 2020 Thinice Games Driving
Conga Master 2016 Undercoders Action
Conga Master Party! 2017 Undercoders Arcade
Conquistador Rex 2024 8º Arte Games Action
CoolPaintVR 2018 Wildbit Studios Virtual Reality
Corbid! A Colorful Adventure 2024 CuCurry Adventure
Cosmic Family 2007 Ubisoft Barcelona Educational
Cosmo Fighters 2010 Abylight Barcelona Fighting
Cosmodread 2021 White Door Games Virtual Reality
Crashy Laps 2023 CheapeeSoft Games Sports
Crazy Belts 2013 Jemchicomac Puzzle
Crazy Farm Odisea en la Granja 2016 Genera Games Puzzle
Crazy Pixel Streaker 2016 Lubiterum Game Studio Arcade
Crazy Spammer 2011 Undercoders Arcade
Crazy Window Cleaners 2007 Digital Chocolate Barcelona Casual
Creatures of Ava 2024 Inverge Studios Think
CricktoGame 2018 Inventos Doente Puzzle
Crossing Souls 2018 Fourattic Adventure
CrossKrush 2020 Thinice Games Puzzle
Cube Raiders 2020 Void Games Action
CubeLoop 2022 Factory Trashcension Simulation
Cubic Crush Streamer Showdown 2023 Moaix Studios Casual
Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot HD 2017 CoderChild Platform
Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot 2013 CoderChild Platform
Cubotrox 2016 The Barberians Puzzle
Curse of the Sea Rats 2023 Petoons Adventure
Cyberpunk: The Arasaka's Plot 2007 Mayhem Studio Platform
Cycling Evolution 2008 Freedom Factory Studios Sports
Daedalus 2017 Vertical Robot Platform
Dakar 2007 2006 Abylight Barcelona Driving
Dakar Rally 2008 2007 Abylight Barcelona Driving
Dark Age 2024 SeluGames Action
Dawn Of Fear 2020 Brok3nSite Adventure
DE-EXIT - Eternal Matters 2023 SandBloom Studio Casual
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today 2015 Fictiorama Studios Adventure
Deadlight 2012 Tequila Works Adventure
Death Corp Alberto Costa Adventure
Death Noodle Delivery 2024 Troglobytes Games RPG
Death or Treat 2023 Saona Studios Action
Death Tycoon 2018 Koron Studios Casual
Debris Infinity 2017 SVC Games Arcade
Deer Journey 2022 Pablo Picazo Adventure
Defend your Crypt 2016 Ratalaika Games Strategy
Defenders of the Galaxy 2017 Aristokraken Casual
Deflector 2022 Arrowfist Games Action
Deiland 2016 Chibig Narrative
Deiland: Pocket Planet 2021 Chibig Narrative
Dejar Ir Digital Fractal Adventure
Delicious - Emily's Road Trip 2019 Stage Clear Studios Casual
Delta Squad 2019 Eskema Games Action
Demon's Crystals 2016 StarCruiser Studio Shooter
DETECTIVE - Stella Porta case 2023 K148 Game Studio Adventure
Die Again 2024 Adrià Ortiz Action
Die in the Dungeon Atico Games RPG
Die in the Dungeon: Origins 2023 Atico Games RPG
Die Maus 1998 Bit Managers Child
Dino Fantasy: La Era de la Magia 2017 Lab Cave Driving
Disney Speedstorm 2023 Gameloft Barcelona Driving
Do Not Feed The Monkeys 2018 Fictiorama Studios Simulation
Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 2023 Fictiorama Studios Simulation
DO NOT OPEN 2022 Nox Noctis Action
Dogchild 2015 Animatoon Studio Adventure
Dogfight Elite 2016 Echoboom Simulation
Dojo Fight Club 2021 Codigames Management
Domenation 2024 Blackmouth Games Action
Dr.MiniGames 2010 StormBASIC Games Minigames
Dracula Twins 2006 Nerlaska Studio Platform
Dragon City Match 2018 Social Point Puzzle
Dragon Stadium 2016 Social Point Casual
Dreadhalls 2017 White Door Games Adventure
Dream Hospital 2017 Lab Cave Management
DreamWorks Dragones: Leyendas de los Nueve Reinos 2022 aheartfulofgames Action
Droopy's Tennis Open 2002 Bit Managers Sports
Drop Fever 2015 Carbonbyte Puzzle
Drums Rock 2022 Garage 51 Virtual Reality
Dungeon Escape 2018 Genera Games RPG
Dungeon Legends 2015 Codigames RPG
