Shooter games are a subgenre of action game, which often test the player's speed and reaction time. It includes many subgenres that have the commonality of focusing on the actions of the avatar using some sort of weapons.

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2 Minutos en el Espacio 2018 Rarepixels
3D-Interceptor 1984 Ventamatic
8bit Killer 2008 Locomalito
8Days 2015 Santa Clara Games
99Bullets 2011 EnjoyUp Games
99Seconds 2012 EnjoyUp Games
A Long Survive Friendly Fire Studios
Afteroids 1988 Made in Spain
Afterpulse 2015 Digital Legends
Agents: Biohunters 2020 Playstark
Aimtropolis 2023 Raccoon Game Studio
AK-xolotl 2023 2Awesome Studio
Ambush 1983 Tecfri
Angry Boo 2012 Yubi Games
Arkhelom 3D 2015 DreamSoftGames
Astronite 2022 Dume Games Studio
Aurora's Journey and the Pitiful Lackey 2023 the Not so Great team
Azerion Classroom Edition 2014 Arcan Studios
Bang 1998 Bit Managers
Battle Royale: Ultimate Show 2018 Codigames
Battlefield Bad Company 2 2010 Digital Legends
Beach Head 2000 2000 Exelweiss
Beach Head 2002 2002 Exelweiss
Beekyr 2014 Kaleido Games
Beekyr Reloaded 2017 Kaleido Games
Bestial Warrior 1989 Dinamic Software
Beyond Mankind: The Awakening 2021 Brytenwalda Studios
Big Al's Shooting Gallery 2015 X25 Entertainment
Bill Killem 2014 Cookiebit
Bio Guardian 2020 Oniric Factor
BioPatrol Ginkgo
Blast Heroes 2022 GGTech Studios
Blitz Brigade 2013 Gameloft Barcelona
Bot Vice 2016 DYA Games
Chicago's 30 1988 Topo Soft
City Z 2016 Little Cloud Games
Clive Barker's Jericho 2007 MercurySteam
Colt 36 1987 Topo Soft
Comando Tracer 1988 Dinamic Software
Commandos: Strike Force 2006 Pyro Studios
Cover Fire 2016 1MBand
Crazy Steam Bros 2 2015 Ars Creativa
Criminal Bundle 2018 Eloquence Entertainment
Crisis VRigade 2018 Sumalab
Crisis VRigade 2 2021 Sumalab
Curro Jiménez 1989 Zigurat
Deadvivors Enxebre Games
Death In Candlewood Rosebud Games
Deathroned Nuclear Toaster Studios
Defcom 1 1989 Iber Soft
Delfox 1988 Dinamic Software
Delta Squad 2019 Eskema Games
Delvion: Star Interceptor 1995 Digital Dreams Multimedia
Demented Pixie 2016 Molegato
Demon's Crystals 2016 StarCruiser Studio
Desperado 1987 Topo Soft
Desperado 2 1991 Topo Soft
Dot Space Hero 2014 1Coin Studio
DWVR 2016 Mad Triangles
Echoes VR Rogue Titan Games
El Equipo A 1988 Zafiro Software
El Paracaidista Electro Game S.A.
Escape From Galaxen 2021 Ramen Profitable Games
Evil Tonight 2021 DYA Games
Executanks 2020
Extinction: Zombie Survival 2013 Evil Mind Entertainment
Fair Deal: Las Vegas 2018 Gronzragüer Games
Finger Gun 2022 Miru Studio
Firing Range 2011 Milkstone Studios
Firing Range 2 2012 Milkstone Studios
Fortune Decker 2022 Evil Kiwi Games
Frantic Shooter 2016 Pixel Ratio
Friends vs Friends 2023 Brainwash Gang
FullBlast 2014 UFO Crash Games
Fusion Wars 2016 Estudiofuture
FX Tanks FX Interactive
Galactic Wars 2017
Galactic Wars EX 2021
Galacticon 2022 Radin Games
GatoTanca 2022 KaalaBaloo
Gaurodan 2013 Locomalito
GLITCH 2016 Nebra Games
Godstrike 2021 OverPowered Team
Graviton Zer0vity Games
Green Phoenix 2021 Broken Simulation
Grey Wolf 2017 Oniric Factor
Guardforce Evolve Games
Guns at Dawn 2020 1MBand
Hell Snails 2017 Mango Protocol
Hipsters Vs. Zombies Arpic Games
Hit N' Rush 2021 Blackmouth Games
HIVE: Altenum Wars 2017 Catness Game Studios
Hole Land 1984 Tecfri
Holfraine 2020 FluXarT Studios
Hydorah 2010 Locomalito
HyperParasite 2020 Troglobytes Games
Hyperstacks Squirrel Bytes
Hypsys 1988 Techno Arts
Ice Wings: Skies of Steel 2011 Massive Fun 3D
Immortal Redneck 2017 CremaGames
Infinity Danger 2011 Milkstone Studios
Iro Hero 2018 Artax Games
It's Either Them or us 2023 Brainwash Gang
Jackson City 1990 Diabolic Software
