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Miguel Olmedo Morell
Miguel Olmedo Morell


Miguel Olmedo Morell (Barcelona, 1988) is a spanish video game writer and communicator.

As a writer he wrote one book about video games, specifically Abismos y Sinfonías (Héroes de Papel, 2023).

Within the video game press is in the website Meristation (since february 2019) and in the magazine Manual (since march 2022). Previously in the website NintenDúo (since april 2020 until July 2020) and in the website Nintenderos (since 2019 until 2020).

Olmedo Morell has also taught some presentations about video games, being the most recent Un mito moderno del héroe legendario: el ascenso de Link a la divinidad at Game Bcn Dev Meeting Junio 2017 on 24/10/2018, and The Myth of the Apocalypse: Why Do We Need the World to End? at Game Bcn Dev Meeting Junio 2017 on 26/10/2017.

You can know more about Miguel Olmedo Morell visiting his social media profiles in Web, or X (Twitter).

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