Dwarf's Adventure 2022 Eskema Games Adventure
Dynasty Feud 2017 Kaia Studios Fighting
DynoGems 2009 StormBASIC Games Puzzle
Echoes of Madness 2023 AMGames TC Adventure
Effie 2019 Inverge Studios Adventure
Egg Over It: Fall Flat From the Top 2022 Pigeon-G Action
El escuadrón de rescate de Ryan 2022 Stage Clear Studios Adventure
El Principito - Bubble Pop 2015 Genera Games Puzzle
Elite Forces: Unit 77 2009 Abylight Barcelona Action
Embers of the Evening 2024 Praenaris Adventure
EMMA: Lost in Memories 2019 SandBloom Studio Platform
Empire TV Tycoon 2015 Dreamsite Games Management
Enchanted Portals 2023 Xixo Games Studio Adventure
Endling - Extinction is Forever 2022 Herobeat Studios Stealth
Epic Chef 2021 Infinigon Games Simulation
Epic Mecha Girls: RPG Anime 2021 Digital Arts Games RPG
Equalicious 2016 Dark Curry Think
Ereban: Shadow Legacy 2024 Baby Robot Games Stealth
Esdraz: The Throne Of Darkness Imperio Gaming Studios Adventure
Esports Life Tycoon 2019 U-Play Online Management
Esports Life: Ep.1 - Dreams of Glory 2017 U-Play Online Simulation
Etherborn 2019 Altered Matter Platform
EURO 2016 Head Soccer 2016 Genera Games Sports
Everdeep Aurora 2024 Nautilus Games Adventure
Evil Dead: The Game 2022 Saber Interactive Spain Action
Evil Inside 2021 Jandusoft Horror
Evil Nun: The Broken Mask 2022 Keplerians Carlos Coronado Action
Evil Tonight 2021 DYA Games Horror
Extreme Car Driving Simulator 2014 Axes In Motion Driving
Extreme Urban Racing Simulator 2014 Axes In Motion Driving
Extreme Wintersports 1999 Hammer Technologies Sports
Fallen Lords: Condemnation 2005 Novarama Strategy
Fantasy Friends 2020 Xaloc Studios Child
Fantasy Friends: Bajo el Mar 2021 Xaloc Studios Child
Farlands 2024 Jandusoft Simulation
Farlight Commanders 2021 Farlight Games Industry Simulation
Farm Together 2018 Milkstone Studios Simulation
Farm Together 2 2024 Milkstone Studios Casual
Fast Ball Spitter 2024 Arteox Studio Arcade
Fast Ball Spitter UFO Edition 2024 Arteox Studio Arcade
Fear the Dark Unknown 2019 Dreamlight Games Action
Ferrero Vs Moya Tennis 2005 Abylight Barcelona Sports
Film Maker Empire Tycoon 2021 Codigames Simulation
Final Frontier: Space Fantasy 2018 Genera Games Narrative
Final Soccer VR 2016 Ivanovich Games Sports
FINIS 2023 K148 Game Studio Adventure
Fish'em All! 2009 Abylight Barcelona Casual
Flying Soldiers 2020 WildSphere Puzzle
Football Club Simulator 2016 FX Interactive Management
Forgotten Fragments 2024 Binary Phoenix Platform
Formula Bit Racing 2021 Josep Monzonís Hernández Driving
Formula Classic 1950 2018 Aristokraken Driving
Formula GP 2017 2017 Aristokraken Driving
Formula Racing 2017 2017 Aristokraken Driving
Fraction Challenge: Aprende operaciones con fracciones 2020 Didactoons Educational
Frank and Drake 2023 Appnormals Team Point and Click
Frantic Shooter 2016 Pixel Ratio Action
Freedom Poopie 2015 Electroplasmatic Games Platform
FreezeME 2015 Rainy Night Creations Platform
Friends vs Friends 2023 Brainwash Gang Cards
Fruit Match 2021 Breynart Studios Casual
Full Mojo Rampage 2013 Over the Top Games Action
FullBlast 2014 UFO Crash Games Shooter
Funk of Titans 2015 A Crowd of Monsters Platform
Furby Island 2008 LemonQuest Simulation
Future Aero Racing S Ultra 2018 Nurendsoft Driving
Galax Empires 1998 Island Dream Strategy
GemaBoy Zero Origins 2022 Nape Games Arcade
Geronimo Stilton en El Reino de la Fantasía: El Videojuego 2011 Virtual Toys Child
Get Ogre It 2020 Croix Apps Adventure
Ghost 1.0 2016 Francisco Téllez de Meneses RPG
Gigantosaurus: El juego 2020 WildSphere Child