Johnny Carnage 2012 Milkstone Studios
Juancar vs Elefantes: Misión Botswana 2013 Undercoders
Jurassic Hunter 2014 Social Point
Killsquad 2019 Novarama
King Tommy in the Candy'em Up Saga 2014 Lubiterum Game Studio
Kromaia 2014 Kraken Empire
Kuwait Assault 1991 OMK Software
Legend 1988 Iber Soft
Lorna 1990 Topo Soft
Lost Wind 2018 Oniric Factor
Mabel vs. The Forces of Hell 2024 Drac Games
Megaphoenix 1991 Dinamic Software
Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods 2016 Nuberu Games
Metal Tales: Overkill 2022 Nuberu Games
Mike Gunner 1988 Dinamic Software
Mutants from the Deep 2011 Locomalito
N.O.V.A. Legacy 2017 Gameloft Madrid
Naddando 2020 Commodore Spain
NetherWorld Hungry Pixel
Not Their Will 2020 Geosphere Games
Oddland 2013 G4M3 Studios
Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin Mansion Games
Operation Warcade VR 2017 Ivanovich Games
Overkill VR 2016 Starloop Studios
Phantis 1987 Dinamic Software
Phobos Vector Prime: The First Ring 2018 Gunstar Studio
Pirate Slug 2023 Vilo Games Studio
Piso Zero 1991 Zigurat
Planet Defense Force 2013 Dreamwalker
Planetary Shield 2012 Axóuxere Games
Poly Gun: Irregular Adventure 2021
POT HERO 2022 Outlander Games
Profane 2019 OverPowered Team
Project C.E.L.L. Wasfan Studios
Purgatory | GGJ 2022 2022
Raiders of the Broken Planet 2017 MercurySteam
Ramboat 2015 Level App Studios
Randy y Manilla 2024 Ofihombre
Rascal Revolt 2018 Seamantis Games
Rath-tha 1989 Positive
Readout: First Contact Dual Mirror Games
Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days 2017 Big Star Games
Respawnables Heroes 2020 Digital Legends
Riot Strike 2021
Rise & Shine 2017 Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team
Rogue Mansion Almenara Games
Scourge: Ambush 2014 Tragnarion Studios
Scourge: Outbreak 2013 Tragnarion Studios
Selenaut Quest 2022 Matnogames
Serpent's Saga Paloma Studios
Shoot Redux, Marifrisky Space Warrior 2008 Mojon Twins
Silent Shadow 1988 Topo Soft
Silicon Galaxy 2020
Six-Guns 2012 Gameloft Barcelona
Sky Kings Wars 2013 Devilish Games
Slap Village: Space Slapper 2010 Monkey-Toons
Sniper Royale: FPS shooter 2019 Axes In Motion
Sol Negro 1988 Opera Soft
Solar Gladiators 2020 Locomalito
Solo 1989 Opera Soft
Sootland 1988 Zafiro Software
Space Chaos 2 1999 Devilish Games
Space Revenge 2021 Eskema Games
Spacelords 2018 MercurySteam
Spacewing War 2022 Pneuma Games
Spacewing War 2 Pneuma Games
Star Dust 1987 Topo Soft
Steampunk Override 2022
StormGunner 2005 Exelweiss
Super Hydorah 2017 Locomalito
Super Star Path 2015 DYA Games
T.E.L 2023
Tachyon Project 2015 Eclipse Games
Tankiu 2016 Rebel Robot Games
Tanks Battle War 2020 Hoguera Games
Target Hits 1994 Zigurat
Target Party
Target Plus 1988 Dinamic Software
Task Force Kampas 2019 Casiopea
The Harvest The Breach Studios
The Respawnables 2012 Digital Legends
The Scourge Project 2010 Tragnarion Studios
The Slunchies 2013 ilitia Games
Timothy vs The Aliens 2018 WildSphere
Torrente 2001 Virtual Toys
Torrente Online: Freak Wars 2012 Virtual Toys
Trauma 1996 Noria Works
Triton Survival 2019 DreamSoftGames
Turok: Rage Wars 1999 Bit Managers
Two by One 2020
Van Helsing sniper Zx100 2014 EnjoyUp Games
Vortex Attack 2015 Kaleido Games
Vortex Attack EX 2019 Kaleido Games
Waifu Impact 2021 Mitsuki Game Studio
Wanted: Weapons of Fate 2009 GRIN Barcelona
West Bank 1985 Dinamic Software
Wrangler 1985 Indescomp
Xequon Ascent;Bias
Zeroptian Invasion 2018 Josyan
Ziggurat 2 2021 Milkstone Studios
Zombeer 2014 Moonbite Games
Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX 2014 Akaoni Studio
Zombusters 2020 Retrowax Games

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