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Cooking and Publishing is a spanish video game development studio and video game publisher based in Málaga, Málaga, founded in 2020.

As a development studio it has developed un total de ten spanish videogames, among others The Intership (Cooking and Publishing, 2023), Psychophonies: What Ghosts Say (Cooking and Publishing, 2023), and Hair Salon: Cool Stories (Cooking and Publishing, 2023).

As a game publisher it has published a total of 19 spanish videogames, entre los que destaca Encounters: Music Stories (Raquel G. Cabañas, 2021). También it has published otros videojuegos como TROM (Master Crowd Games, 2024), Marlon’s Mystery: The darkside of crime (Made in Mavis, 2023), and The Intership (Cooking and Publishing, 2023).

You can know more about Cooking and Publishing through LinkedIn.

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