Ginger: Beyond the Crystal 2016 Drakhar Studio Adventure
Girls Life: Estrella de la Moda 2009 Virtual Toys Simulation
Gladiator Heroes 2016 Genera Games Management
Glest 2004 Martiño Figueroa Strategy
Glimmer Chain 2024 Jose Romaguera Montero Action
Go! Go! Soccer 2010 Mutant Games Casual
Gods of Rome 2015 Gameloft Madrid Fighting
Gods Will Be Watching 2014 Deconstructeam Adventure
Godstrike 2021 OverPowered Team Action
Golf Legends 2020 Campero Games Sports
Golfing Over It with Alva Majo 2018 Majorariatto Platform
Gothic Playable Teaser 2019 THQ Nordic Barcelona RPG
Green Phoenix 2021 Broken Simulation Shooter
GRIS 2018 Nomada Studio Puzzle
Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son 2019 Tequila Works Puzzle
Guardians Frontline 2023 Virtual Age Games Virtual Reality
Guayota Team Delusion Adventure
Guess the Sketch 2015 Genera Games Think
GYLT 2019 Tequila Works Adventure
Halloween Games Witching Hour 2017 Aristokraken Puzzle
Han'yo 2022 DigiPen Europe-Bilbao Action
Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump 2016 Platonic Games Arcade
Happy Town Farm 2020 PlayGate Studios Casual
Head Soccer Copa America 2016 2016 Genera Games Sports
Head Soccer World Edition 2018 2018 Genera Games Sports
Heart&Slash 2014 aheartfulofgames Action
Hello Flowerz 2010 Virtual Toys Strategy
Hello Pocoyó! 2008 Zinkia Games Adventure
Hermetica 2024 Red Mountain Games Cards
Heroe Naimar: Fútbol de Cracks 2017 Lab Cave Sports
Hexos 2017 Madplay Games Cards
Himno 2019 David Moralejo Sánchez Platform
Himno - The Silent Melody 2021 David Moralejo Sánchez Action
Hirilun 2022 Gone Mad Studios Action
HIVE: Altenum Wars 2017 Catness Game Studios Shooter
Hollywood Monsters 2 2011 Pendulo Studios Adventure
Hoopworld 2010 Virtual Toys Sports
Hoppy Hop 2023 Josyan Casual
Horned Knight 2021 Josep Monzonís Hernández Action
Horror Brawl 2021 Campero Games Action
Horror Globes 2020 islaOliva Games Puzzle
HORROR TALES: The Beggar 2024 Carlos Coronado Action
Hoshi Eleven - Top Fútbol RPG 2016 Genera Games Puzzle
Hospital Empire - Idle Tycoon 2022 Bee Games Casual
Hospital Empire Tycoon 2022 Codigames Simulation
Hostil 2017 Eteru Studio Adventure
Hot Balloon Race 2008 Digital Chocolate Barcelona Casual
Hotel Empire Tycoon 2019 Codigames Management
Hotel Transilvania: Aventuras e historias de terror 2022 Drakhar Studio Platform
House of Caravan 2015 Rosebud Games Adventure
Hugo 2 1997 Bit Managers Platform
Hungry Dragon 2017 Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile Arcade
HyperParasite 2020 Troglobytes Games Adventure
Hyperstacks 2024 Squirrel Bytes Virtual Reality
Ice Cream Surfer 2013 Dolores Entertainment Platform
Ice Scream 1 2019 Keplerians Arcade
IDEA 2023 TLR Games Puzzle
Idle Airport Tycoon 2018 Codigames Casual
Idle Barber Shop Tycoon 2021 Codigames Casual
Idle Cooking Tycoon 2018 Codigames Casual
Idle Delivery Tycoon 2021 Koron Studios Casual
Idle Firefighter Empire Tycoon Codigames Simulation
Idle Fish Inc Tycoon 2019 Koron Studios Casual
Idle Gym Tycoon 2019 Codigames Casual
Idle Life Sim 2020 Codigames Casual
Idle Police Tycoon 2020 Codigames Casual
Ikai 2022 Endflame Horror
Imagina Ser Amazona 2008 Virtual Toys Educational
Imagina Ser Diseñadora de Moda 2007 Virtual Toys Simulation
Imagina Ser Presenta: el Gran Concurso de la Moda 2009 Virtual Toys Simulation
Imagina Ser Veterinaria 2007 Virtual Toys Educational
Imagina Ser Veterinaria: Hospital de Cachorros 2009 Virtual Toys Educational
Immortal Redneck 2017 CremaGames Shooter
INANIMA Obscure Tales Adventure
Indiecalypse 2020 Jandusoft Adventure
Indy Formula 500 2017 Aristokraken Driving
Infernium 2018 Carlos Coronado Adventure
Injection π23 'No name, no number' 2019 Abramelin Games Horror
Injection π23 -Ars Regia- 2022 Abramelin Games Horror
Innocence Island 2022 Rainy Night Creations RPG
Insomnis 2021 Path Games Adventure
Inspector Gadget Racing 2002 Bit Managers Driving
International Basketball Manager 22 2021 U-Play Online Strategy
International Basketball Manager 23 2022 U-Play Online Strategy
Intruders: Hide and seek 2019 Tessera Studios Virtual Reality
Invincible: Guarding the Globe 2023 Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile RPG
Invisible Runner 2010 Devilish Games Platform
Invisible Runner 2 2011 Devilish Games Platform
Invizimals: Batalla de cazadores 2016 Novarama Fighting
InviZimals: La Alianza 2013 Novarama Augmented Reality
Invokers Tournament 2014 StormBASIC Games RPG
Iro Hero 2018 Artax Games Arcade
It's Mealtime! Team Madness Games Action
Itadaki Smash 2021 Main Loop Action
Jack Holmes : Master of Puppets 2024 Horror
Jack Holmes : Master of Puppets PROLOGUE 2023 Adventure
Jagdverband 44: Screaming Eagles 2000 Hammer Technologies Simulation
Janken Cards 2016 GKT Studios Cards
Jelly Jump: Happy Colors 2017 Platonic Games Platform
Jett Rider 2024 Last Chicken Games Action
Jousting Manager 2024 OuroborosStudio Strategy
Kawaii Kitchen 2018 Platonic Games Casual
Kick Ass 2 2014 Freedom Factory Studios Action
Kid Ball Adventure 2022 Spoonbox Studio Adventure
Killsquad 2019 Novarama Shooter
King of Boxing 2016 Aristokraken Fighting
Kingdom of Arcadia 2021 Spoonbox Studio Adventure
Kittengumi: Sakabato's Thief 2023 Guarida Games Adventure
Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara 2023 Talpa Games Platform
Koral 2019 Carlos Coronado Puzzle
Kromaia 2014 Kraken Empire Arcade
Kukuxumusu CELL 2007 Animatu Casual
Kukuxumusu FARM 2004 Animatu Casual
Kukuxumusu Halloween 2007 Animatu Casual
Kukuxumusu Sanfermin 2007 Animatu Casual
Kukuxumusu UFO 2005 Animatu Casual
Kukuxumusu WATER 2008 Animatu Casual
Kukuxumusu WAY 2006 Animatu Casual
L.O.L. Surprise! B.B.s NACIDAS PARA VIAJAR 2022 Xaloc Studios Arcade
L.O.L. Surprise! B.B.s NACIDAS PARA VIAJAR™ Macià Torrens Pericàs Casual
La Bella y la Bestia 2017 Aristokraken Puzzle
La Patrulla Canina: La película La llamada de Ciudad Aventura 2021 Drakhar Studio Action
La Prisión 2000 Dinamic Multimedia RPG
La venganza de Johnny Bonasera 2016 Rafael García Moreno Adventure
La Venganza de Los Pitufos 2002 Bit Managers Platform
LaLiga Top Cards 2019 The Breach Studios Cards
Lambs on the road : The beginning 2021 Flynn's Arcade Action
Lamentum 2021 Obscure Tales Horror
Lapso 2024 islaOliva Games Puzzle
Las aventuras de Winnie 2017 Black Rabbit Games Adventure
Laser Strikers 2017 Koth Studio Arcade
Law Empire Tycoon 2021 Codigames Simulation
League of Dragons 2017 Social Point Strategy
Legendary Eleven 2018 Eclipse Games Sports
Legends of War: Patton's Campaign 2010 Enigma Software Strategy
Ling Hun 2024 Gerard Montero Sellares Casual
Lingokids - Aprender Jugando 2015 Lingokids Educational
LMA Manager 2006 2006 Microjocs Sports
LMA Manager 2007 2006 Microjocs Sports
LOK Digital 2024 Icedrop Games Casual
LOL Champion Manager 2017 Underdog Coders Strategy
Lords & Castles 2016 Codigames Strategy
Lords of Exile 2024 Squidbit Works Action
Lords of the Fallen 2023 HexWorks RPG
Lords of Xulima 2014 Numantian Games RPG
Los delirios de Von Sottendorff y su mente cuadriculada 2015 Delirium Studios Platform
Los Muppets: Aventuras de Pelicula 2014 Virtual Toys Adventure
Los Pitufos 1993 Bit Managers Platform
Los Pitufos - Juego de Burbujas 2017 Genera Games Child
Los Rios de Alice 2013 Delirium Studios Adventure
Los Ultimos Frikis y el báculo del destino 2021 Stage Clear Studios Action
Love You to Bits 2016 Alike Studio Adventure
LumbearJack 2022 Finalboss Games Casual
Maestro VR 2022 Symphonic Games Virtual Reality
Magical Bakery SUPERLUMEN Action
Mail Mole 2021 Talpa Games Platform
Maldita Castilla EX 2016 Locomalito Arcade
Malditos vírgenes 2015 Luis Ruiz Point and Click
Marble Smashers Crosspalace Action
Marblelous Animals 2019 Moad Studio Puzzle
Math-E aprende las Tablas 2020 Didactoons Educational
MathLand 2018 Didactoons Educational
MechaNika 2015 Mango Protocol Adventure
Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age 2016 BeautiFun Games Action
Megaton Rainfall 2017 Pentadimensional Games Action
Melbits World 2018 Melbot Platform
Membal 2024 Goca Games Casual
Merge Robots 2019 Campero Games Casual
Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods 2016 Nuberu Games Action
Metal Tales: Overkill 2022 Nuberu Games Action
MeteoHeroes Juntos por el planeta! 2022 Gammera Nest Child
Metroid Dread 2021 MercurySteam Platform
Metroid: Samus Returns 2017 MercurySteam Adventure
Mi Amiga, Peppa Pig 2021 Petoons Adventure
MiChic 2016 Koth Studio Casual
Microbian 2019 DEP Games Action
Midnight Scenes Episode 2 (Special Edition) 2020 Octavi Navarro Horror
Midnight Scenes: The Highway (Special Edition) 2020 Octavi Navarro Horror
Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians 2018 Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile RPG
Mika and The Witch's Mountain 2024 Chibig Adventure
Minabo - A walk through life 2023 Devilish Games Casual
MIND: Path to Thalamus 2014 Mind Dev Team Puzzle
Mindkeeper : The Lurking Fear 2019 Abylight Barcelona Action
Mini Series: Minesweeper 2010 The Flying Cortijo Puzzle
Mini Series: Pairs 2010 The Flying Cortijo Puzzle
MiniBikers 2015 Ivanovich Games Driving
MiniDrivers 2015 Ivanovich Games Driving
Missing Translation 2015 Alpixel Games Puzzle
MMA Fighting Games 2017 Aristokraken Fighting
MMA Fighting Games: Girls Edition 2017 Aristokraken Fighting
Mojito the Cat 2022 GTZAStudio Casual
Moonlighter 2018 Digital Sun Games RPG
Mortadelo y Filemón II - Safari Callejero 1989 Dro Soft Adventure
Mortadelo y Filemón: Una Aventura de Cine 2003 Alcachofa Soft Adventure
Moto Racing 2017 2017 Aristokraken Driving
Moto Racing GP Championship 2016 Aristokraken Driving
Moto Rider In Traffic 2017 Axes In Motion Driving
Motor Strike: Immortal Legends 2016 FiveXGames Driving
Motor Strike: Racing Rampage 2021 FiveXGames Driving
Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest Reforged Edition 2014 Brytenwalda Studios RPG
Mr. Shadow 2016 ByComb Adventure
Music Monstars 2007 Novarama Music
Music On: Acoustic Guitar 2010 Abylight Barcelona Music
Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard 2016 Abylight Barcelona Music
Mutant Alien Moles of the Dead Pixel Bones Studio Arcade
Mutropolis 2021 Pirita Studio Adventure
My Burning Heart 2019 Ertal Games Casual
MY LITTLE PONY: Aventura en Bahía Yeguamar 2022 Melbot Adventure
My Little Pony: Puzzle Party 2016 Genera Games Puzzle
My RockStar Girls - Band Party 2016 Genera Games Casual
My Tubi 2017 U-Play Online Simulation
Mycelium Heaven 2024 3DGoblinDev Puzzle
Mystic Academy: Escape Room 2023 mc2games Puzzle
N.O.V.A. Legacy 2017 Gameloft Madrid Shooter
Naraba World: Descubre un nuevo mundo 2010 Freedom Factory Studios Educational
Naraba World: El laberinto de la luz 2010 Freedom Factory Studios Adventure
Naraba World: El Palacio Misterioso 2010 Freedom Factory Studios Adventure
Narita Boy 2021 Studio Koba Adventure
Narona Sports 2022 Cokoon Games Lab Sports
Narona Sports: Supernatural Cokoon Games Lab Sports
Naught 2020 WildSphere Platform
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 2018 Saber Interactive Spain Sports
NBA Playgrounds 2017 Saber Interactive Spain Sports
Nebula Realms 2022 Xaloc Studios Simulation
Nekomew's Nightmares 2022 Action
Neon Blood 2024 ChaoticBrain Studio Visual Novel
Neon Boost 2019 Sample Text Studio Platform
NeonHAT 2021 Entalto Studios Arcade
Neonwall 2018 Norain Games Puzzle
Neva 2024 Nomada Studio Adventure
Nightmare Boy 2017 The Vanir Project Platform
Nihilumbra 2012 BeautiFun Games Puzzle
Niko: Through the Dream 2015 Studio Paint Platform
Nimbusfall Action
Ninja Dash - Ronin Jump RPG 2018 Level App Studios RPG
Nogalious 2018 LuegoLu3go Studios Arcade
Noise Hunters 2020 Noise Hunters Stealth
Nongünz 2017 Brainwash Gang Action
Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition 2021 Brainwash Gang Action
Nordic Ashes: Survivors of Ragnarok 2024 Noxfall Studios Strategy
Nova: Cloudwalker's Tale 2023 Racoon & Sheep Puzzle
Numantia 2017 RECO Technology Strategy
Oculto 2019 Eteru Studio Adventure
Of Guards And Thieves 2016 Subvert Games Stealth
Off-Road Arena 2003 Xpiral Driving
Oh My Goat 2014 CremaGames Platform
Oh My Godheads 2017 Titutitech Action
Oh My Run! (Forrest) 2018 Cosmic Works Studios Arcade
OhShape 2019 Odders Lab Virtual Reality
Once upon a time... in a HOSPITAL AMGames TC Simulation
One Last Breath 2024 Maniac Panda Games Adventure
One Military Camp 2023 Abylight Barcelona Simulation
Oniria Crimes 2020 cKolmos Adventure
Onirike 2021 Devilish Games Platform
Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin 2024 Mansion Games Adventure
Operation Warcade VR 2017 Ivanovich Games Virtual Reality
Oppidum 2024 EP Games Simulation
Orconoid 2016 BlueFXGames Arcade
Ottos Ottifanten: Baby Brunos Alptraum 1998 Bit Managers Platform
Out of the Box 2018 Nuclear Tales Adventure
Outpath 2023 David Moralejo Sánchez Casual
Overkill VR 2016 Starloop Studios Shooter
Oxide Room 104 2022 WildSphere Adventure
OXIDE Room 208 2024 WildSphere Horror
Pad of Time 2022 Marco Antonio Palacios Vazquez Casual
Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room 2020 mc2games Think
Pan y Federico 2023 Sand Castles Studio Platform
Parkour Labs 2024 Diego Ortiz Más Casual
Path to Mnemosyne 2018 Devilish Games Adventure
Patrulla de Cachorros 2017 Aristokraken Puzzle
Pau Gasol: One on One 2005 Abylight Barcelona Sports
Paw Patrol: La poderosa Patrulla Canina salva Bahía Aventura 2020 Drakhar Studio Adventure
PC Fútbol 18 2018 Korner Entertainment Sports
PC Fútbol 8 2024 Una Partida Más Sports
Pedrosa GP 2007 2007 Abylight Barcelona Driving
Peppa Pig: Un mundo de aventuras 2023 Petoons Action
Perfect Angle 2015 Ivanovich Games Puzzle
Perfect Angle VR - Zen edition 2016 Ivanovich Games Puzzle
PERFECT ANGLE: The puzzle game based on optical illusions 2015 Ivanovich Games Virtual Reality
Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon 2022 Codigames Simulation
Petoons Party 2018 Petoons Child
Pharaonic 2016 Milkstone Studios Action
Phineas y Ferb: El Día de Doofenshmirtz 2015 Virtual Toys Adventure
Phobos Vector Prime: The First Ring 2018 Gunstar Studio Shooter
Piggy Princess 2015 DreamSoftGames Casual
Pink Gum 2020 Mad Cream Games Simulation
Pirate Slug 2023 Vilo Games Studio Shooter
Pirates: Treasure Hunters 2016 Virtual Toys Strategy
Planet Rescue: Animal Emergency 2008 Virtual Toys Educational
Planet Rescue: Wildlife Vet 2008 Virtual Toys Educational
Planetary Life 2024 Juanma Pitxardo Sandbox
Pocoyo Party 2021 RECO Technology Child
Powernauts - Matemáticas para niños 2018 Teachlabs Educational
Prison Tycoon: Under New Management 2021 Abylight Barcelona Simulation
Profane 2019 OverPowered Team Shooter
Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets 2019 BeautiFun Games Adventure
Professor Lupo: Ocean 2020 BeautiFun Games Adventure
Project AURA 2018 Pixel Quality Games Strategy
Punching Games 2017 Aristokraken Fighting
Pureya 2021 Majorariatto Minigames
Purrs in Heaven 2020 Pixel Bones Studio Platform
Puzzle Fantasy Battles 2018 Codigames Puzzle
Pyramids and Aliens: Escape Room 2024 mc2games Adventure
Queen Quest 2020 Joyco Games Casual
R.I.P. Rally 2017 Black Rabbit Games Driving
Raiders of the Broken Planet 2017 MercurySteam Adventure
Rainbow High: Talento en la Pasarela 2023 Xaloc Studios Action
Randal's Monday 2014 Nexus Game Studios Adventure
Rascal Revolt 2018 Seamantis Games Shooter
RC Club - AR Motorsports 2018 Abylight Barcelona Augmented Reality
Real Car Driving Experience 2017 Axes In Motion Driving
Real Car Racing Simulator 2023 Corex Games Driving
Rebel Riders 2022 King Barcelona Action
Recipe for Disaster 2022 Dapper Penguin Studio Strategy
Red Matter 2 2022 Vertical Robot Virtual Reality
Regular Factory: Escape Room 2022 mc2games Adventure
Relicta 2020 Mighty Polygon Puzzle
Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days 2017 Big Star Games Shooter
Respawnables Heroes 2020 Digital Legends Shooter
Reventure 2019 Pixelatto Adventure
Ridiculous Marathon 2015 CremaGames Casual
Ridiculous Triathlon 2015 CremaGames Arcade
Right and Down 2022 mc2games Strategy
Right and Down and Dice 2024 mc2games RPG
RiME 2017 Tequila Works Adventure
Ring Riders 2004 Gaelco Driving
Rise & Shine 2017 Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team Shooter
Rise of Fox Hero 2023 Josep Monzonís Hernández Action
Rise of Industry 2019 Dapper Penguin Studio Management
Road To Devadatta 2023 Open & Close Adventure
Robber Race Escape 2014 Lab Cave Casual
Robot Fantasy: Future Wars 2017 Lab Cave Driving
Rocket Football 2017 Aristokraken Driving
Rogue Racer Extreme 2016 Aristokraken Arcade
Rolling Bob 2016 Moon Factory Studios Platform
Ronaldo V-Football 2000 Bit Managers Sports
Ruin Raiders 2021 OverPowered Team Strategy
Runner Heroes: The Curse of Night and Day 2020 IKIGAI Play Adventure
Running on Magic 2022 Gusarapo Games Casual
Safe: Code Breakers 2015 Mutant Games Think
Sailor Cats 2018 Platonic Games Casual
Satama Puzzle 2022 mc2games Casual
Saucer-Like 2017 Fosfatina Ediciones Adventure
SAVE (•ө•) Animal Hero 2017 Platonic Games Casual
SCARF 2021 Uprising Studios Adventure
Scholar's Mate 2024 Jandusoft Adventure
Scholar's Mate - First Move 2023 Jandusoft Adventure
Schools of Magic 2015 Codigames Strategy
Scourge: Outbreak 2013 Tragnarion Studios Action
Scrap Riders 2023 Games For Tutti Adventure
Scrapland Remastered 2021 MercurySteam Action
Sea Battle 1998 Bit Managers Strategy
Sea of memories 2018 Ivanovich Games Virtual Reality
Sensei 2008 Animatu Casual
Shadows of Taumiel 2024 Doncokepon Games Adventure
Shiny The Firefly 2013 Stage Clear Studios Platform
Shipped 2019 Majorariatto Arcade
Shopping Tycoon 2017 DreamSoftGames Management
Show Ball: Tiger Life 2022 Pigeon-G Strategy
Skull Towers - Castle Defense 2016 Campero Games Strategy
SlabWell: The Quest For Kaktun's Alpaca 2019 Undercoders Puzzle
Slam and Roll 2024 Kaleido Games Action
Slap Village 2016 Monkey-Toons Adventure
Smoots Summer Games 2019 Kaneda Games Sports
Smoots World Cup Tennis 2016 Kaneda Games Sports
Sniper Royale: FPS shooter 2019 Axes In Motion Shooter
Soccer Caps America Edition 2017 Aristokraken Sports
Soccer Caps Stars League 2017 Aristokraken Sports
Soccer Royale 2018 Campero Games Sports
Soccer Star 2017 Top Leagues 2016 Redvel Games Sports
Soccer Star 2018 Top Ligas 2017 Genera Games Sports
Soccer Star 22 Top Leagues 2021 Redvel Games Sports
SOCCUP 2018 Soccer Star 2018 Genera Games Sports
SolarGun 2017 Mechanical Boss Puzzle
Sonar Beat 2019 Life Zero Music
Song of Horror 2019 Protocol Games Adventure
Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story 2023 Tequila Works Adventure
Songs of Steel: Hispania 2024 Meteorbyte Studios Strategy
Souldiers 2022 Retro Forge Games Action
Space Battle 2020 Adrián Corbalán Action
Spacelords 2018 MercurySteam Adventure
Spellcats: Auto Card Tactics 2024 Nintai Studios Adventure
Spelunky 2 2020 BlitWorks Games Platform
Spin Heroes 2015 Frozix Entertainment Arcade
Spirit, la gran aventura de Fortu 2021 aheartfulofgames Adventure
Spirou 1996 Bit Managers Platform
Split/Second 2010 Digital Legends Driving
Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent 2014 Unfinished Pixel Puzzle
Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova 2022 Tessera Studios Action
Starland: Conecta las Gemas 2015 Genera Games Casual
StarOS 2023 José Sanz Simulation
Stars In The Trash Valhalla Cats Adventure
STAY 2018 Appnormals Team Adventure
Steamroll 2015 Anticto Puzzle
Stick to the Plan 2023 Dead Pixel Tales Puzzle
Stickin' the Landing 2024 Adrift Team Think
Stop Stress: A day of fury 2010 Abylight Barcelona Action
Strike Soccer 2017 Aristokraken Sports
Strikey Sisters 2017 DYA Games Arcade
Submersed 2019 Main Loop Adventure
Submersed 2 - The Hive Main Loop Adventure
Sudokumania 2005 Abylight Barcelona Think
SUGAMENIA 2024 Chuso Games Action
Summa Expeditionis Lobico Games Action
Summer in Mara 2020 Chibig Adventure
Super Arcade Soccer 2019 Rubén Alcañiz Guerrero Sports
Super Barista 2015 Appnormals Team Strategy
Super Bikes 2017 2017 Aristokraken Driving
Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition - The Card Warriors 2017 Stage Clear Studios Cards
Super Dodgeball Beats 2019 Finalboss Games Arcade
Super Hero Fighters 2017 Aristokraken Action
Super Heroes War 2016 Aristokraken Action
Super Hydorah 2017 Locomalito Action
Super Hyperactive Ninja 2018 Grimorio of Games Action
Super Idle Cats 2018 Codigames Casual
Super Jigsaw Puzzle 2018 Flat Cat Games Puzzle
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Anime Reloaded 2019 Flat Cat Games Puzzle
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Cities 2018 Flat Cat Games Puzzle
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Generations 2019 Flat Cat Games Puzzle
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Monuments 2018 Flat Cat Games Puzzle
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Space 2018 Flat Cat Games Puzzle
Super Kickers League 2019 Xaloc Studios Sports
Super Maze Labyrinth 2021 Flat Cat Games Puzzle
Super Saurio Fly 2018 Fraxel Games Platform
Super Soccer Blast 2020 Unfinished Pixel Sports
Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe 2021 Unfinished Pixel Sports
Super Soccer Club 2015 Pyro Mobile Management
Super Sports Blast 2020 Unfinished Pixel Sports
Super Star Path 2015 DYA Games Puzzle
Super Tennis Blast 2019 Unfinished Pixel Sports
Super Toy Cars 2